Closing Date For Seminar Series Registration Extended

Hi Everyone,

The brand new Empowering Yourself and Fundamentals books are on their way to me!  I am so excited that in just a few short weeks our new class will be using them with me.

Since they are the final editions I ordered a few extras that can be used in the future.

That means I’ve been able to extend the closing date of registration for the February 4,5,6th, 2011 Empowering/Fundamentals Intensive from  January 20th to January 28, 2011.

In an unrelated matter, due to an oversight  I made,  the new article More Thoughts on ” Longing For The Divine‘ is going out to you separately from this announcement so you’ll be getting two e-mails from me this week instead of the usual single Newsletter.  Please accept my apology.

As Carolyn ( Winter) would say.. I’m still a baby blogger!

Sending you all love, light, laughter and much gratitude,



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