The Complete Book of Chakra healing by Cyndi Dale

Sometime in July I purchased two of Cyndi Dale’s extraordinary encyclopedia like texts. I so highly recommend her work for anyone who is a healing agent interested in expanding their knowledge base. I am learning a lot just using her books as reference material.

Today I want to report on only one tiny part of her work in The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. We are all familiar with the seven corporal chakras but what I find fascinating is the information she writes about the five other chakra energy centers that do not correspond to locations on our physical bodies.

Did you know that each of us has a Tenth Chakra that is located one and a half to four feet below our feet? We all really need to know about this one because if we don’t have balanced energy flowing into and out from in this chakra we simply are not living grounded in our bodies. We are not fully attached to the earth.

If we are fully grounded, Dale says that we are able to face life with courage and enthusiasm because we can draw upon our experiences, our full faculties, our abilities and we can handle any situation. In our Resonance Repatterning language, we would say we are fully Oriented and grounded.

Without this deep-rooted grounding Dale says, “We simple cannot be effective in daily life, perform psychic functions, or attempt to fulfill life purpose”

Similar to the Signs of Disorientation List, page 5 in the 2002 edition of Empowering Yourself with Resonance Repatterning by Chloe Wordsworth, Dale says when people are ungrounded they seem to be spacey, unfocused, and/or out of touch with their own feelings and needs .

Amongst Dale’s comprehensive description of the functions and characteristics of the tenth chakra are the following interesting items: the masculine, positive pole energy function eliminates waste and channels energy for real life achievement; the yin, or feminine negative pole components receive earth energy for the entire system; The author says that as the grounding chakra, it keeps “all chakras aligned by locking all energies in the ground. Without grounding, the energy body is too frightened to receive or send appropriate information or hold its boundaries”

Included in Dale’s list of problems associated with imbalanced tenth chakra are: “Weight issues (not being grounded causes the body to hold weight to feel safe);… Foot, ankle, and leg problems; adrenal problems; origination of sensitivities…(to many substances she describes) …. Because it holds all denied family issues, it is a critical component in recovering from childhood or inter-generational abuse or abuse patterns”

Because of this chakra’s importance to us all I have written to Cyndi asking permission to use her work for a Tenth Chakra Repatterning that I would like to write. If I get her permission I plan to offer it to everyone as a free  E-Book to be downloaded from here in the near future.

Please read What Happened in the December Group in last week’s Newsletter where you’ll find the visualization that we used in Group to strengthen our connections to our tenth chakras.

I hope that you find this information as exciting as I did and that you’ll add some of Dale’s work to your library. Check out her website at



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