A Reminder and October/November Group News

Reminder- Group is this Sunday,  December 5th.

Please comment below to let us all know whether or not we should expect you.

If you are not able to join us and you want to be proxied in for any Group Repatterning you need to give permission in your comment below.

Group News

In October Group we planned our dates for 2011.

They are January 9th,  February 27th, March 20th, April10th, May 15th, June5th, July17th, August 14th, September TBA, October 2nd, November 6th and December 4th.

We had a Practitioner Skills Development Day on October 23rd. It was attended by Group members, Harriet Greenbaum, Kim Meijer and Richard Perrin.  Richard successfully completed his Certification work and was officially approved by the Certification Board on October 25th. Congratulations Richard!

In November Group, while we planned our work for the day in the beginning of our time together, I muscle checked for the Group that we needed a group Repatterning to deal with some of the Health Issues that Group members were experiencing. I also needed to do a proxy session for a friend of mine who was told that he could expect to live only a few more weeks after his battle with cancer. I couldn’t think of a more powerful way to do my friend’s session than to include him in our Group’s session, with the permission of the Group members present.

During break I noticed that one of my students, A, had e-mailed me and asked if she could be proxied in to any health Repatterning that anyone was doing in Group!

The group Repatterning was so intense that I feel it might be valuable to describe it here. It involved a problem- all of our health issues came up-the situation involving imminent death was primary- the feeling was of being scared-part of us didn’t want to move- being in shock over our death sentence was curiously the shock that was primary for all of us.

In the Health Repatterning, from Carin Block’s Family Systems II, the primary illness we were facing was “being given a death sentence for my body” and it was related anger we deny.

Highlights of what we ended up resonating with are: I allow myself to move; I have complete courage and faith- no matter what; I am perfect in the eyes of God and in the world. I am the light and I shine the Light; I learn to have courage and total faith, which I have; I choose to love and enjoy myself.

Our positive action was to know that it would take three days for this work to be integrated fully into our systems.

After everyone went home I received the following message from A.

“Let me tell you a story.  I was on a new-ish drug for nerve pain.  It’s a bad drug.  Side effects like blurry vision leading to blindness, weight gain, suicidal ideation.  I came off it yesterday because I my vision was so bad I couldn’t see even with my glasses and I gained 10 pounds in 1.5 weeks.

Today was the first time in my life I seriously thought I would have to be committed for my own safety’s sake as well as those around me.  I was suicidal AND homicidal.  I did things, said things, that I would never have imagined I could even do.  I was frightened.

I took some of the pain meds I know work for me (even though they’re narcotics) and when I woke up, decided to go to my mother’s with the rest of my family.  After eating, I felt a wave of tiredness come over me that I couldn’t tolerate.  I curled up in my mother’s bed and slept for 2 hours, despite the noise around me.

I am now more centered.  And while I’m in pain, my attitude is this: tomorrow I have an appt with a Neurosurgeon.  I’ll tell him about the drug.  After the appt, I’ll call the Spine Surgeon and talk to him as well.  And then all I have to get through one week until my next appt with the Spine Surgeon when we’ll make a decision about the course of treatment.  All I have to do is get through one week.

Meryl, this change in thinking is profound.  I can’t even tell you how much so.  You have to realize – for me to be wondering who to call, where to go, so that I would not hurt myself or others….with a preschool child in the house being there all alone (hubby was out for a few hours this morning)….was serious like a heart attack.

Now, the fact that I am coping?  Sure, it’s a barely just hanging on coping, but I am COPING.  There must have been some big energy changes in that session.  I cannot thank you and the other practitioners enough.  This might seem like a little tale for some, but for me it was honestly life changing.  Thank you.

With love and a deep respect for the work you’re doing,

Other Group Member’s news– Certified Practitioner Gladys Murphy has moved into a great new office in the Seasonal Health and Wellness Centre and Apothecary, Hoboken, New Jersey. Wishing you lots of Success and Joy in your new venture Gladys!

See you all on Sunday December 5th!!

With Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude,



5 responses to “A Reminder and October/November Group News

  1. I’m so looking forward to this, our last group of 2010. Thanks for putting this beautiful platform together for us Meryl.

  2. This work never ceases to amaze me, Meryl! What a beautiful testimonial you included. Thank you for sharing and in all you do. I think your new blog format will help you to connect in a bigger way–and I find it easy to use and organized.

    I will not be able to attend on Sunday, but please include me by intention for all Group work that you do and know that I am there in spirit.


    • Thank you for your kind words Donna. I am so glad that you find the blog easy to use.
      You will be proxied in for any group work that we do.

      It will be great to see you whenever you are able to join us for group.

      Sending you love,

  3. I will absolutely be there on Sunday. I am so looking forward to it 🙂 Love the new format, Mer. It’s exciting!!
    Love, Beth

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