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Newsflashes for Group and another note

SAVE THE DATE: Newsflashes for Group – All Are Welcome!

  • Our first 2012 proposed Group date is Sunday March 4th, 2012.
  • The new starting time is- 12:30 and Group will end  at 4:30.
  • Attendance in the full four hours will give you: 4  CEU’s  of Practitioner Skills Development; an opportunity to receive &  give sessions; certification requirement work opportunities;  the possibility of a group repatterning; support/love and knowledge from the Repatterning community in NYC; information for your practice; the opportunity for transformation.
  • The new energy exchange/investment rate is $42.00.
  • Here’s how it will work. If this is a date that would work for you, leave a comment here Now.
  • If you could only do the following Sunday 3/11/12, leave that comment Now.
  • Next week I will post whether March 4th will be the actual proposed date.
  • Assuming that it is, you will need to post another comment here by Thursday February 8th to commit to attending the group three weeks later.
  • If there are four people who commit to coming on the proposed date by leaving their  comment here by Thursday Feb 8th, on Friday February 9th I will announce that Group will take place three weeks later.
  • In order to attend this Group, you need to commit by stating so here as a reply. Your non-refundable payment in the form of a check or Pay Pal will be due Monday, February 13th. ( I will be updating the paypal button on http://www.beyourbliss.info before then)

This is as clear as I can get so far so please leave me feedback and let’s see how this works!

The Other Note:

There are new Intentions to energize you and to be energized by you on the Love From NYC.  Stop by this page by finding the tab on the top of the Newsletter.

Sending you each love, light, laughter and sharing my excitement about the Practitioner Skills Development full day class that will be happening this Sunday! Yay!!!!!