About The Posts Concerning Reinstatement of Membership In The Repatterning Practitioners Association

This week I am including on the blog two announcements from the Repatterning Practitioners Association with the hope that these messages might reach  former members of the Association who no longer receive RPA messages.

The RPA is an organization that I have a deep interest in supporting because I believe  it is the structure and the platform from which Repatterning can thrive and grow in the world at large.  As a trade association we set and maintain the standards and procedures to ensure that the work of RPA Certified Practitioners  is excellent .

The organization supports Student Practitioners on their journey to become Certified as well as providing Certified Practitioners with invaluable sources of information and support in developing their practices.

The RPA consists of an all -volunteer Executive Board , (except for our part time paid webmaster and administrator) Certification Board and other committees.  Because it has been evolving as an organization independent of the Repatterning seminars only since 2005, there are growing pains as policies are developed.

The two policies that I am presenting are important not only as the final products of works in progress, but also as clear structures upon which members can depend. Having uniform guidelines helps to promote consistency and a firm foundation for the Association’s growth.

In the coming weeks I will send more news about  how to register for the exciting RPA annual teleconference which will be on February 26, 2011. Group Member Carol Cannon will be the keynote speaker speaking about
“Getting in Sync with Our cosmic Cycles, Coherence Amidst the Acceleration” . This year  people who are not members of the Association are welcome to attend.

For more information about the Repatterning Practitoners Association go to http://www.hramembers.org/


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