A Question about the Earlier Experience Repatterning

Dear Meryl,

In the Transforming Unconscious Patterns book, the Earlier Experience Repatterning done with me by Kim yesterday, something came up that I want to change in my book so that it doesn’t happen when I do the Repatterning.

Problem (P. 92 F.)  “Does the mother • father need to say the statement to the client”?

Statement (big 5 little 7) “I love you even when we differ I love growing with you.”

When “Father” was what came up in the muscle check I said that I didn’t have a father. Mother was absent too. She wasn’t part of my life.

Therefore it would have to be “other” which was my guardian.

If the practitioner insists on saying that father was stating it, it could be interpreted as a lie and then Resonance Repatterning’s integrity is in question.

Solution I want to write in “other” or “guardian”.

This came up in a Repatterning I did a long time ago when I muscle checked and got “mother” and the client said her mother wasn’t alive then. It also applies to when some mothers adopt the baby out if they don’t want them.

Love, Marelisa

This is a great question Marelisa, thank you.

Think of it this way, if a person doesn’t have either parent, the Repatterning work can actually put into place energetically something that was missed.

Analogously, it’s just like when we “insert” resonance with a specific brain wave in a specific area of the brain that didn’t have information at all about that specific brain wave energy.

In your example, the practitioner, standing in for either a mother or a father, is delivering the needed message that was never received from the missing parent. The process and the modality ensure that the person now resonates with something that was previously absent from their data base.


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