Another Tool to Nourish Myself and My Practice

I am continuing to use Mark Silver’s Rembrance process as many times a day as I can.  Last week I introduced his work and gave a little  information about how his business www.heartof is enriching my life and my work.

This week I have added to that technique a new, very easy process to ground myself more deeply to the earth than I have been before. All I do is imagine my symbol that energetically anchors me to my tenth chakra and I recall it right after I open my heart more with the Remembrance process.

You can learn about how to discover your own tenth chakra symbol by reading the article What Happened in December Group in this week’s Newsletter.

I have been sharing this new tool whenever I muscle check it to be appropriate with my clients this week and not surprisingly many of the issues and Repatternings done this week  related to this material.

Personally, I have found using my symbol to connect me to my tenth chakra to be as if Mother Earth is feeding me pure sustaining nutrients. In a difficult situation this week I opened my heart and recalled my new symbol. Obstacles to clear communication seemed to disappear and peace was easily restored in the relationship.

Try it.. I bet you’ll like it. Then  please tell us all about it right here!


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