Questions from RR Student Michelle Sims

” I have some questions about RR. I think I asked this before, but it happened again.  I was working on my sister the other day and the muscle checking was not working.

She was “off” when she was supposed to be “on” and vice versa every time I checked her statements.  I tried the umbilical, when that did not work, we’d go to “is there a message here.”

It happened so many times!  It took us an hour and a half to get through just the Parental Repatterning!  It was frustrating for both of us.

It sounds like she was “switched”. I often find that  doing cross crawls,  or  using gobblygooks or some of the muscle checking intentions ( after  the Daily Empowerment Intentions in TUPs) would be helpful.

Also the orientation statement ” I am 100% committed to receiving benefit from (this session.. this practitioner… RR )” might be useful.

And, since she is your sister and obstacles to the sessions seem to be a pattern, why not try doing a session on yourself  before  your session with her to make sure that you are really clear of any  unconscious dynamics in your relationship with her as practitioner that might be interfering..”

Also, Tim and I were wondering if after the initial 6 classes, can we start working on others and charging?  Or do we have to be totally certified prior to that?

We both remembered there used to be student practitioners listed on the RR website and now there are only the certified or licensed ones.  What happened?

If you feel that your work is fluent enough and you have done the Repatternings on yourself  more than once, you can charge clients for sessions.

You must use the Clients Rights  form with each client and inform them that you are a student who has completed the six basic courses and that you are working towards Certification.

You can use the term Student Practitioner once you have officially gone to the RPA, paid your dues and declared that you are working toward Certification.

You can not use the logo or advertise as a practitioner without certification. You can use “Student Practitioner” on your website once you are one.

I’m happy to add that the RPA has approved listing Student Practitioners again on the website. The new listings should appear soon.

Thank you Michelle for these questions. Please keep them coming!

With love to you and Tim and Hera and your new little one,



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