Lee Harris’s March 2014 Energy Forecast- Finding The Present In Every Moment

As many of you know AWeber experienced a massive crash two weeks ago which caused the transmission of this Newsletter to go completely off schedule.

As a result, we practically have back to back Lee Harris’s February and March Energy forecasts.

At this moment I have only read his preface letter and I am amazed how in synch I am with his thoughts and his process.

Since my apartment was completely painted and repaired I have been on a cleaning purge that is still not finished, I have already talked about this a few weeks ago but I am amazed at my willingness to continue getting rid of all that I no longer want.

I have cleared picture, books, maps, term papers, shoulder pads ( yes shoulder pads!) gift boxes, sheets, cards, maps, letters, my teenage scrapbook- things I never thought  I’d ever throw away!   What liberation!!

I am beginning to feel a sense of pleasant emptiness. I don’t want my new internal and external spaces filled with any thing. Although I feel a lot of energy all the time I am experiencing myself as both spacy and grounded- a very new experience for me.

I sense that my reality is beginning to shift from focus on the old- third dimensional delusion of reality to embrace the reality of “magic” and living more thoroughly through essence and energetic awareness.  This  has always been what I believe presence has always been for me but that which I agreed to obscure by my deference to conventionality.

I just read what Lee has to offer for March and what I relate most to is his theme of maintaining one’s center in the face of fear, death, chaos and the extremity of the changes going on in our people and our planet.

He also talks about self-care and self-love as being the essential component for maintaining that personal center that can be useful to others in the midst of the fray. Once again I am in resonance with his emphasis upon centering ourselves not through our thoughts, but through our bodies.

As his title indicates, he discusses living in the present moment from the stance of remaining centered.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March 2014 Energy Forecast – Finding the Present in Every Moment….

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.) 
Hi and welcome to the March Energy Forecast.
I have not done one of these for a few months. So it’s nice to see and feel you all again, and I hope you’re doing ok out there.
These are certainly amplified times for all of us right now. And I have noticed a few different patterns over the last month to 6 weeks that people have had as a shared experience.
Death has been a very big theme. Many people are having loved ones around them die. Some people are having pets die. And then the theme of death just in general in the world is happening globally with certain areas experiencing more conflict than we are used to seeing.
And, secondly the environment; and all that we are seeing going on in the environment right now and actions that are very obviously destructive for the environment.
So, when you question why you’ve been feeling perhaps a rising intensity in your life (and for some of you it will manifest as anxiety), you don’t have to look very far to understand that there are actual stimuli for this. 
And this is often the tricky area for us as human beings in our minds. Because if you are confused about something in your life, nervous, or afraid about something in your life, what tends to happen is if your mind starts becoming overactive, it is because it responds to the anxiety levels in the body. 

So as this anxiety energy travels upward in your body, what you start having is thoughts that circle – thoughts which I often call ‘anxiety mind loops’. These loops are where you start obsessing over details, and obsessing over things that are going on.
This is why when recognizing anxiety and fear experiences, it’s really powerful and important for you to ask the question “How is my body?  Never mind what my mind is thinking about what’s going on outside me or what’s going on over there – how is my actual body today?”
And in the last month or so, even though many people have talked about having more open, flowing experiences of life in some areas, many are using the words ‘intense’ or occasionally ‘challenging’ for their daily life.
 And if you look at the prophecies that we were given thousands of years ago about this time in our history, it was always going to be a turbulent and challenging time; but within that, for those of you who ascribe to the understanding that we are souls having an often repetitive experience here on the planet, this is why so many of you will be tying things up in your lives right now – or feeling like you’re tying things up.
So February was a very strong time for many people around purging or cleansing or changing details in their life. There is also this theme that has been going on for a long time where you might be having dreams of significant people in your life. Or in your daily life, you might be thrown back to 2002 in memory, and to something that happened to you there; and you’ll have a very different experience about that memory as you look at it now and as you feel it now.
So as the outer world is changing very rapidly, we too are called to change very rapidly in our inner worlds.
And one very, very big theme that came up in the Live Q and A broadcast that I did two weeks ago in The Portal (which is the membership club that we have), was ‘Fear’. Fear was very high on everyone’s radar. 

So many people were talking about the fear they were experiencing about the world, the fear they were experiencing in themselves around their own lives and their health.
These are very prevalent issues today. They aren’t phantom ideas. Wherever you look in the world there are as many threats as there are supports to both the planet and to the livelihood of all that live here – humans, animals and beyond.
So one of the things that I have learnt as a sensitive person is you tend to have an amplified nervous system if you’re a sensitive person or you can have that tendency.
So if you can just work with your body a few times a day to help you come back to center and to calm, you’re going to see a lot more flow and a lot more openness happening for you on a daily basis. 

Why this is important is you are going to be more useful energetically and practically to the kinds of changes you would like to see in the world.
One of the arguments I’ve often seen on the internet among people is “Well, why self-love? Because if you self-love, what about loving everyone else?” 

Well, those of us who understand the principle of self-love know that you don’t become more loving toward yourself and then be more selfish towards others. The opposite is actually true.
It’s the same with looking after your own energy field in these times. And for the sensitive among you, you can feel a lot of empathy, a lot of pain sometimes in your own body around the suffering that you’re seeing going on in the world.
But if you travel off your center, and start to merge with that fear and suffering, you’re in a wobbling state. If you’re able to see and experience suffering energy outside you, but can come back to a place in yourself where you can be calm, you will be useful to the transformation of that suffering state. 

Because you will be able to hold an energy of peace and openness that will actually positively influence those in the fear or the suffering state.
And beyond that, those who are conscious activists in the world who are working on behalf of the planet and the people around you, to try and give us a healthy and more sustainable future, will also benefit from looking after their nervous system.
So if you don’t have a practice in your life like Yoga or Qi Gong or any of the other meditative ‘arts’, that help you work with your energy body on a daily basis, just take a few moments each day to ask yourself how you are doing, check in with your nervous system and to see how stimulated it is. It’s a very stimulating world, as we know. 

Those of you who are on Facebook for example, will be experiencing a lot of stimulation; and I’m not saying that’s a negative thing, but I am aware that for all of us, the younger generation are an exception perhaps because they were more born into this speed of life. 

But for most of us who didn’t know the internet in our earlier lives and didn’t know the speed of information and assimilation that we now have in our world, if you add all of that information attention that we are now dealing with daily, along with the rise in intensity on the planet and around the world, then you start to understand why many people are wobbling in themselves. It’s an instinctive and a sensory response.
So a couple of quick things you can do are literally just to use these wonderful hands of yours. The nervous system calms down very quickly with touch. If you think of babies, when you hold a crying baby, the baby often calms down.
So just take your hands and literally first of all start with your head, and gently place your hands on and over your head. This is especially effective if you notice that you are having many thoughts, because the thoughts are circulating in that area of your body. 

So take your hands and support your head with touch for a few seconds – the very area where everything is going on. Just put your hands there for a few seconds or a few minutes, as long as you feel you need to.
And what it will do is it will help to re-center all of the energy in your body that has perhaps started to spin out in the directions of others or in response to everything that’s going on in the world. So then move down to your shoulders; then you can take your hands and put them across this top of your chest and just keep moving down your body. (In the video, Lee demonstrates all of these movements). I’m just giving you an example here, but you can go wherever you feel to go on your body.
And as you do this, as you start to support your torso and your head with your own touch, you’re going to notice you will come back into your own alignment. 

5-10 minutes of this touch exercise will be the most beneficial, especially if done a few times a day.
Lots of people have spun out recently – spun off their center. 

This doesn’t make for clear decision-making; this doesn’t make for being useful to yourself, or toward your loved ones. And what tends to happen when we spin out is we keep looking for the answers outside ourselves. We keep trying to find support outside ourselves or a solution outside ourselves. 

But this is simply an internal energy state that’s in need in you. There usually aren’t external solutions for it.
And if you think of the speed of change that we’re all going through, it’s a lot to take in. I said to my friend the other day, “It’s not the 80’s anymore.” And we both laughed slightly nervously as well because there is certain nervousness in the air of where the world is going. 
One of the things that The Z’s, who I channel, have said to me for many years is that there is often a fear of future that people have, especially if they’re futurists. 

So if you’re somebody who has been used to using your psychic mind, your intuition to see down timelines to possibilities, you can travel into a future scenario and it can feel horrific to you as you travel into it. 

But the truth is you’re traveling into it without true knowledge of what it would feel like if you did arrive in that future reality that you most fear. Because this body that I am in experiences up to today, which is March 4th

So if I am worried about a reality a year from now, I will not feel equipped to deal with what’s happening a year from now. But by the time I get there a year from now, and I’ve gone through all the other days and months that have energetically prepared me and have got me used to being in the present moment, in a year, I’m going to have a much better time of dealing with it and being in it.
So if you’re having lots of fears of the future or fears of the worst case scenario, know that you have to come back to the present. It’s the only place we can truly exist.
On Friday last week, one of my closest friends dog was put to sleep. She was very, very old and it was her time to go, but I have never seen a human or an animal die. And she had an injection, and she was very peaceful, very happy as she went. It was a very beautiful experience. For 24 hours prior, we were all spending time being with her and being present with her. And I’ve known this dog in my life for the last five years and I’ve lived with her for two and a half. So as I watched her go, she just fell asleep. Within five seconds, she was one minute looking and the next minute she was just gone.
And even though I’m often having to remind myself and us that we can die any minute (on behalf of The Z’s who are often reminding me that a human life can end like that), and that therefore we should focus on being as appreciative and as sensory and alive as we can in each moment; seeing death up close was very powerful. And I know many of you watching will have had that experience with humans and/or animals  
And of course I had a heart chakra moment where it just opened fast as she died, and we all had tears because of the loss of a loved one in our life. Whenever any loved one moves out of your life, your energy field changes – you let them go. There was relief for her, because she was no longer suffering and then in the following 48 hours for me, there was a profound awareness to just appreciate every second. Which anyone always says to you, if they have seen death.
So we don’t know how long we’re here for. We don’t know how long we’re here for as a race and we don’t know how long we’re here for as an individual. But if we keep living with a want and a desire to be here on a daily basis we will keep creating and renewing life to the best of our ability and the highest potential available to us individually and to the planet.
I think there is a sense of disempowerment many people are having at the moment when they are seeing things going on. But I’m called to remind all of us and myself that the energy that we hold on a daily basis is very powerful.
So for example, if you are feeling distressed about what’s going on in the Ukraine right now, do what I did the other day. Sit in your house, think of that place, think of the people in that place and envision peace – hold energy around peace for those people. You may be able to affect a world situation in a far more powerful way than we could understand. 

But there are things we can do on a daily basis for those outside us and there are things that we can do on a daily basis for those nearest to us. And the most important thing for all of us to maintain that life force, is for us to learn how to keep our own center in our daily life.
Because when you come off your center and you go into the human chaos, you go into the human energy fractiousness which is going on a lot now, you tend to forget your spiritual vertical connection. And that’s with us all the time, that’s undeniable.

So if you live as a human with that inner vertical connection as much as the outer horizontal connection you not only have a far richer experience, but you tend to have a higher experience in all of your interactions every day. And we all know that the lower experiences do not feel so comfortable when we are going through them.
So I would just invite all of you to just stop for a second at the end of this message and ask yourself, if you’ve been feeling low recently, how involved do you feel you have gotten into other people’s low states, fears, energies.
 And can you just take a few times each day to come back to you. 

Ask yourself how you’re doing on this beautiful planet that we live on and ask yourself what you would like to do next – for yourself or for the world.

Lots of love everybody; I hope you have a great month and see you in April.


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