A Small Question from “The Abundance Repatterning”

When we were in Group on January 9th, one Student Practitioner used The Abundance Repatterning ( Pp. 151-163 in the Transforming  Meridians and Five Elements manual by Chloe Faith Wordsworth) with her partner.

She was not sure whether or not she should say “we need to identify the non-coherent Wood Element Quality”? out loud and “we need to identify the non-coherent Fire Element Quality”? out loud.. for each of the five elements each time they all needed to be muscle checked by the practitioner. (Pp.153-158, Pp 159-162, 2002 edition)

We agreed that using the muscle checking script “We need little a, b, c, d, e?” , with the letters referring to each of the five elements, made more sense because this use of language cut down the time spent on the mechanical task of muscle checking.

Less time involved with the mechanics leaves more time for direct interaction and communication with the client. The shortened script also facilitates more flow in the session and greater partnership between the client and the practitioner.

This is a good reminder on how to shorten the mechanical aspects in every session and Repatterning . While muscle checking for what is needed, the practitioner merely muscle checks  letter and number names  instead of reading text out loud that is not of importance in the client’s session at that time.


One response to “A Small Question from “The Abundance Repatterning”

  1. Merrill Carinci

    I am DEFINITELY a fan of shortening the mechanical aspects! I find that using the letters, numbers, pages, etc. rather than the content of them, also keeps me and my clients OUT OF the cerebral components of an RR session and MORE DEEPLY IN the energetic healing space, which, as Meryl so importantly teaches and reminds us whenever with her, is why we learn and do what we do. Sending love and light to all! Merrill

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