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Reminder- Group is This Week- Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just a quick reminder that Group is happening this week- 12:30-4:30pm on Sunday December 2, 2012..

If you haven’t  RSVP’d and  you want to jump in and join us all RR students and practitioners are welcome. Just let me know by Saturday that you’ll be with us if you have not already done so.

For anyone who can’t make it but want to be proxied in to the Group Repatterning, please look at the tab above this page, the  “SAVE THE DATE” page, to learn more about this possibility and how you can participate.

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!  Bring your 2013 calendars please!

With love, light, blessings and so much gratitude,

Reminder- Group is Happening Sunday June 3, 2012- 12:30-4:30pm

Hi Everyone,

The picture above is of the rather large Mimulus that surprised me when I went out to my garden yesterday morning. I had never seen a mimulus quite like the color of this beauty.

This is reminder to all that Group is going to happen on Sunday, June 3rd 12:30-4:30 pm.  For those attending, please bring your class cards so that I can sign for your CEU’s.

Group News

I am delighted to announce that a few weeks ago I signed  Carol Cannon’s official recommendation for her to be a Certified RR Practitioner. All that she needs to do is send her paperwork to the RPA Certification Board for them to approve the recommendation. Yay Carol!!!!!

Other news is that Group member Beth Polito  moved to LA  last week. She will be continuing her Lunation Proxy Group as well as her private Energy Healing practice from there.  You can connect with her by her usual cell phone number and e-mail address. We certainly will miss you Beth and we wish you a fabulous new phase of your life.

The next proposed Group date in September will be rescheduled after input from the actual Group this week.  Please take a look at SAVE THE DATE at the end of next week to see what it will be.

New Group Rule

Anyone who would like to proxied in to the Group Repatterning that I do with the Group is welcome to join in.   All you need to do is send me a list of issues or intentions that you’d like me to include- or not.

If you are reading this after the session, you can retro-intend that you were part of it and receive the full benefit  by reading the notes I will send you.

After Group and my receipt of your payment I will send the notes to you by e-mail.  The investment  is $45. and you can pay with Paypal  scrolling to here:

Fees for Energy Healing Sessions

on this linked page of my website.  http://www.beyourbliss.info/fees-insurance.html 

Tutorial Observations

As many of you already know, Michelle Bongiorno is in the process of organizing a special non-seminar, but CEU eligible weekend with Chloe Wordsworth on June 15-17th ,2012, in Goshen, NY  for all who have ever taken even one HR/RR seminar.

As an RPA Designated Observer I will be available for  Student Practitioners who would like to receive tutorial observations on Friday afternoon, June 15th before the evening activity that is the start of  the weekend.

Those who are interested need to contact me directly to make our final arrangements by Friday June 8th.

That’s all for now. See you all soon.

With love, light, blessings, laughter and gratitude,

What Happened in Group October 2nd, 2011

Present in Group were Meryl, Harriet, Beth and Gladys. The Unresolved Past Communications Repatterning was done but only the Group members present were muscle checked to be involved.

The second part of the work allowed Joie, Paula, Carol, Merrill and Kim to be proxied in as well.

Please go to the Love From NYC page of this blog to see the Intentions that were energized.