What Happened in June 2012 Group

Present in the June Practitioner Skills Development Group were Gladys, Harriet, Lillian, Kim, Merrill and Meryl.

We have one “miraculous” healing to report. As part of the Group’s orientation and entrainment process we did a Group energetic healing circle. Using the heart energy of the Group members as we stood in a circle, we each called out the names of friends, family, and loved ones whom we would want to benefit from the healing energy of the focused Group. We imagined those persons to be in the center of our circle.

Kim shared that her father had just had bypass surgery on five of his arteries and that she was expecting phone calls from her mother in Holland to give her updates on his condition. His heart rate had been erratic and his doctors were considering injecting him with medication for stabilization. The intervention would involve risks.

Immediately after the healing circle concluded Kim received her mother’s phone call. Her mother reported that the doctor was standing with the needle and just about to give the shot when the heart rate indicator suddenly showed that Kim’s father had a normalized heart beat!!!

Who could ask for anything more?

Later, while members were doing sessions with each other, a refinement in the handling of energy constrictions came to light.

When the client is suddenly tearful, upset, laughing, glassy-eyed, overtly reactive or extremely tired, the practitioner muscle checks self first to see if there is an energy constriction, next to see if the energy that is constricted needs to be released at that moment and last to see if the Energy Constriction Release is the preferred modality to release the constriction.

If use of the ECR (Energy Constriction Release) is indicated at that moment, the underlying implication is that the client needs to contain the emotional reactivity ( tears, laughing, etc) by breathing in and out of the nose so that a deeper, more profound level of healing can be accessed through the ECR process.

At times the ECR is not as necessary as nose breathing alone, or taking a pause, drinking water or any other modality used in Resonance Repatterning.

Other times the client just needs to have acknowledgement that they are in a constricted state at that moment and the Repatterning session can continue in its sequence.

What we realized in Group is that practitioners frequently assume that it is better to do something to release the constriction. By doing so a superior, more beneficial clearing will occur for the client and he/she will be “more healed”. This assumption predisposes us to intervene in the event of a client having an energy constriction.

By contrast, if we as practitioners neutralize our bias against the client’s reactivity we open the possibility that the client’s tears, laughter, etc. can produce a release and healing every bit as meaningful, enlightening and energizing as an ECR. This would be so because the use of muscle checking would indicate exactly what the client needs for their greatest healing.

We see once again the importance of practitioners remaining neutral, assumption free and how muscle checking everything is the key in this work.


Our next proposed Group date has been changed from September 30th, 2012 to September 9th, 2012.

Please read the SAVE THE DATE permanent page on this newsletter for updated information on Group dates and procedures.


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