Some Thoughts About Transitions Into Our Light Bodies and The Fifth Dimension

I love each season that we experience living in New York. Particularly endearing to me are the sights,  scents and the new crispness in the air that I experience in Autumn.

This year I have been so amazed by the opulence of the abundant flowers in my garden that it seems a little strange to me to see a tree almost full blown with autumn leaves only a two hour drive north from my home.

The visual juxtaposition in my mind of the flowers and the tree so reminds me of issues that have been coming up with my clients and in my personal emergence journey.

The issue is about how we gracefully experience that we are still living in our ordinary bodies while transforming into our light bodies. This is concurrent with our beings and whole planet- in the “reality” of the duality- transitioning from the third dimension into the fifth dimension.

We are living with one foot in one set of frequencies and our other foot in an entirely new one. The last time we experienced this kind of juxtaposition was when we were teenagers!

As a student of child development, clinical social work and in the long history of my professional lives, I have clearly remembered and have seen that when a human reaches adolescence  (at least  in our culture) any issues that were not resolved- any needs unmet from early childhood resurface and are intensified this second time around.

What I have been noticing for the past year in my practice is that as we move in the accelerated pace of our human evolution now, anything that has not been resolved for us from our past is resurfacing. This is often occurring with ferocious intensity.

Like children in changing adolescent bodies, we too are experiencing growing pains.  We are growing in  our ability to shift up our intensity into faster moving frequencies of light that are our new light bodies in the fifth dimension.

Isn’t it great to know that we are only having growing pains?


2 responses to “Some Thoughts About Transitions Into Our Light Bodies and The Fifth Dimension

  1. Loved this explanation as to what’s going on right now and going to share with my friends. Thank you!

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