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Speaking From My Heart- Nourishing My Soul

The energetic transformations that so many of us are experiencing and that Patricia Cota-Robles so masterfully addresses are not once removed news items for me.

I have been experiencing profound shifts and readjustments that have been intensifying steadily. This is especially since I had my first Virtual retreat with Mark Silver www.theheartof business.com  in November 2010.

On a physical level my body has been streamlining and strengthening. With the support of pilates, walking, the services of my gifted massage therapist  Erzsebet Foldi, doing lymphatic massage with me,  with my wonderful holistic internist, Dr. Dana Cohen www.drdanacohen.com  and my new chiropractors , both Dr. Frank Gilbert and  Dr. Eric  Uuksulainen at  the Gilbert Chiropractic www.gilbertchiropractic.com  I am enjoying a new burst of vitality, alignment and groundedness.

On emotional and spiritual levels I am feeling greater connectedness to God and experiencing, with bittersweetness , a letting go that is deep and profound. I have been feeling like I am in the rabbit hole that Alice in Wonderland found and I am waiting to see where I will land.

With great conviction I know that all I am experiencing in terms of my paring down to essentials in all aspects of myself and my life , is but preparation for the next phase of my life.  After repeatedly trying to energize old projects and begin new ones I have come to the conclusion that at the present moment my job is to let go of all that stands in the way of my simply Being.

My job is to stand in my power simply by being an open-hearted human female. My power and worth is not through what I do, practice and  know. Neither is my power through how I think I serve God and other people.

Of course I have known that aspiring to a state of just Being while conducting my life in the world is the key to being in the flow and Grace of life.  I have been practicing to deeply have Being the foundation of my life for such a long time but something has shifted within me that now makes it imperative that I simply make this so for myself.

Those who are familiar with the values of the Metal element and the release that is appropriate in the Autumn season will appreciate the perfection of my process coinciding with our earth’s seasons.

The point of this lengthy disclosure is that at this time I am very conscious about nurturing and inspiring myself these days so I can continue to be of some use to others and myself. Of course I continue to use my Resonance Repatterning tools both with self sessions and through regular sessions with other practitioners. Where would I be without it?

Last night I went to the New York Public Library because I just knew that I had to hear and see Harry Belafonte being interviewed. This advance notice of the event will describe the context of the evening.

I was truly moved by the eloquence, humility, intelligence and humor that Harry Belafonte embodies.

The man who moved my heart did so because his light shone so brightly. His spiritual magnificence is thoroughly integrated into his life by his conscious life purpose of fighting injustice every day.

I bought his book to fuel my being inspired, to help me sing my song. I shook his hand and told him how moved I was by his interview. I felt his sincerity as he thanked me, shook my outstretched hand and looked in my eyes.

It was a great moment, a great night and today I luxuriated in readying his book for a wonderfully long time.  I feel fortified.

Thank you Harry, Paul Holdengraber  and the New York Public Library!