What Happened in our December Group

Our Group this week was attended by me and Certified Practitioners Beth Polito, Joie Jacobsen and Gladys Murphy.

As you can see it was an unusually small group and we used the time to talk about our individual practices including,  Joie’s and Beth’s separate proxy Repatterning  Groups.

In Joie’s 100 Days of Prosperity  group this past week she was lead to use information from Cyndi Dale’s The Complete Book of Chakra Healing about  the Tenth Chakra.

In Group we did a Repatterning, which included Intentions that reflected how we want to embody the positive qualities of the tenth chakra, the grounding chakra.

Our healing modality was a visualization that I was inspired to use that not only connected us to our tenth chakra, but lead us first  to discover where ours were exactly located ( somewhere between one and a half feet to four feet under our feet).

Next to experience the deep grounding of the chakra, we imagined ourselves as miniature versions of our adult selves.  We immersed ourselves in the energy of this chakra  so that its energy was like a security blanket around each of us.

Finally we were each called to create an abstract symbol that would anchor us each  to our Tenth Chakra and serve to instantly connect us to its depths and energy whenever we bring the symbol into our thoughts.

More concrete information for you about this chakra is in this week’s newsletter in the Book review and the Private Practice notes articles.

For the  rest of our Group time,  we had a mini party by just socializing with each other and enjoying holiday some goodies!


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