More Thoughts on “Longing For The Divine”

In several previous posts I have referred to Mark Silver’s truly amazing work that is accessed through his website www.heart of

In particular I have talked a little about The Remembrance that I learned from his free download Getting To The Core of Your Business. I have been consistently using The Remembrance not only as special quiet time with God, as a grounding and centering technique and  also as a running background to whatever I am doing.

Whenever I am walking through my favorite Central Park, I am connecting with nature, and I am feeling centered in my heart as I say God’s name.

This week I realized that my most special times on my walks involve my experience of  the quiet that enfolds me in the middle of the park when the blanket of snow muffles the city sounds. In the silence I call God’s name from my heart.

Calling God’s name from the center of my heart has been a deeply personal and profound experience for me right from the first time I practiced  in November.

One of my strongest reactions has consistently been feeling an emptiness and profound sadness deep in my heart. I have remained present throughout this time and in the past two days I experienced a profound shift.

But first  I need to tell you that I am far from depressed. I am enjoying my life and excited to greet each new day. The emptiness has not felt particularly related to my everyday life.

Yesterday I participated in a free teleconference call that Mark offered as an introduction to his The Sacred Moment Seminar, which will be held in Portland Oregon, February 25th and 26th, 2011.

The context of what he discussed was in terms of the spiritual elements that are the real core of making a sale with another person- in our practice- getting and keeping paying clients.  Mark spoke awhile about neediness being ” the most powerful tool, a doorway to abundance and to connection” necessary for  transactions to occur.

When he said ” the neediness that we are so ashamed of- the hollowness, is the the flute that is ready to be played” by the Divine, I started getting excited. He continued,  urging that we become “comfortable with the discomfort of the emptiness” and that we bring the thirst and need to the Divine.. that we can then “feel the sense of connection with Divine fullness from the heart”.

Mark encouraged us to “feel the raw ache and gnawing in your heart… allowing the heart thirst  to propel  you towards the Source…” He advised us to always have the thirst, that “connecting deeply with the neediness” so we can then “see the gifts”.

I believe that this is a visceral description of  the spirit level need of “Longing for the Divine” that Joie asked about in the Resonance Repatterning Q& A’s last week. I was relieved and excited to realize that I have been on the right track using The Remembrance so consistently.

When I took my walk today I asked God to fill my empty heart with Divine Love. Later, when I began a session with one of my regularly scheduled clients something extraordinary happened.

I literally felt a zing go through my heart as I was energetically and verbally creating our sacred space in the usual manner. I felt my heart open so wide and so deep that it felt like my heart was smiling from edge to edge!

I still feel the fullness that began almost twelve hours ago!

I strongly recommend clicking here so you can read the material Mark presents before listening to what I heard yesterday. Click here to nurture your heart and your business and grow your longing for The Divine.



2 responses to “More Thoughts on “Longing For The Divine”

  1. This is beautiful Meryl. I feel like the question was delivered to both of us precisely to open up this information, and to deepen our personal and professional practices. I honor you so much for so caring so deeply and following the thread to this place. Truly inspiring.

    • Thank you Joie…
      It was a little scary exposing such deeply personal information. I still feel quite vulnerable about the exposure but I trust the guidance that propels me to continue on this tract.
      Soon I hope I will be ready to share my experiences about the One Day Retreat that I was a participant in with Mark Silver in November.

      Thank you so much your lovely feedback.
      Sending you love, light, laughter and much gratitude,

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