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More Discussion About the Sound Frequency Repatterning

Two weeks ago, on February 17th, 2012, I posted a discussion about the Sound Frequency Repatterning by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. This repatterning appears  in her Transforming Chakra Patterns  with Resonance Repatterning manual.

Here is a comment that group member Carol Cannon posted in response to the article. Thank you for posting  it Carol, for it reminded me that I need to add more information to the mix.

Thank you, Meryl,
For having the patience to articulate this problem and I would really like to hear from Chloe as to the mechanics of her instructions. It is clear enough by the contents of the repatterning about the significance of these notes and frequencies, but it is in following the instructions on this wheel that does not result in illuminating the sought after knowledge. Can we pose the question directly to Chloe for her comments?
Thank you so much,

On to the additional  information.  On page 105 , d. in the new book Chloe has added something new to the instructions for obtaining the “mid-point note”. After describing the process of converging two fingers so that you are left on one “piece of the pie” she states “(Sometimes it is the ‘line’ or frequency between two notes. In this case you will muscle check). I believe that this means you will muscle check whether to use the top or bottom note as the mid-point note.

But again, as stated in the February 17th posting, we are only looking to see whether or not there is any added significance or meaning to be gleaned from a correlation between a mid-point note and the disharmonious note which is the the frequency of  the problem. If there is a correlation then a specific perspective can be added to our understanding of the problem.

The information above also pertains to the combined parental note on the same page.

In the new version of this repatterning there is a reworking of old book, page 78  what was  F.(mcs) We need to identify the personal correlation for the note?  What is called the personal correlation here is viewing the disharmonious note of the problem and seeing the  intrinsic coherent /positive quality of that particular note.

In the new version, on  new book page 106   I. Identify the coherent response to the opportunity of the problem This is the note of the problem identified in {C},  the meaning of the former terminology “personal correlation” has been clarified.

This shift in our understanding leads us to a new section in the new book on page 107,  J.  (mcs)  We need to identify the coherent octave of the opportunity of the note (as identified in I)? What we are asked to do in this part is identical to what we used to do when we were finding the octave of the harmonious note anywhere in the RR system.

The terminology has been altered and what we are asked to do here is simply (mcs) for the specific cycles per second frequency number of the coherent octave of the ‘problem’ note that is now being viewed as a new frequency of opportunity,  and  then *[cr]  the client for that number of cycles per second, as is presented on the familiar octave frequency tables.

I hope that these discoveries are helpful to all of us who are using the new material. Please let me know and let’s continue the discussion!

About The Sound Frequency Repatterning in Chloe Faith Worsworth’s Transforming Chakra Patterns book

A few weeks ago at the Practitioner Skills Development Day a question came up  about a part of The Sound Frequency Repatterning in Chloe Faith Wordworth’s Transforming Chakra Patterns.

Since this Repatterning is one of the twenty-six considered to be essential to the basic body of the work, I consulted with Chakras teacher Karine Bourcart to get the best answer.

The question concerns Part DIdentify the personal and family significance of the note of the problem–  in the old book, corresponding to Part H in the new book  on page 72 and 103, respectively.

The question is  about what happens in sections d and  e when the practitioner is asked to find the client’s midpoint note and /or the combined parental note.

The instructions for this part  on page 74 or page 105 say “To identify the midpoint place one finger on the client’s birth note and another finger on its opposite or reciprocal note. Now converge the ‘pieces of the pie’ until you are left with one note and its reciprocal.” andTo identify the combined parental note, place one finger on the mother’s birth note and another finger on the father’s birth note. Now converge the ‘pieces of the pie’ until you are left with one note and its reciprocal.”

The question is about what happens when a practitioner follows the instructions and lands on a line between two notes, instead of landing on a whole piece of the pie.

This has happened many times when I’ve used this repatterning so I too was curious about how to best  interpret this event.

Karine answered by adding two perspectives.

First, the point of the whole part is to determine if there is any added significance to the client’s stated problem by investigating the relationship of the frequency of the problem- the established disharmonious note- to any of the other factors. The question to ask is if there is a relationship between this frequency and :

  • The client’s own birth note-which would imply that the problem according to Chloe,  has a direct relationship to your own constitutional ‘sound’.
  • The mother’s or father’s birth note- which could mean that the person both ‘inherited’ the problem and/or had it modeled for them by either parent or by each parent.
  • The client’s midpoint note- which could mean that the non-coherent quality of this note has special meaning  or a lesson for the client.
  • The combined parental note-which could mean that the lesson is a familal pattern that is ready to be resolved through the client.

The way that I have always handled the question of what to do in this case, is, as with everything else, I muscle check on myself to see if energetically there is more significance to one of the notes or the other. This is in fact, just what Chloe states should be done and Karine said the same thing.

Karine emphasized that we are looking for added meaning in each step and it  may not be in the combined note or the midpoint note, or anywhere, or it could be in several of the relationships, which would denote greater significance.

Secondly, Karine said that these correlations are worth noting if they exist but  in some cases the instrument that we have available- the generalized birth note chart- may not be specific enough in terms of frequencies to describe the phenomena adequately.

Everyone, please feel free to comment if you have more information or another perspective to add!

Great News About Group!!!

Hi Everyone!

I am delighted to announce that Group will commence on March 4, 2012 at 12:30pm until 4:30pm.

Thank you Joie, Paula, Harriet, Merrill, Lillian, Minh and Gladys for your  communications , commitment and support  has made this possible.

Carol and Kim have responded but are not yet completely sure they will be able to attend.

For any reader who has been hoping to come to Group for the first time, or for someone who hasn’t come for a long time, this would be a great opportunity to join in our fresh start.

Whether you are a Certified Practitioner, a Student Practitioner, or a person who has just taken a few Resonance Repatterning seminars and wants to be a part of the community, You Are Welcome to Join Us!

Your payment of the $42.00 energy exchange/investment fee is due to me by Friday February 17th. You can send me a check by using the mailing address in the bottom right hand corner of the Newsletter announcement that came to your e-mail inbox.

Alternatively, since the new Paypal $42.00 button is not yet up on  there is a $45.00 button that Minh has already found here  listed as a Group Repatterning session.  I will gladly refund your $3.00 when I see you.

On a personal note, I expected to share an article with you today about my process of re-creating the text of, but I have run out of time. Check  in next week to see about that and there’s a new answer to an old question to be posted that I researched by skypeing with Karine.

That’s all for now.

Sending you each lots of love, light, laughter and much gratitude,