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What Happened In Group in May and A Last Chance Offer

Hi Everyone!

The last chance offer is about the opportunity to register today, Friday May 20th, for the June 10-13th Chakra-Meridian seminars with Karine Bourcart. Late this afternoon book orders will be placed.

Present in Group last Sunday were Gladys, Harriet, Minh, Shyama and Merrill. Beth, Joie, Carol, Clare, Sarah, and Kim were all proxied in.

We started with a practice session. Next we did a group Repatterning and at the end  Minh successfully demonstrated her ability to use Orientation with a client.

The Sound Frequency Repatterning, from Chloe Wordsworth’s Transforming Chakra Patterns was infused with similarly themed problems.

We cleared resonance with:

“I do not make money and earn my potential.”

“I’m confused about which modalities to persue for my professional life.”

“My income is lower and I feel financial pressure”

“I am fearful that my savings will disappear”

”My appetite is out of control and there is nothing I can do about it”

One of the Group member’s birthdays, along with the birthdays of her parents, was muscle checked to be the best proxy for the Group. Our disharmonious note of E was reciprocal by light to our mother’s birthday note, which meant that the issues described in the problem statements had a direct relationship to our mothers and in fact we inherited both the issue and the frequency pattern, from our mothers because they were her issues.

The coherent qualities of the note E that we now resonate with are “I am a natural healer” , “I take the risk to go for what is most important to me” ( the latter relates to oxygenation and the lungs) and the non-coherent one that was cleared was “I am arrogant”

We now resonate with Theta brainwaves in the medulla oblongatas of our Reptillian brains.

The non-coherent correlation with the thoracic vertebrae #8  that was cleared was “ Others are better than I am”.

Disharmony in our lungs related to our respiratory systems was cleared.

We now resonate with the correlation of the 5th harmonic interval of a major 3rd, which is that “I am supported, guided and protected” .

Our healing modality was that half of us sang the lower note of E, while the other half sang  the note of A while using the vowel sound of “ah”. This was an interval called a fourth ( the notes were 5 half tones separated from each other)

Our next Group is June 5th, 2011 and please change your calendar as our July Group has been cancelled.

I hope to see you soon!


An Offering

The Transforming Chakra Patterns and The Five Element and Meridians Resonance Repatterning seminars are being offered as a four day intensive June 10 through June 13th, 2011.

Karine Bourcourt and I are offering students the opportunity to study these last two of the basic Resonance Repatterning seminars with two experienced teachers present.

Although this is the third year that Karine has joined my New York City basic six seminar series, there is no guarantee that we will continue to do this in the future.

If you have been thinking about completing your basic Resonance Repatterning training or if you feel that you’d like to get a deeper understanding of the material as a re-taker, seize the moment.

Registration for both seminars must be completed with Meryl by Thursday, May 19th, 2011 so that orders for the books can be placed.

We hope that this year is the year you join us.