There’s A New Page Tab on Top

This week there is a new page called “Sharing Successes!” that you can find on the top of the page.

This is where everyone can report their successful experiences in manifesting their Intentions from the “Love From NYC” page, which is also a tab on the top of the page.

It is also the place where success stories from all other aspects of our experiences with Resonance Repatterning can be shared.

Please share your stories about great things that happen to you, or your clients ( protecting  their privacy and with their permission, of course) as a result of sessions. Share your experiences of great classes, seminars or Group too.

If your story doesn’t fit in the comment box, send it to me by email at I’ll put it on the regular page to post it.

Won’t it be fun to share  the positive energy with each other?

We already have two stories on the page so go and take a look for yourself.


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