Lee Harris’s April Energy Forecast- The Strength of April Found Within…

I can measure how quickly time is speeding by how often it seems I am publishing Lee’s energy forecast.

There were several things that popped out to me in the forecast today.

First, Lee’s discussion about the fearful mind,  projections and predictions of awfulness reminds me of one of my favorite personal soap box topics.  In the past I would  respond  with anger, irritation and indignation at the manipulation inherent in  fear mongering.


What I am allowing myself to experience now is that fear (as Lee underscores)  is an energy. It is an energy promoted by the mind through stories. It is an energy that is part and parcel of the illusion of separation, duality and polarity that denies the oneness of the true reality. It is the ruling energy in this nightmare/dream of this grand illusion of duality on planet earth.


And, I have the choice from moment to moment whether or not to feed the energy of fear. I have the choice to clear my heart and experience my spaciousness and oneness with the energy of Divinity each and every moment.


I loved Lee’s suggested clearing, centering and peace promoting tools. The first, of course being conscious use of  taking a few breaths.


The second exercise- the one where we hollow out our selves and experience ourselves as we are in reality- as being light filled beings- brings us back to the true reality of our divine connection with all that is. Of course it is strengthening and centering. It is truth!


Since July 2013 I have been taking class with Rikka Zimmerman whose company is Adventures in Oneness. www.adventuresinoneness.com One of the exercises that we have been practicing recently also utilizes this concept of emptying ourselves out and experiencing ourselves as completely hollow and spacious inside. It is quite profound for me and definitely has allowed me to make great strides in living in the present now.


In fact, my apartment purge (that has finally reached a point of being complete enough)  is the outer manifestation of my new relationship with myself.  I am so enjoying the spaciousness in all the nooks and crannies of my home.


Freeing up my energy from not attending to things in the recesses of my physical world and creating the new spaciousness allows me the extreme joys of living  freed up and in the present.


Two little examples of my renewed joie de vivre happened within the past two weeks. The day I walked through  Central Park and took pictures of the new crocuses popping through the earth I saw a very adorable squirrel. I called to it and it came running to the fence where I had stopped to admire it.

It stopped and maintained steady eye contact with me until I took a picture,  said good bye and walked away. Now one might say that the squirrels in Central Park are all so tamed and used to people who ignore the “do not feed’ signs”. Maybe the creature only came looking for food.

No matter. What was of utmost importance to me was the level of joy I felt communing with that dear little squirrel.

My second off the charts joy was simply listening to an exquisite piece of music by Edward Elgar being broadcast on my radio as I drove my car. I felt its beauty so strongly that tears were streaming down my face and I was shouting with joy.


Living in this new world is how I am strengthening my center and radiating more and more of the light that is the truth of who I am – who we all are in Oneness.


I hope that you enjoy Lee’s forecast.


Sending you all lots of love,

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April 2014 Energy Forecast – The Strength of April, found within….


(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hi everybody. Welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2014. 
It’s April 2nd that we’re recording this. It’s not REALLY a spring day here but maybe we’re venturing towards it – we’ll see. (Smiling) 
We’re all still here on the planet; which is always nice and unexpected. And the reason that I say that is because today there are two principles I want to touch on. 
Something I’ve said repeatedly through the forecasts over the years is that we never know how long we’re going to be alive. And it’s true – we don’t know that we’re still going to be alive at the end of today. And yet what we can often get very fixed and focused on is the future of life rather than the present. I keep hearing many people over the last year or so getting activated and worried about things they are hearing or suspecting about the future.  
So for example, someone might be talking about a volcano that somebody has predicted to go active on a certain date or an earthquake that’s been predicted for a few months ahead. Or other speculation on how the future of the world is going to go…and what I want to remind everybody is that all of it is conjecture. 
I’m not saying that you can’t truly believe that one of these things is going to happen, and prepare yourself in whatever way you feel you need to be prepared so that you’re comfortable again. 

But what I have noticed is many people are putting their trust and weight behind some of these dates in the future, and thus putting their fear behind it. And then when that date passes and nothing happens, they repeat the same pattern all over again with another future date they’re given. 
So what I’m asking you to look at here is not the idea of future dates, but more closely than that, your own fear relationship to what’s going on in the world.  
The world is sped up, chaotic and panicky at the moment. And it’s understandable as to why. There are several things that you can see going on in the world that can make you nervous about the future of the planet, and the now of the planet and what people are dealing with. 
But one truth I have come to both learn and experience is that the more centered and stable we are able to stay, the more ready we are for anything that Planet Earth is going to throw our way. 
So if you are living in fear or worry of the future, you are constantly off your center and disempowered. 
You may say, well how do I calm down about this terrible future thing that’s happening?
And I say, well number one; you know that you don’t yet know it’s happened. You don’t yet know what the future outcome is. So even those of you who may be very good with psychic or future predictions, I’ve also met many who are good at those predictions and some of them have come true. But with some of their other predictions, things have not manifested. So perhaps something has changed or it was just a possibility rather than a certainty. 
So ask yourself, are you living in the future or are you living in the now? 
Obviously, the past and the future have to be taken into our relationship with the now. We can learn things from the past that can help us make different choices in the future. But I’m noticing a lot of people, because of the fear energy on Earth and because of the chaos, leaving their own bodies and not living in the now, not living today but living “what’s the future plan” and “what’s the future danger we have to worry about”. 
I would propose that to live on Earth is far more unpredictable than we ever anticipated or were taught. And that’s coming from someone living in, at this point in time, a fairly safe region. 
So what I’m saying is that much of what is happening is our conditioning, our belief that we were in a grid that kept us safe (the outer world), which is now falling away and changing.

And as that falls away, you can get a little nervous that there’s no safety rail. 

So if you’re already nervous that there is no safety rail and someone comes along and says, (Big in breath) “Yellowstone’s going to erupt! Look out!” That nervous fear energy in you suddenly has a perceived genuine threat to focus its target on. 
So try and identify what’s the difference between where you’re focusing and targeting your fear in your mind and how much fear do you have in your body? For the way to work with fear is literally to work with it as an energy – not a story. 
So for example, if right now your fear has come to the surface because I’m talking about some of the things that are triggering you, or talking about fear that you’re experiencing, know that the body needs to be trained in the other direction.  
So you could just literally take a moment and breathe (in the video Lee takes a deep, slow breath in and exhales slowly); and just do that a few times. If you just take a minute or two out of your day to keep breathing every now and then, you start to regulate, calm down and open.  The problem for many of you will be not identifying when the fear or the chaos of someone else is influencing you.  
So if I were to be in a fairly peaceful state, but I go home and my partner is there and my partner is kind of going, (speaking rapidly) “Well, I’m worried I might lose the job and what are we going to do about money and da-da-da-da-da…” – all of that energy that’s coming off the partner, I’m interacting with. And even if I’m standing a meter away, it’s still in my zone. So the question is, does it catalyze me?

The question for you is, how catalyzed are you getting by others right now?
So for those of you living busy lives around lots of people, know that more people are in chaos than before. But the difference is a lot of people aren’t aware of why they’re in chaos, or the fact that they are focusing on certain chaotic or fearful stories in order to process what their inner body is doing. Their inner body is going, “Aaah, the safety rail is going! This isn’t the Earth I thought it was going to be.” That’s a truth for everybody. 
So, at this point in time, 2014, we are looking ahead at the coming decades and realizing things are going to be different. And that’s a certainty. The solutions as to how we are going to arrive at putting the new in place take place every day.
So just to focus on you and your personal life, you are constantly creating “new” every single day. For us as a world, we are constantly creating “new” every single day. 

So today is where we can focus. And many of you are overwhelmed and freaked out because of this big future that you can sense or feel is coming. Yet what you have to remember that what you can feel or sense is coming is related to how you’re feeling today.
So I just want to share a quick exercise with you. I just created something called ‘7 Days of Peace’ , which is 7 daily short meditations to help you access and invoke peace in your life. And in one of these meditations, I talk about the “hollow body”.

So let me explain this to you. Imagine yourself for a second as hollow inside. Imagine that you have no physical organs inside this body and not only are you imagining this inner body of yours as completely hollow and spacious, but let’s include around 12 inches outside your body too – your energy field. See this inner space and outer space around you as your hollow energy field.
A quick exercise you can do a few times a day is to imagine yourself in your hollow body. Closing your eyes will help. 

So, first take a breath, (in the video Lee takes a deep breath) then through your imagination and senses, feel the hollowness of you and feel the spaciousness of it. 

Then, imagine light coming from above down through your head and filling you. Light is filling you.
Now – quick caveat – for those of you who imagined your hollow body and suddenly went, “Whoa, I’m full of everyone’s stuff!”, that’s the point to first say, “I release everything that is not mine. I release everything I am carrying for others.” Whatever words come to you around releasing what you are carrying for other people. Do a quick verbal release, then focus on the hollow body and bring in light. 

And just breathe it in, this light. Feel yourself just being filled for a while. However long feels comfortable to you.
And the reason this is so important is it just allows you to come back to you for a while.
Now I know many of you who are very sensitive or empathic are working on daily principles to be less affected by others. This is one you can add to that toolbox – just imagining yourself as you and only you for a couple of minutes a day, a couple of times a day. Just you and your energy field.  
The reason to do this is it will bring back your sense of peace and balance. But also, it will give you strength that you might not be accessing if you’re trying to find strength in the outside world right now. 
Maybe you’re used to your friends giving you your strength. But all of a sudden, your friends all seem in crisis. So you’re a bit panicky, because the place that you used to go to feel good (your friends) is no longer making you feel good.  
Maybe you just lost your job and the security that you used to feel around having that job is now taken away. So you’re feeling a little nervous and asking yourself “What am I going to manifest next?” 
This level of change is happening all across the world. Things that used to be safety zones for people, things that used to be trusted, and things that used to be known – they’re all moving. 

So what we have to do is go within. And within ourselves, we find new strength. 
In April, strength is going to be a theme.
Yes, astrologically this is a very strong month, so you can expect explosive things to play out world-wise and personally. But how those explosive things look is going to be very distinct. It might not be the worst case scenario you are thinking of – it will just be a strong energy.
So that means you can harness the strength of these times and be a conductor of that strength in your own life. But only if you are taking the time each day to figure out who am I in the middle of this crazy planet? I can see that there’s all this stuff going on around me. I can feel and be affected by all of that. 

But I also have to remember that I am sovereign in here – my heart (in the video Lee puts his hand on his chest). I have a place that is untouchable to anybody. Even if I’m in reaction to things going on outside me, there is a place inside me that is just mine. 
So, spend a little time this month taking a few times a day getting in touch with just you. 
And what will come to you this month is greater strength than you’ve previously had. 
Look after yourselves well everybody and I’ll see you in May. 
Big love, bye-bye.



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