Lee Harris’s July Forecast- “Who Are You Now?”

I’m writing this post on July 4th and wishing  all of humanity the joy of freedom in every moment of our lives.  Happy Independence Day!!!!!

For a very long time I have held the belief that although we can clear our histories and  our attachment to past stories that predetermine our futures, we ultimately can not 100% orchestrate our lives no matter how clear the energy of our intentions.

Our potent free will can only go so far because we as humans have limited access to the overall picture in any given moment.  Because we are not the totality of all that is we can not know the ultimate significance and impact of our energetic transmissions and all that we are, think, do , believe and feel.  We can not know exactly how our piece fits in the larger picture of all that is.

Additionally, no matter how aligned we may be with our intention there is always the factor of chaos. As John Lennon succinctly said, “Life happens while we are making other plans”.

What stood  out  most in Lee’s July forecast was the following paragraph. “If you can start to understand that this life is a gift from moment to moment, it helps you divorce yourself from some of the entitlement and attachment that we have been trained to think we should have around our lives, what should happen. Life is a crap shoot, for want of a better term, and that may annoy some of you that I said that. Because I get that your belief is that we have a way of directing the energy of our life, and I subscribe to that too. But, within that direction, there is also a randomness and spiritual symmetry to our lives that is way beyond any human ego desire or belief about what you can or can’t do.”

So the way of our thriving and growing in these times of vast planetary changes is to focus more and more on each moment right now.  Quantum physics tells us that all that exists is the present now moment.  All spiritual and enlightenment leaders have focused on training us to be in our now.

I recently have come upon the transmissions of Rikka Zimmerman, www.rikkazimmerman.com through Jennifer McLean’s (mcleanmasterworks.com/) Healing With The Masters series.

Aside from the energetic strength and clarity of Rikka’s calls, the concept of  120% presence that she brings  is both freeing and very powerful. Her  teachings about how to live in the infinite possibility of the now is very exciting and works well with the messages that Lee brings this month.

I am quite sure that I will be talking more about Rikka in the future, but for now, please enjoy Lee’s forecast.

July Energy Forecast – Who Are You Now?

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message)

Hello and welcome to the July Energy Forecast.
There’s a lot going on right now energetically. There has been a lot going on for many weeks ,and there will be no sign of letup throughout this summer.   
Energy waves that are pulsing everybody are pushing people into all sorts of areas in themselves. The opportunity is expansion, but sometimes the story that accompanies what precedes your expansion is difficulty, fear and extreme fear has come up for people in the last few weeks at a whole new level. 
If you think about how we work as energy systems, what happens is if we have an opening in our heart or in our mind, it immediately starts affecting all of the other areas. This is why we’re never a finished canvas.  The shamans talk about life as a journey on a spiral path and the Z’s have often spoken to me about the energy of the spiral within all of us. 
So sometimes you don’t feel like you’re at the top of yourself or your higher self,  but what tends to be happening in those moments is that you’re simply going elsewhere in yourself, into an area of you that is perhaps a little tighter. And it’s often in response to an opening that you have just had or are having.  

So this is where the mind’s ‘self-talk’ around judgment or around assessment becomes very, very benign the more you open up.  It’s the gift of opening up, because it helps you see so clearly the minds limited thought patterns – which I know I’ve talked a lot about the last few months. But this opening energy is why many of you will be entering into mental confusion right now.  The mind cannot grasp this new way of being as it is unlike the past, where we used the external structures in our world as a way of experiencing things,
So, for example, many people believe that they needed to have a marriage or a partner in their life to experience great love and intimacy. It’s true and it’s untrue. On the one hand you could say that the great partnership will allow someone the safety and the holding that they need in order to really open. But you can have that with a taxi driver in any given moment, and that reality is actually the better truth for our world that we can all learn to open up to.


We are being both forced to open up and we are choosing to open up right now, so what’s happening is all of the structures around us that used to be the way we opened are literally dying because they can no longer sustain themselves. They were there to help us open and to feel, and now we are at a place as a planet where the speed of opening is ferocious. So those structures are starting to disappear as they are no longer needed. 

So many people worry about the thing they’re losing in their life and want to hold onto it as they believe that if ‘it’ goes away, they won’t be able to feel what ‘it’ currently brings to them, and of course this is an illusion of the mind.  This is the ‘self-talk’ I’m talking about. 

Because how does your mind possibly know what the future holds?  The mind is always referencing the past, where your safety and expansion is concerned.
In my own experiences in the last couple of months I’ve gone through,  many of the themes of the energy forecasts have arisen for me during the month (because they affect me also). At these times I often remember, “Oh okay, this is what’s going on”. 

As the intimacy in your body, your heart and in your way of relating with the world starts to increase, so too do some of the shadows and the fears that you maybe hadn’t previously experienced or seen. So this is why working with your body on a daily basis is going to be vital for balance at the moment.


So I’m here talking to you guys through a camera lens right now, delivering this forecast which is part of my current function/role in the world. But what I can do during the delivery of this, is I can just stop talking, (long pause and Lee looks at camera) and as I stop the talking, it’s even easier for me to open my heart and to feel my body. 

I’m not saying that the words are a problem or that you can’t open your heart through words. Because the truth is, in so much of our society, the heart opening takes place because people’s words give others permission to feel.
So for example, some people in a relationship will go deeper in intimacy when they hear the other person say “I love you” to them. It’s not a bad thing and can be a wonderful thing, but what I’m saying is, investigate where and how you give yourself permission to feel this month.
Investigate where you say, “Oh, I can be happy now because I’m not working.”
Investigate working, and see if you can bring the same happiness that you feel when you’re not working into your workplace. 

There will be two things that may be a barrier for you in this:  
1)    Your own patterns; your own patterns of behavior, and the way that you move through your work and what you’ve learnt to do that is still running the show rather than authentic presence.
2)    The openness or resistance levels of other people.
You can tell when you are, shall we say, pushing someone too much with your intimacy or openness. Because they will react in a way that will recoil, pull back from you, or need to slightly push you away.
So for example,  if I am being too much for someone on a heart level, they will recoil. If I meet someone that I’ve met once before and I’m happy to see them again (because I remember them), I may go to embrace them, and often in doing this, you’ll feel the person go , “Ooh, um –  then they will shake your hand or they’ll embrace you, but they’ll just kind stiffen up a little bit. Or step back from you because they weren’t expecting or ready for such openness.
This is what I mean when I talk about being an intimacy leader (see June Forecast).  
Because the truth is that all of us would rather have a connected world. We would all rather have connected experiences with each other. 

But we have been taught to segment that in our society. We have been taught to place that framework of intimacy into our family relationships, our best friend, our lover, our employer, people we employ. However it works for you; whatever the frameworks are, what you will be starting to recognize is that your own personal frameworks are starting to disappear. So invite yourself to transcend the old frameworks of safety.


That’s quite scary. Because if you start removing the framework where you knew it was safe to feel, you suddenly have to tell yourself it’s safe to feel all of the time. And this can push you through dark night of the soul and it can push you into incredible bliss. 

And what tends to happen previously is we needed recovery time for these levels of intimacy to enter our bodies. So after intimacy, you might have a moment where you say to yourself ‘I’m feeling quite overstimulated, I just need to take 10 minutes out for myself or take a day’.
What I’m suggesting is that most of us now, especially those of you watching this and interested in and experiencing energetics in the way that I talk about them, it really doesn’t need to be a day-long recovery process. Maybe even as recently as a year ago you needed that, but what you will find now is your own patterns or your own mind will say “I’ve been burning it hard for six days so I now need to recover otherwise I’m in danger of overdoing it or being over-stimulated.”


The thing about the energy waves that we’re using right now on the planet is not only are they here to open us, but they are here to enhance and support everything we’re doing. So you can stay open for longer than ever before also.


Yes, everything is going on faster around us. But we also engage with what’s going on around us energetically – we aren’t separate from it. And so when we get over the fear of that speed and we get used to what’s going on at the speed level, we realize we have more stamina than we’ve probably ever had in our lives. And so what you can do by opening to the energies around you, is you can start to let them in the body.


Occasionally, like the person I just demonstrated who slightly recoils from my big embrace, occasionally we will recoil and we will stop. And we will feel that in the body or we will hear a story in the mind about why it isn’t safe to open right now.
If you try and look at the details of your life right now and the story of your life and what is going on in the framework, I promise it won’t make any sense. That’s going on for everyone.
If you try and access what’s going on for you through only ‘the mind’ now, you’re going to either process some emotion out of you, (which can be good and can be useful to a certain degree), but you’re also going to get confused.  It’s not going to feel tangible. It’s not going to make sense. This mental part of you has got very, very small as the rest of you has expanded.  And so this is why you have to now reference the energy in the body as a starting point.
So that’s why I was saying if I just stop talking to you all, and stop the words and take a moment to just see how am I feeling? (Lee stops and looks at camera) How is doing this affecting me? Am I still centered in my interaction with all of you – which I do experience as an interaction, even though you’re represented by a camera lens , I can kind of feel you all – how centered am I still feeling? 

And finding your center is a dance and it’s an art and, for want of a better term, it’s a discipline.
I don’t like the word discipline when people put judgmental or heavy connotations on it, but there is a truth around disciplining yourself to have a routine of checking in with how am I doing? How am I doing? What is the mind saying to this idea? Probably ‘well I haven’t got time to check in with how I’m doing because there are so many people around me in need/things I need to do’.
Yes, but those people and things need your center, not your chaos. The world is chaotic right now and it will continue to be so for a while.  People are suddenly in shock that everything is changing around them faster than their minds can comprehend, and faster than they realized their emotional body was going to have to keep up with. 

This is because for many years the emotional body has been put in the backseat of the car and the mind has been driving. Well, now the emotional body is at the steering wheel, which is very scary at times. Because those of you who drive, know that you don’t want to be driving in an emotional state. But your emotions are getting clearer so you are safer to drive in a more sensory way.

So that’s why it’s important to just regularly keep coming back into yourself, your body and calming down, because as I mentioned, the resistance to opening more inner feeling will be twofold –  either your own barriers or the collective.
If I was standing here trying to do this forecast with 10 angry people standing behind this camera, all furious, it would be very, very difficult for me to do this the way I’m doing it now. Because their barriers and energy levels would be strong. So understanding that is part of your energy mastery.
We in the self-development world ,and I include myself in the group that went through this (about 10-15 years ago in my own personal case), we’ve had a fairly hard and judgmental set of language and rules applied to our expansion. 

So things like;
  •  you’ve got wounds, 
  • you’ve got resistance, 
  • you’re judging, 

You know, if you really dealing with those energies they’re heavy. So if you then start adding those heavy words and energies to your process it can be very useful if you’ve ingested low self belief, heaviness, abuse energies. If that’s your story, heavy words toward yourself can be the very thing the catalyses the original energies back out the body. 

But there comes a point when you have to go, “you know what, I’m here on the sometimes crazy planet where there’s all sorts of stuff going down. Spirit tells me and I understand through my higher self that I’m supposed to be here right now having this experience and that we’re all supposed to be having this experience”.

To let your human self be kind to you.

What’s important to understand is that part of our experience right now is human and spirit combined.  So there will be moments when you’re dropping back into your human story and looking back through the life of your human story, not because you are in resistance or being remedial as some people like to think, but because we all came to earth to be human, to have an earthbound experience as human beings, and as we are moving forward, we’re cleaning up behind us. And looking over our shoulder can be part of that process. In the same way that when you leave an apartment and move house you have to coming clean the house behind you, it’s the same process. 

So just use that idea as a guide if you’re catching mental judgment in yourself. I keep talking about this judgment each month, which surprises me, but I I get that the reason I’m talking about is it’s coming up strongly in people.


Also trying to figure out the mental confusion won’t help you. Because where we’re going does not have the same parameters and the same structures as what we come through in the last 10 to 20 years.  So if you’re trying to solve the future using your mind, you’re going to have a very, very limited experience of what your future is. If you go back into your heart, go back into your spirit, go back into your body, you’re going to be able to feel the expansion. That is the way to feel the future.


It’s interesting that even with a lot of the chaos that we are experiencing there is an enormous, enormous abundance right now energy on the planet that will allow and catalyze your opening to higher degrees than ever before.


One of the things that people have traditionally wanted to do is place their energy in doing. It’s how we’ve been trained and it’s how we’ve been shown the energy can circulate.  There is something very different in being. (Pauses for a while and looks at camera)  That was being (Laughter) and now I’m back to doing.


There is also something about people’s anger toward the world events right now that is often based in, “We don’t deserve this, how dare they?.” This won’t help what you might want to call “the good fight”.
So those people who are using their anger consciously around abuses they’re seeing going on in the world and being the voices towards that, that’s a great thing. But when you’re just pointing the finger, it’s only going to just bring you down. 

What you have to look regarding this anger at is the part of you that wasn’t capable of expanding beyond the lesson that you went through.


All of us have had things in our lives that we found incredibly painful and incredibly difficult. But, at the end of the day, we’re alive and we really don’t know for how long. Any of us, any moment – bang! – we can go.  I talk about that a lot because I’m called to talk about that a lot. And what I’ve come to understand is it’s one of the greatest keys to awakening.

If you can start to understand that this life is a gift from moment to moment, it helps you divorce yourself from some of the entitlement and attachment that we have been trained to think we should have around our lives, what should happen. Life is a crap shoot, for want of a better term, and that may annoy some of you that I said that. Because I get that your belief is that we have a way of directing the energy of our life, and I subscribe to that too. But, within that direction, there is also a randomness and spiritual symmetry to our lives that is way beyond any human ego desire or belief about what you can or can’t do.
So the final thing to say and to some of you who are going, “Well, that spiritual idea of life all sounds very well, but isn’t that selfish at the time that there is this turmoil going on over here, and we need to stop this, and the world is doomed etc etc.” Those things you are now seeing in the world have been going on for years and years and years and years. And the difference is we are now in a period where they are coming to light.


So this is what I mean about once you see something you don’t like, if it activates you, great – walk towards being an activist there – but at the same time understand that we can’t control it, we don’t have to feel guilty about it. Any of these lower energies used in your being a voice for change (anger, despair, frustration) will not help you fight the good fight. This is to those of you who are what I would call the freedom fighters in the area of things going on globally and ecologically.
But the other thing that is true is energetics.  In the same way that it would be difficult for me to have 10 angry chaotic people behind the camera and not feel them while I’m trying to feel up and out in order to communicate with all of you, it’s the same in life. This is where your boundaries are going to be important.  


You can generate a lot of positive energy. And positive energy amplifies darker and denser energies and makes them start to lift. Which is why some people will be resistant to you, if you’re too much for them; if you’re too heart open with them, it’s not your place to get angry with them that they’re being honest with you. They are saying to you (through their action), “I can’t go there right now. I don’t have the support system in my life that when I leave you, I can keep integrating this heart opening.  So I’m just going to shut you down and do this a little bit.” Trust that and trust them for knowing their limits at this moment.


We’re all here having our own experience, but one thing the Z’s always talk about is the perfection of our own evolutionary spiral. When you get rid of the density and the judgment that you’re personally carrying, by keeping your body as aligned as you can however that works for you and clearing out old emotional/mental issues that are still haunting you, you will loosen and open. Also by training yourself to not pay attention to the mind and to see it’s limited thoughts, you to let it start to loosen its grip on what your future direction is. At that point, you come to live in this part of your energy field and evolutionary spiral. You’re no longer like a headless chicken just following the minds whims.
It takes time to come into that space because it can feel isolating at first, especially if others aren’t meeting you in it. But this is why it’s so important to choose for where you’re going.  And to choose and check in with yourself every moment – how am I feeling? Who am I now?
So for example, my challenge while delivering this forecast to you guys would be if I checked in with myself and my body felt awful, I should really probably just walk off camera and say I’m not doing these any more.  Now, that doesn’t feel true for me right now, but if it did, that’s what I have to follow and have to trust that, without knowing what the future would hold.


When you can surrender that much to what’s going on, then the potency of not only your own experience of life starts to come through, but this energy system that is so innately intelligent, far more intelligent than our mind, will move us to the place to dispense our energy and to give and exchange our energy in the places we are supposed to that will then lift the world, raising the vibration of the planet.
It is not always easy and there will be days when you don’t feel very raised. But, it’s the truest and most possible height that you can attain right now. 

So the reason that so much is crumbling in the outside is to get you to align with the inner. But then what many of you will be finding is when you are aligned with the inner, the outside flows.


So that’s all from me this month. I’m going to take a break in August from the forecast and a few other things and give myself some reset time and be travelling as well.
So this is the last forecast until September.


If you want to continue to engage with the way I teach what I offer, we have just launched The Portal which is a really fantastic online membership group. It contains a forum, a monthly recording from me – this month, at the moment, its ‘Dreams and You’ – and also video and audio from experts such as, this month, Tom Lescher, the YouTube astrologer and Wendy Kennedy, the channel. They have both given exclusive content for Portal members. And finally, a live Q&A session with me; which was awesome on the first one we did last month. It’s an hour and a half with me answering any of your questions live online and also doing about 45 minutes of the Z’s answering your questions  – which was fantastic.
So if you want to join The Portal, you can find all the details here –  and that’s where I’ll be in August if you want to continue to connect with me and my energy work, and if not I will see you guys in September.


I’m coming to England in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to do those events, so hope to see some of you there. And of course, the Facebook page has daily quotes so you can have daily inspiration. Just search for my name, Lee Harris.


Lots of love everybody, have a great summer.


 Take care.

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