Lee Harris’s June 2013 Energy Forecast

What I am finding about this and Lee Harris’s May forecast is that what sticks with me- the words and ideas I hear over and over in my mind- are his frequent references to our need to slow down, follow our own intuitions about what we need from moment to moment which can only be discerned by slowing down.

After all of the work that I did to make my little piece of paradise in my garden, after all of the extra personal energy clearing and acceleration work I have been involved with for the past two months- I tried to get enough rest but have been finding myself more sensitive to the intense planetary energy shifts which translated into loss of a lot of sleep at night.

Sadly, my pampered immune system said ” enough of the lack of sleep and yucky allergy season” and I got another allergy/sinus/cold condition.  This is my third “release” in this fashion since December.  It is really unusual for me!

In Lee’s introductory paragraph to the forecast this month he writes ”


blue_guardianHi Everyone,

I hope you’re all riding the high waves and balancing the trickier ones. It seems like self-mastery and balance are required to feel good right now, so allow yourself to intuitively know what you need in every moment. Follow the energies/people/situations that feel good and flowing to you, and let go of those that don’t.

So while my dear body is busy releasing lots of toxins I am pacing myself differently. I’m noticing more than ever what my intuitive takes are on situations, people,  energies and my own needs-  updating moment to moment  rather than acting on  prior assessment and subsequent assumptions.

Here is the text and actual transmission of Lee’s forecast.


(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message)

Hi and welcome to the June Energy Forecast.

We are here on the hill and it’s very windy. So if a big gust of wind comes, we may just take a pause moment to breathe together so that
A) the sound is still captured by the camera, and
B) we probably all need to breathe anyway because of how rapidly everything is changing in our world right now.

So one of the things I’ve noticed as a pattern for people in the last few weeks is lots of people are having compression around finance. Finance and money worries are usually rooted in ‘survival’, in terms of the emotion.

An important thing to remember about money and money worries is that it’s usually a very surface experience.

I know that’s an arguable statement. You could say that if you have absolutely no money and you’re living on the street and you’re trying to find food, money’s going to have a very different significance to you.

But when we worry about money, that only affects our ‘comfort’ experience e.g. the money that comes to us which affects our actual everyday living and experiences. If you can go a little deeper with the feeling that’s underneath that in the emotional body, you’ll reach an energy of ‘survival’. And in that we reach the idea that this external force of money is the thing that can keep you going, or the thing that can keep you ‘safe’.

The reality is that we’re all going to die. And at some point during our lives, we’re all going to be unsafe or feel unsafe – that’s part of the journey of going into an experience of bigger safety.

So that’s the part of the awakening journey that they don’t always tell you about in the small print, which I’ve mentioned before in prior forecasts – the side of awakening which can be challenging.

Most people want to become more conscious and open more because they want to feel better and have a more expanded experience of the world. The shadow side of that experience (as you walk into it) can be, you then have to face everything. You have to face the reality of life and some of the things that maybe your more romantic mind or blind mind wanted to keep away from your view; in case that more expanded view could hurt, or in case it induced or created a trauma for you.

So there is, for me, a very big rise in the last few months and as I feel into it (the future timeline of the next few upcoming months) simply an energy around the word “opening.”

I spoke in last month’s forecast about the energies of our invitation right now, which was “After Fear, Intimacy.”

And like many of you, in the past month I have had opportunities to open beyond anything previously experienced before. It’s interesting how our nervous systems or our emotional body/energy fields or our mind start to react slightly as we do that – especially if we go further than we have ever gone before.

So for example, if you are having an experience of romance with a new lover or partner in your life, you often have this feeling of a ‘high’. And it’s because in that moment you’re really opening your energy field. And when you open your energy field with another person, it becomes more charged. There are now two of you in unity and having an opening versus the prior singular experience.

So think of when you’ve been in a group, for example, a concert where people are really enjoying the music and a mass of people are all in their hearts or dancing together to the same music. It feels great because we as a collective are supporting and growing the strength and potency of what’s possible in that energy as a group and as individuals.

So in a romance situation, the opening starts between two people and then the romance high takes over. And at a certain point, you go as far as you can with the alchemical reaction with this person you are in romance with before you start hitting the place within you that you, because of history or because this is as far as you’ve gone in yourself so far, start to go…(Gasping for air). “I need a moment to catch up with this level of opening.”

And sometimes it’s a thought which stops you. Sometimes it’s a “You can’t do that; you can’t send that person that message, because what if they react like this? And the last time I was this brave in my words, it made someone react a certain way, and that hurt both of us.”

So if you catch such mental challenges in yourself, for most of you now, it will be a quick and easy reset from that mental dissonance.

When you have your awareness in place and you start to become an observer, not just of the world outside you but of how you’re responding to the world, the mind really does just start to exist in a very small place up above your head. And even if what the mind is saying is convincing, or even if it’s allied by an emotion in the body, you can start to let the mental chatter move out, and just focus on the bodily feeling.

So I talk a lot in the past monthly forecasts and in other aspects of my work about how powerful our healing hands can be for our body.

And many of you will be experiencing periodic anxiety right now. It’s going to be part of the game of opening.

And if you’re somebody who is experiencing a lot of anxiety, you will know that has to be worked on. That energy has to be looked at. And you won’t solve it by ‘out-thinking’ it. You’re going to have to go beyond the thoughts, into the body and its feelings, and help the body feel safe to release it.

For when the body knows that you’re on its side and that you’re trying to help its well-being and let it come back from some of the past bruises you may have experienced, the body starts to trust you; and you’re going to have a beautiful experience with this.

I know of many people who have done the ‘hot coal’ walk. Where there are hot coals put on the floor and you have to walk across them. You hear so many people who have done this saying how extraordinary it was, because of the fear they felt before they walked the hot coals, and then the exhilaration and release when they got to the other side.

This is very much indicative of current energies.

So for those of you who are having heightened awakenings right now, where you’re feeling more connected, more peaceful, less bothered by the things around you that used to bother you or that a few years ago would have bothered you, that’s a beautiful wave to ride when you find yourself in it.

And we’ll keep riding it. And the next three months there is going to be continued support around us becoming and allowing more of our higher selves in our daily lives.

The other aspect that I know is on many people’s mind right now, and in people’s focuses, is the growing wave of realization around how many agendas and forces there are on this planet that are focused on something very different to what we are talking about. Whether it is control of the food supply, whether it its control of people through money or through structure, it’s going on and it’s been going on for a very, very long time.

And when you start to wake up to those aspects it can be a shock to the system and it can start to release/induce some of the trauma and anxiety that you had previously held.

But it’s ultimately very liberating as a process.

It’s similar to how being afraid of death is a paradox; because you’re then afraid of inevitability.

And I’m not saying that we as human beings can’t fear death – of course we can – and we do have our emotional/energetic movements around that.

But there is an inevitable end point for all of us in this physical body, and death is the name we give that.

We’re here at a time where the more we can bring the energetics, the ‘higher’ energetics into our bodies, we can then make more conscious choices around actions we’re taking.

So for example, it’s very reassuring right now to see how many people are out there talking against things like Fracking, or Monsanto and the food supply; so many aspects of the world that groups are now beginning to stand up as groups and say, “Now hang on a second, something’s really wrong with this picture.” A decade ago it was a far smaller amount of people doing that.

So that’s one way of being on the planet toward consciousness and it’s as needed as the other way. They are both needed.

The other way is working on your higher self and allowing your energy field to become as bright, as beautiful, as centered as it possibly can.

We all want this experience. And when we experience this we feel great love inside ourselves and great connection all around us. The weary lightworkers among us can sometimes have a weary story around how hard it has been or how dark the dark night of the soul was.

Many of you right now are re-writing those scripts in yourself. And actually, if you really do the body work, you’ll notice your body just can’t anchor those stories anymore. You might be able to refer to a few years ago when ‘The Titanic’ went down in your life and you were on the ship as it went down. But you won’t be able to feel it in the same way – it just won’t exist. And that, in itself, can bring up anxiety for people.

The loosening of our societal structures that we experience right now allows the loosening of our personal structures. The personal structures we were given by our societal programming were always far too tight for who we truly really are and who we’re capable of becoming.

When I tuned up a couple of hours ago, looking for any pieces or messages around the coming month or months, what I heard was that the energy grid which grounds the darkness on this planet is about to go through a fairly rapid shift between June and August, that will loosen some of the density that the darker energies on the planet can anchor into.

This sounds good – and ultimately it is an evolutionary movement. What I’m aware of and what I can feel around that, is some of the chaos energies that can get thrown off when darker energy is losing its grip. Sometimes these are thrown at people and sometimes this is just the chaos you can feel in the air.

So we’re in all of it right now and breathing our way through all of it.

And even if we’re having an expansion in one moment, we could walk into a room full of people where the density is heavier and our expansion will naturally for most of us at this stage start to contract a bit, start to dim.

It’s not that you should try and stay expanded when around density – there are no rules around this for there are no rules.

But what more of us will find useful to do at this time is to ride the expansions when they come, but to also be okay with when we get a little smaller as a response to our expansion. It is a natural wheel.

And when we have to get a little smaller in our outer world, we get to go even deeper inside ourselves, because there is so much space inside us that we as people have never been trained to utilize or be within together.

Which is why last month’s video forecast from me focused on intimacy so much and I’m understanding that more now – because I don’t know what I’m talking about/predicting most of the time when I do these forecasts. (Laughter)

So it’s interesting to be seeing and hearing people talking about their inability to plan, the fact that things have to keep moving, and things that were planned have to be changed. This is because things are becoming very alive in our world. And for things to be alive we have to be willing enough and vulnerable enough to be intimate with each other and each moment.

So many of you listening will be intimacy leaders in your groups. You will be the people who can bring the conversation onto a more intimate level when people are in their pattern of not speaking intimately because of fear.

You will be the people who can hug the person that you feel needs a hug – maybe they do or don’t know they need one – but maybe you can make that move first and offer them this.

And the thing is, when you make that move, not only do you feel more fulfilled and freer in yourself, but you create a drop of that energy in them for the future. You bring that energy to the room that you are in and then you yourself start to get used to it in your body; and then what you start to magnetize as an energy field, changes your experience of the world.

So these winds of change that we’re in right now are an opportunity to elevate our higher selves by bringing our higher selves back down into the body.

Wherever you are watching or listening to this (some of you will be reading it), wherever you are right now, take a moment to understand that the front of your body is exactly that – the front. And there is so much behind our front bodies – here, here (Lee points to the whole body) – there is so much in and around us, but we have become so used to our stimulation and our connection coming from the front body, the external, or coming from the other person, so we don’t hang out here in the internal body very often.

If you’ve been really busy recently and you find it hard to stop or slow down, anxiety will be part of it – it may only be ten percent – but it will be part of it.

So if you’ve been on a speed train in your life, ask yourself to stop for a moment.

When you first stop, it can be confrontational what comes up emotionally in the body.
You can think, well how am I going to deal with this feeling that arises?
How am I going to soothe this, how am I going to take it away?

All of that soothing and allowing will happen by you allowing the feeling to be there and not running from it, not disconnecting from it and using it as an energy that drives you further into more driving.

The ‘driving masculine’ side is not what we are needing as a world anymore.
We have been hearing this for years, but it’s hard for us to change the program. But we are doing that now as a world, so no wonder we are surprised by how differently we feel.

So this coming month, play with your own patterns and see how challenging yourself to not do what you do every single day, could change things for you. Try doing something different to your norm!

And if you are tired of not having intimacy in your life, change that program.  Write down on a piece of paper (and put that paper somewhere visible to you),

“I invite more intimacy into my life. I invite more loving people into my life.”

And if you immediately, in reaction to me saying the above, start hearing contradictory things or feeling annoyed, it’s great. That’s exactly where you need to look, because those feelings of annoyance or disbelief are the emotional anchors for you.

And we’ve forgotten as a society that the wind is bigger than us. We forget that we’re ‘ants’. We are so capable and so connected to everything, yes, but all of this is really in charge and moving us and we forget that as a society.

So the final thing to say is: energetics. More of you will be more aware than ever before of how your energetics change, depending on who you’re around or the environment you go to. Be aware of where/who feels good to you, and who/where doesn’t.

If you still have a self-judgmental mind, you really have to take that on now. Because a self-judgmental mind is ingrained anger or dislike of the self, and it won’t last for very much longer in anybody on the planet.

So you may as well just choose to catch the negative word in you, catch the negative sentence, get curious about it and go,

“Wow. Look at what I just said to myself, because when I was five, someone said something similar to me and as an adult I have turned it into this.”

We’re breaking with our history as individuals and as a group, and that can be very scary to the survival mechanism in the human being.

But the reality of the survival mechanism in the human being is that we evolve. Constantly.

So as you go through this process and this month keep reminding yourself:

“I am safe to be here”

“I am safe to be here”

“I am alive and I am safe to fully show up in my life”

Have a good month everyone.
See you in July.
Take care.


2 responses to “Lee Harris’s June 2013 Energy Forecast

  1. The sleep thing you mentioned really speaks to me. I feel like I am leading a double life at night, awake for really long chunks of time, sometimes processing and releasing, other times just being awake. I had a moment the other day, while I was teaching someone a couple of Resonance Repatterning Modalities, that I often forget to do them on a regular basis on myself! I especially love Katsugen and find that most effective in releasing energies. I have decided to make it a regular practice and it does seem to help with the energy bombardment I feel at night. I hope you feel better very quickly!

    • Thank you Clare for the reminder about Katsugen.. I’ll try it! It’s also nice to know that while I am in the double life night stint that I am not alone.. I’ll certainly think of you the next bout!

      Love to you,

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