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Holiday Feasts and From the Repatterning Practitioners Association- An Announcement

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The past week was especially busy for me as I prepared a Passover sedar for my family and friends for the first of the eight nights of  Passover.

Every year, in the Fall, on the first night of the Jewish New Year celebration Rosh Hashonah, and in the Spring, on the first night of Passover I am really happy to host the traditional Jewish feasts.

I cook for days as I like to take my time to prepare the traditional food recipes of my mother, my grandmother, my aunts and even some of my own adapted recipes from famous Jewish food cooks.

What I have noticed is that even though I have been preparing the same dishes since 1994, the process of cooking and dressing up my table and house for the occasions has not only gotten easier but the food gets better and better.

This year there was not a single glitch to the process. For example, when I make my Passover sponge cake every year the recipe says the baking time is between 60-70 minutes as determined by when a tooth pick comes out clean after insertion into the cake.

Every year I start at 60 minutes and have to check the cake at least twice before it is finally done. This year it was just plain done at 60 minutes!

The whole meal was cooked with this kind of flow- and that has never happened before.

So this was a big sign to me that the shift is really happening in my life- and boy were my guests pleased!

It also might have helped  that while I was cooking I was listening to some of the Repatternings of my Repatterning Practitioners Association colleagues.

I found that I experienced definite energy changes and content was cleared for me in all of the Repatternings that I participated in from the Repatterning World Summit.

Here is an announcement that hopefully will interest you from the Association.

I hope that you are able to take advantage of the offer.

Sending you all love, light, laughter and so much gratitude,

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM3-31-2011-7.46.12 PM

We have decided to extend the Repatterning World Summit to March 31st!
This means you will be able to listen to the recordings of all the sessions until March 31st!
All these wonderful sessions, available for free, to listen as often as you like, for an extra full week!
Share The News
Who do you know who would like to change some area of their life?
Please send them the link below and invite them to register for the Summit:
They will be able to attend all these wonderful sessions, for free, until March 31st!
If there are any sessions you did not have a chance to attend, please check them out next week.
Enjoy all the great sessions!

From the Repatterning Practitioners Association-

Don Giberson, Coordinator of the Repatterning World Summit