Revised Fee Structure for 2011 Seminar Series

Mercury IS retrograde and I really experienced it yesterday when a prospective student called me. She asked  me if it was really so that a person who signs up for the 2011 Basic Six series on the Elective Program pays a lot less than those who sign up immediately for the whole series (the Seminar Certificate Program)!

Anyone who really knows me has seen that I am numerically challenged. Numbers just don’t seem to stick in my head and I reverse them all the time.

So, imagine my dismay when I saw that everything on the website had been done wrong and that it had all  been up there since September. I did some tenth chakra grounding, did the Remembrance process and then…. I diligently recalculated; spoke to my business coach Carolyn; wrote out the new figures for the student; sent them to her; saw that I had made mistakes again;.. sent the corrected figures to her again, ( Oh the embarrassment!); sent the corrections to my webmaster,  Mark.

This morning I woke up so grateful that this time, Mercury retrograde communications havoc had produced something really important for me. A much clearer vision of my financial plan for the seminar series. Thank you to my dear new student.

So here is the announcement part.  Anyone who is interested in taking seminars in my Basic Six 2011 Seminar Series needs to re- visit the these two links

Although the basic price for the individual seminars has not changed, there no longer is the early payment discount for those paying separately for each seminar. The discounts and extra bonuses are now part of the Seminar Certificate Program. Payment adjustments will be made.

The closing date for registration is January 20, 2011. Those who are interested in the Seminar Certificate Program have till the end of 2010 to register to take advantage of both the January and the May special telephone group Repatternings for students in the series. The specific date of the January call will be set early in the new year.

If you want to sign up for the series, now is the time!


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