How I Nourish Myself and My Practice

Since July I have found two sources of support for my business that are not only nourishing, but they have allowed me to generate even more energy and excitement for my work than I have had recently.

I have never considered myself a business person, so putting together a vision and plan for my work to attract the best people that match my skills was not my strong point. I have been working with Carolyn Winter ( My oracle and business coach) to take the plunge and learn to use the new tools that support my business Intentions. My updated website and this blog is the first result,( even though it is clearly a work in progress). Carolyn has many ongoing and new programs to offer Practitioners in developing their practices. One way to contact her is through her blog

You’ll be so glad that you did contact her.

Another very profound way that I have found to nourish myself in my private practice especially is through the work of Mark Silver. His business is called the Heart of Business. When you subscribe to his blog you can get his free download called Getting to the Core of Your Business. I have found the process presented in this download, The Remembrance process,   to be incredibly nourishing to my heart and my work. More about his work and my experiences with Mark at a later time.


One response to “How I Nourish Myself and My Practice

  1. Meryl – thank you so much for your kind words. I love what you have created here for the Resonance Repatterning community. Those that know you – know you are all about community anyway, but bringing the discussion here – invites the rest of the world to be equally at home.

    So glad to see you leading the way with your blog.

    Carolyn W

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