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Great News! Group is Happening September 9th, 2012!

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy to announce that  Carol, Kim, Merrill, Harriet and Gladys have committed to attending Group on Sunday, September 9th at 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

Anyone else who would like to join us is very welcome but you’ll need to let us know you are joining us by Friday, September 7th.

Pre-payment for the session is due by Friday, September 7th.

Until we meet, here are some views of the garden.

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Please enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!

Sending you each much love, light, laughter and gratitude,

What Happened in June 2012 Group

Present in the June Practitioner Skills Development Group were Gladys, Harriet, Lillian, Kim, Merrill and Meryl.

We have one “miraculous” healing to report. As part of the Group’s orientation and entrainment process we did a Group energetic healing circle. Using the heart energy of the Group members as we stood in a circle, we each called out the names of friends, family, and loved ones whom we would want to benefit from the healing energy of the focused Group. We imagined those persons to be in the center of our circle.

Kim shared that her father had just had bypass surgery on five of his arteries and that she was expecting phone calls from her mother in Holland to give her updates on his condition. His heart rate had been erratic and his doctors were considering injecting him with medication for stabilization. The intervention would involve risks.

Immediately after the healing circle concluded Kim received her mother’s phone call. Her mother reported that the doctor was standing with the needle and just about to give the shot when the heart rate indicator suddenly showed that Kim’s father had a normalized heart beat!!!

Who could ask for anything more?

Later, while members were doing sessions with each other, a refinement in the handling of energy constrictions came to light.

When the client is suddenly tearful, upset, laughing, glassy-eyed, overtly reactive or extremely tired, the practitioner muscle checks self first to see if there is an energy constriction, next to see if the energy that is constricted needs to be released at that moment and last to see if the Energy Constriction Release is the preferred modality to release the constriction.

If use of the ECR (Energy Constriction Release) is indicated at that moment, the underlying implication is that the client needs to contain the emotional reactivity ( tears, laughing, etc) by breathing in and out of the nose so that a deeper, more profound level of healing can be accessed through the ECR process.

At times the ECR is not as necessary as nose breathing alone, or taking a pause, drinking water or any other modality used in Resonance Repatterning.

Other times the client just needs to have acknowledgement that they are in a constricted state at that moment and the Repatterning session can continue in its sequence.

What we realized in Group is that practitioners frequently assume that it is better to do something to release the constriction. By doing so a superior, more beneficial clearing will occur for the client and he/she will be “more healed”. This assumption predisposes us to intervene in the event of a client having an energy constriction.

By contrast, if we as practitioners neutralize our bias against the client’s reactivity we open the possibility that the client’s tears, laughter, etc. can produce a release and healing every bit as meaningful, enlightening and energizing as an ECR. This would be so because the use of muscle checking would indicate exactly what the client needs for their greatest healing.

We see once again the importance of practitioners remaining neutral, assumption free and how muscle checking everything is the key in this work.


Our next proposed Group date has been changed from September 30th, 2012 to September 9th, 2012.

Please read the SAVE THE DATE permanent page on this newsletter for updated information on Group dates and procedures.

What Happened in Our First 2012 Practitioner Skills Development Group?

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Once again, you can see in the above photos how blessed Spring is starting to show with new growth and blooms in Central Park.  Even saying the word forsythia is musical and joyful to my heart and soul. ( The photo of the tiny little bright green leaves in the distance I believe are of a forsythia bush). Once again Central Park welcomes bridal parties for photo shoots. This bride and groom were married on Monday March 5th.

On Sunday,  March 4, 2012  we finally had Group. Present were Joie, Harriet, Merrill, Gladys, Paula, Lillian and Minh.

We had a large part of our time devoted to doing sessions with each other.

I shared with the Group some information about a new grounding/orienting process that I learned in a conversation with my friend Karine Bourcart.  The Repatterning Association in Mexico featured Ray Castellino as the keynote presenter in their recent annual conference.

Karine told me that the workshop he presented was the amongst the most impressive work that she has ever experienced. She taught me his grounding process and I have not only been using it personally and with my clients, but I shared it in Group.

Karine said that they used it frequently throughout the workshop to increase their being present and centered as practitioners.

It is very simple. It goes like this

  • Be aware of and bring the energy of Father Sky down into your heart.
  • Be aware of and bring the energy of Mother Earth up from the deepest core of the Earth into your heart
  • Be aware of your spine and the back of your body
  • Be aware of your front side of your body
  • Be aware of the left side of your body
  • Be aware of the right side of your body
  • Be aware  inside your body
  • Be aware of the outside of your body

This simple yet very effective process can be done with eyes open or closed, in an instant when you notice yourself to be off-center or when you are feeling unfocused and/or disoriented.

I personally have been aware of a deeper sense of safety and connectedness as I use this tool.

Thank you Karine and Ray Castellino!

Joie Jacobsen just completed an intensive Brain Gym workshop. As many of you can recall, Brain Gym is  the work of Paul and Gail Dennison. Chloe Wordsworth studied  with the Dennisons  and she acknowledges the tremendous influence it had upon her in creating the Resonance Repatterning .

What Joie shared with us is a sequence of Brain Gym activities named PACE. PACE is an acronym for Positive Action Clear Energetic States/Attitudes and the workbook that Joie got in the course said that PACE establishes familiar boundaries through movement nuclei.

This is how PACE goes. ( in Brain Gym Class all of the movements were done while standing)

  • Drink Water
  • Do Brain Buttons and intuitively determine which hand starts on the navel and which hand is positioned under the collar bones- switch hands intuitively
  • Do Cross Crawls
  • Do Cook’s Hook-ups Part 1
  • Do Cook’s part 2 but instead of doing a Katsugen, you can also do “spider push -ups” ( keeping the finger tips joined, move the fingers in an undulating manner,   in and out), and also you can touch each set of finger tips one at a time.. pinkies, then 4th finger, third fingers, second, thumbs and back the other way.

Here is a u-tube video demo. At the very end it is difficult to see the spider-finger movements but he is doing them.

Joie shared other dimensions she learned in the workshop to add to our use of of the Brain Gym exercise, Visualizing an X on the body by adding the five senses- make the X a color,what is its flavor?texture? aroma? and what sound does it make?

Because Brain Gym work involves the traditional straight arm muscle testing Joie shared with us a great way that their practitioners handle our “arm of steel”  muscle indicator response.

If we have this kind of muscle response with a client or the client shows other kinds of unclear responses so that we think the client might be holding on or trying to control the response, after having the client say the statement, ask them to tell you when to make the contact with their arm by their saying”push”.

When a person says “push” they have to exhale and can not hold their breath which results in a cleaner, clearer indication.

Isn’t that great????

Thank you Joie and Paul and Gail Dennison!!!!

We set up the proposed  dates for 2012 Group and 2012 Skills Development classes. Please look above and see my brand new, hot off the press page (just above the Newsletter header picture of Central Park trees and surrounding buildings)  SAVE THE DATE  for the so far final version of how and when Group and Classes for 2012 are organized.

Finally, we did a Group Repatterning. It was the beautiful The Loving Heart Repatterning; Entrainment with the Universal Heart, written by Joie, Gladys and Carol. It was the first time that Joie and Gladys had experienced receiving a session with their powerful creation.

That’s all for now everyone!

Sending you all love, light, laughter, gratitude and blessings,