Reminder- RSVP here for Group on Sunday

Please RSVP here by posting a comment as to whether or not you will be attending Group this week.

Group Members News

Certified Practitioner Joie Jacobsen continues to facilitate The 100 Days of Prosperity Repatterning Proxy Group. I can personally say, as a member of the group, that I am definitely seeing  positive results. Today is Day 57 and anyone can join in at any time and still receive the full benefits of all that has come before. Contact Joie at

Certified Practitioner Beth Polito writes:

“Happy December!  We are well into the holiday season, and we all know that the holidays often have a way of “bringing our stuff up.”  Why not give yourself the gift of a little extra support, grounding energy, and the opportunity to clear those patterns and blocks?

Join our Repatterning Proxy Group!  This Sun Dec 5th is a New Moon and begins another cycle of our Lunation Proxy Group.  Join us for this 28 day cycle that includes 4 Resonance Repatterning sessions .  We combine the specific energies of the phases of the moon with the power of Resonance Repatterning.

I would be so honored to have you join us.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Much love and Many Blessings!
Beth Polito

I am also an ongoing member of the Lunation Proxy Group and I am always gratified to find that even when I don’t get a chance to put in my own Intentions for the week, the session notes always reflect exactly what I would have contributed.


5 responses to “Reminder- RSVP here for Group on Sunday

  1. Am expecting to be there, faithful leader!

  2. Sorry to miss out. My brother is visiting for a short trip.
    I will be there in spirit.
    Lots of Love

  3. Thank you Meryl. I’m so grateful for your support. We’ve all been experiencing some amazing shifts during this process.

  4. I am thrilled to say that I will be coming to group this Sunday!

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