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My Summer 2013 Garden

As many of you know, one of my great passions is creating, re-creating and tending to my container garden on my balcony.

Every year the garden is different than the one before and once planted the members of my potted community are continually changing.

Overall, I seem to increase the number of containers and because in the past two years I have begun incorporating more large plants, the space that the garden takes up on the balcony has really increased.

This year it looks like I can’t put my lounging chair out for a quiet afternoon read without moving a whole bunch of plants! The predominance of colors change from year to year, month to month as well.

Two weeks ago the garden had more yellow plants flowering than I have ever had before. I particularly love to use yellow orange, golden  plants to contrast with pink, magenta, violet and blue blossoms.  They really do not want to be in the garden this year as at least five different ones have perished!

I love to maintain the beauty of the plants by taking off the dead blooms ( dead- heading) and I do this as often as I can. I do not love my battles with large, small, green and/or brown caterpillars who hide themselves so perfectly in the stems and foliage of the plants.

Equally annoying are the white, green, or brown aphids who also love to munch away on my plants. Spider mites are miniscule red moving dots and this year a bright green grasshopper ate holes in  the large leaves of one of my flowering maples. I’ve only seen one slug this year too.

But of all with whom I do battle  my very least favorite foe are the white flies who love the stickiness of my petunias and who generally will go anywhere in my garden.  They are the most difficult to extricate once ensconced!

Add to the mix the varying conditions of temperature, humidity, and the life spans of the anual plants, there is good reason why the garden always requires throwing out the dead plants and finding new ones to replace them.

This first slide show  of seven pictures contains the newly revamped garden on July 17th.

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In this  next set of pictures ( which starts with the yellow with orange center exotic impatiens plant)  which were taken August 1st you can already see the  changes.

I hope that the two sets of pictures do not combine and that  you enjoy my little piece of paradise!

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It’s Restaurant Week in New York City

As some of you know I was employed by the New York City Department of Education for over thirty -two years first as a teacher and later as a social worker.

My final stint lasted fourteen years in one school where I literally had five different jobs simultaneously. Primarily, I was the person who was responsible to provide regularly scheduled counseling sessions to individuals and groups of children who were mandated to receive this service. I worked with over sixty children a week and some of these children were seen more than once a week.

In addition to that job, I was the person who: reported all suspicions of child abuse or neglect and interfaced with the appropriate authorities and agencies; monitored the attendance of all the children in the school and worked with parents and authorities to prevent/handle educational neglect; provided staff development training about child abuse and maltreatment; worked with parents and informed them of their rights when I submitted teacher referrals for their child to receive special education evaluations; ran weekly pupil personnel committee meetings;  provided “safe kids” training to each of the kindergarten classes.

Needless to say, lunch usually meant a fifteen minute break and the return to tasks at hand.

When I retired from the job one of my greatest pleasures was to have lunch out in a lovely restaurant in the city with one of my fellow retirees. For several years every month we enjoyed the Prix Fixe luncheons in some of the lovliest and elegant restaurants.

Over the years the monthly luncheon was replaced by monthly visits with my dear friend. We’d sometimes have extra nice lunches but going to the fancy restaurants to celebrate our liberation from our former school building was no longer important.

To celebrate my December birthday, this week we decided to return to Le Cirque,  http://www.lecirque.com

This was our third visit to the “new” Le Cirque ( it moved and completely changed its appearance in the new venue). Sitting in a decorated, comfortable room with delicious, beautifully presented food is very relaxing and luxurious.

Our waiter, Julio, provided great service and the two and a half hours we were there was simply a delight.

Here is a slideshow of my luncheon at Le Cirque.  I hope that you enjoy my pictures of the menu, the room, the building it is housed in, the plates, flowers and food.

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Leftovers and 2013 New Possibilities

As I begin the newsletter for the first week in 2013 there are leftovers from the holidays that I wanted to share with you.

Here are a few pictures of Manhattan houses, the holiday tree in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Empire State Building lit up for Christmas that are still dressed for the holidays.

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The New Possibilities for 2013 are possible dates for our 2013 Group and Practitioner Skills development Days.

Please let me know by next week if any of these dates are impossible for you so that I can list the proposed dates on the Save The Date Page next week.

Here are my tentative proposed dates for Group 2013

  • March 3rd-            12:45-4:45pm
  • June 2nd                12:45-4:45pm
  • September 22nd  12:45-4:45pm
  • December 1st        12:45-4:45pm

So far, my proposed date for Practitioners Skills Development Day- is

  • March 2nd           time TBA

May this new year bring you renewed vitality, resiliency, joy, prosperity, good health, good fortune and blessings everyday.