What Happened in January 2011 Group

Present in Group today were Harriet, Minh, Trinket, Paula, Shyama, Gladys and Joie. Five other members asked to be proxied in to any Group Repatterning that we were to do.

We started our first Group of the year by pairing off for Repatterning sessions. After our break, the person who gave the session first received one from their partner.

One of the pairings was done with three group members who had completed the basic six seminars. One was practitioner, one was the client and the third observed the session and gave feedback to the person who was practitioner.

One of the salient comments that the observer shared with the practitioner was about the mechanics of engaging the client fully right from the start of the session. The observer emphasized the importance of taking time to pause, be still and make eye contact with the client as a way of strengthening their engagement in the beginning of the session.

One minor  question came up  in the Group about keeping the flow in a session and minimizing time spent on the mechanics of the process. To learn more about that please see the Resonance Repatterning  Q& A post.

We spent the rest of our time doing a wonderful Group Repatterning to energize us all for all of our Intentions for the New Year.  Our task was for each of us to state two Intentions that once manifested would be the catalyst for other positive changes in our lives to naturally fall into place.

All of our Intentions are listed on the Love From NYC page. When you visit the page you can help us all to energize them and you can also retro-intend your being included in manifesting the parts you want for yourself..

The actual Repatterning that was done was the Metal Element Lung Meridian Repatterning written by Chloe Faith Wordsworth in her manual the Advanced Meridian Training, Presence and Safety through the Source and Element Points.

For those readers who have access to the text I strongly recommend reading the  whole Introduction to the Lung Meridian ( PP73-74) before reading our Intentions.

Some of what Chloe describes on those pages is that:

” The  Lung Official allows you to resonate with heavenly energy and supports you in manifesting your spirit in human form. When you actively live from spiritual principles you automatically discover what is of true worth in your life and create what is worthwhile for yourself and others… The lung Official allows you to act with integrity… to be inspired and to inspire…

She continues by describing issues that need to be resolved by practitioners that are related to the Lung Meridian.   The Lung Meridian requires the resolution of “issues of low self-worth and feeling that others don’t value and appreciate you”.

Similar to the quality of Perfectionism, as described in the Compensations Repatterning, (on P. 120 in Transforming Unconscious Patterns, 2002 edition by Chole Faith Wordswoth)  in the Lung Meridian Repatterning Chloe talks about lack of self worth appearing as unnatural humility or arrogance or pride functioning as a cover for the sense of inadequacy that “pushes people away and prevents them from appreciating who you are, your brilliance and what you are able to contribute.”

In relating with others, imbalanced Lung Meridian can lead to the metal element non-coherent responses of  “cutting off, withdrawing, becoming cold or putting up an iron curtain between yourself and others” rather than being willing to resolve differences with others. Also, balanced Lung Meridian can foster the ability to “genuinely acknowledge and appreciate others” instead of the non-coherent behaviors of using acknowledgment to  manipulate others or having the inability to appropriately acknowledge others.

The Group members are no longer resonating with the negatives described above. but we are in tune with the following positive statements in addition to all of our Intentions posted on the Love From NYC page.

The earlier experience with which we are no longer resonating with related to a time when we felt put down, diminished or criticized. The associated feeling was ” feeling the abyss”. We also each let go of a mistake that we frequently make in life, such as criticizing ourselves and others.

The new coherent Lung Meridian  quality that we now resonate with is that we “give acknowledgment by giving appreciation verbally and non-verbally”.

We now resonate with the specific good qualities about ourselves that we each named.

We are: really attuned to others, our intuition comes from our heart; we move and don’t stay stuck for long; we really appreciate and understand people’s mental bodies; we are compassionate; we enjoy exploration and sharing; we persevere; we embody the sweetness of life.

The Modality was giving energy to our Lung #8, “Meridian Gutter”, the metal point on the metal Lung Meridian, on the masculine right side. This meridian point (described on P.77 in the Lung Repatterning) , according to Chloe  is for “cleaning out the gutters, for detoxifying on all levels, whether toxicity from colds, mucus, constipation, acne, grief or mental negativity!

Our next Group is Sunday, February 27th, 2011. Stay in touch until then!


2 responses to “What Happened in January 2011 Group

  1. Very nice summation, Dear Meryl, of an obviously wonderful first Sunday gathering for the year. Thank you,

  2. What a wonderful day you all had! I was there in spirit, so thank you for proxying me in. Love, Beth

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