Lee Harris’s June Energy Forecast

This month I managed to get Lee Harris’s insightful energy forecast earlier in the month as compared to last month.

I am so glad that I did because I find the comprehensive perspective about the emergence of feminine energy presented by Lee to be  illuminating and inspiring.

I loved his take- time -to- smell- the- flowers- and -perceive -the -world -you- are- in advice which is so similar to the pause that I use in my life and my work.

I also found the transmission of Zachary”s information interesting.

No matter how many times I read about the Earth changes, Energy changes, Feminine energy emergence and other descriptions of the changes we are experiencing as human and spiritual beings, there is always another kernel of insight engendered.

I found Lee’s underscoring of living life from a heart centered approach very confirming .

I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did.


June Energy Forecast – Loving the Feminine Road Less Travelled

The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without its presence. Yet for so long, the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and attitude on Earth. The feminine represents the felt and unseen. The feminine power is nurture, creativity, intuition, and heart-centred living and loving. In recent years, these qualities and their value have been rising and are increasingly demonstrated in many men and women worldwide.

This month, the lid comes off the volcano where the feminine is concerned. June 5th, the day I finish writing this, is the day of the Venus Transit. The first in 8 years. The suppressed feminine will rain on and through all of us throughout June, and the results will be electrifying and destructive in equal measure, depending on your relationship to masculine and feminine energies in your life.

Experiences will be:

• Speaking your truth (regardless of reactions or disagreement with your words)

• Clearing out anger (ingested from others or suppressed in yourself)

• Recognising the magic, beauty and power of being incarnate, alive, and in the moment

• Grieving for life moments, relationships or loved ones lost (emotional purging for renewal)

• Celebrating the loss of a need for ‘structure’ around your experience of being human

The irony of the gender imbalance and suppression of women that our world has created this past few thousand years is that every single man is born of a woman. The gender war seems almost laughable then, where many men throughout history have chosen to reject the equality of women – their point of birth. It is an act of disconnection and fear of inequality, both of which are rooted in unconsciousness and shadow. Yet the ways that women and feminine energy have been suppressed and subjugated in our society is anything but laughable.

The tide has turned now, and this month sees the rise of the feminine in all it’s glory and fury. This will deeply affect the experiences around male and female energy in all of us, to subtle or great degrees, depending on your own personal balance and place on the scale. Reading the following paragraphs, you may apply the ‘energy’ analogies to yourself or those around you, but don’t see this as ‘gender’ I am referring to, for that would be misleading. Remember, there are many men who are deeply rooted in the feminine and many women who exist dominantly in their male energy. But at a societal level, we have been male-energy led for a very, very long time.

The ‘old’ male energy is currently lost in its leadership on Earth, which is why many men (and women who lead with their male side) are bewildered, burnt-out and direction-less within a male energy engineered society which is currently reaching an inevitable point of collapse.

So if you are trying to make the ‘old structure’ work in your life using male energy (seeking external ‘success’, achievement, society position, accumulation of wealth or materialism) you will likely be in great suffering or frustration right now. For these ways are exactly that – old. The male shadow energy can also be found in competition with others, or comparison with others. Comparison is of course an illusion, as we cannot be anything than ourselves, and we are all connected. But the inner wound which can drive this illusion comes from fear of survival, thus the need to fight or take from another in order to survive.

So be aware of others unconsciously burning off these fragments around you, as some will be fighting their way through this ‘power struggle’ in themselves throughout June.

Or if any of these thoughts or feelings arise in you, ask yourself if you too are burning off the male shadow in yourself, as part of your opening process. If this reveals itself to you, do not be afraid if you see it, but consciously bring in some feminine energy, and you will balance.

The way to do this is nurture yourself, stop achieving, stop trying to control, and don’t attempt to remove emotional discomfort through displacement action or organisation. STOP. Just sit with the discomfort for a moment and allow it to be present and invite it to move through you.

There is a great grace and heart energy coming into our world in June, which will allow the emotional movements to be fast and deep if you are willing to let them go. Conversely, if you resist or insist on sticking to ‘the story’ of your pain or suffering, things will feel chronic to you until you start to feel rather than ‘think’ your way through.

So invite the growth of the feminine to become your new way. Start taking moments to slow down, stop, and take in what is going on around you more. Even now, as you read this, stop, look out of your window at a tree, or a person nearby, a picture on the wall. Just take a moment to practise stopping and come back to your senses of the world around you, outside where you are placing your focus right now. This is the feminine in action – sensory, feeling, and perceptive.

In surrendering to feeling more and more, and just allowing each moment to exist in you, you are surrendering to the inner flush of the old and ingested masculine drive.

One metaphor for this drive is that in your male energy you have been driving along a tarmac road, always happy when driving to your destination, but less comfortable when you arrive and have to stop. We have now run out of tarmac road in our world, so it is time to allow the feminine driver in you to emerge, whether you are man or woman. This way of driving will involve getting off the usual track and seeing instead what is to your left and right – the wide open grasslands that are the feminine roads less travelled. The spaces you hadn’t before seen which are fertile for you to plant new seeds of life within.

The rise in feminine energy will beautifully and abundantly support heart and community-centred growth this month. Community building, and heart centred actions will flow easily, and you will find yourself connecting quickly with others who are also in this flow. Energy shared with others multiplies within you, so stay open, get eye contact with those who are willing and open to meet your gaze with heart. Be present. Allow love through the eyes as often as you dare. Both giving and receiving.

Have gratitude for the feminine you have already experienced on Earth, as this way you celebrate what you are inviting. You may wish to thank your mother and your father for their feminine nurture of you. You may wish to thank our Earth, who holds and carries us. Also thank yourself, and the feminine in you which leads you everyday, nurturing you, loving you, supporting your life on Earth.

Finally, love the divine masculine within you. Do not reject any wounded parts of your male energy or the wounds you see in the male elsewhere. The healing of all sides of us is always possible, as rejection of any part of you simply creates further wounding. Compassion and openness for healing are vital energies. As an Energy Master of yourself, this is why learning how to be in your centre is so vital. For then you are not knocked or engaged by the wounded behaviours of others. But can be a silent, compassionate observer of their process and an advocate of positive, heart-centred action in the world.

The Divine masculine and feminine in each of us is rising to create a more heartfelt way of being and living in unity with our planet and each other. We simply need to invite and allow the process.

The life of the soul is infinite.

The life of the human, is momentary.

Enjoy the moments and trust that what arises in you as each moment occurs, will also, move. Just as the mother who births the infant knows that one day, that infant will be grown.

Message from Zachary:

There is a great balancing taking place on Earth, before your people and planet move into the next level of life and evolution. The importance of this year, 2012, is often spoken of, but we say to you it is 2012-2015 which will shape the immediate future of Earth and your people, and in many ways your perception of ‘2012’ energy began as early as 2008.

The offering of this time for more people on your planet than in the last few thousand years, is a leap opportunity where many at one time will be able to wake up to the cosmic mystery of the energy of life, which until now on Earth has been heavily veiled for the mass.

 Many of you have been aware of this rising intensity (‘the quickening’) since the leap points in 2001, 2003 and 2007 which accelerated the evolution of linear time and physical matter, and in response, the experience of being human.
 As human bodies, you are physically ‘following’ this curve of planetary evolution rather than leading it. As souls, you are aware of all aspects of what is occurring and very ‘in the moment’ with your process.

 So, rather than being in ‘the quickening’ as some of you knew it, you can see yourselves as in ‘the happening’. You will move through this time with the most grace if you attend to working with your body and your consciousness in equal measure. Balance the body and its consciousness as much as possible. For balance will be hard to maintain during the rising geomagnetic intensity you are experiencing, so extra diligence and new approaches will be required with these physical vehicles of yours.

 Many of you wish to know what is coming, and feel fear around this. Yet ask yourself what is this fear? Why is the fear of ‘what is future’ so great that you are anxiously focusing on the future and forgetting ‘what is now’. In fact the fear is of ‘now’. So get in touch with, and befriend the fear in your body in the now, so that you are once more clear and open to everything and prepared in yourself for anything. Catch the parts of you still living in the old story of physical survival. You are more than physical. You have always been more than physical. And if you deny this part of yourself, you deny the truth of what is occurring in this stage of 2012. Resistance to what you experience within your body emotionally will only lead to struggle and prolonged suffering. Willingness to live internally, and allow the external to shape itself around you according to that, will provide the most illuminating moments.

The balance of the feminine is a power balance. The full power of the human has been suppressed and denied for as long as this imbalance has existed. Even in those already developed in the feminine, even greater power (of seeing, of feeling and of creating) will now be released into the feminine within you. This is due to the shift taking place in individual consciousnesses and then, politically and culturally around the globe. For politics and culture, also ‘follow’ the curve of planetary evolution, with politics being the slowest to change and having the strongest resistance currently. Politics is a wonderful marker of human resistance to change. It shows you where the ‘weight’ is heaviest. In most countries worldwide, it is still dominated by male ‘old’ energy, so be conscious that this is what you are focusing on when politics frustrates you.

So when your ‘story’ about yourself, your life, your politics, or even 2012, becomes tight or constricted in you, remember that to release the limited definition of the story in your mind is to release the internal struggle in the body and the emotions. Thus freeing yourself back into the width of the universal matrix.

And remember that you are not alone, that the Earth is her own being, and that this, is a very big universe.


I open to the feminine within me, and I invite balance into my energy field.

I open to the feminine outside of me, and with new eyes, I see and feel its presence, everywhere.

I open to meet the heart of the world through the heart of myself.

In love and in peace to all



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