Important Notes Concerning the Revised Certified Practitioner Membership Reinstatement Policy Sent By The Repatterning Practitioners Association January 26, 2011

“We realize that the chart accompanying the Revised Certified Practitioner Membership Reinstatement Policy Approved by the RPA Board October 13, 2010 on the RPA Policies page of the website was confusing.

We apologize for the lack of coherence.

The current chart underneath the policy on the website is the revised version.

Please note that Certified Practitioners do not pay back dues for the time when they were inactive members of the RPA.

The policy states:

“Lapsed membership continues to be defined as membership that has not been paid by the renewal date. Until they are reinstated, Certified Practitioners do not have their privileges of membership which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • They are no longer listed as Certified Practitioners on the RPA website.
  • They can no longer use the RRI and the RPA logos and advertise themselves as active Certified Practitioners.
  • They can no longer participate in RPA surveys and voting.”

Accordingly, when a Certified Practitioner is not a current active RPA member they can say they were previously Certified but now their Certification status is inactive.

A Certified Practitioner does not lose their Certification status, it becomes inactive. They cannot practice Resonance Repatterning and say they are a Certified Practitioner. To do so is unethical.

By analogy, in other professional disciplines, for example in New York State as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a person can choose to have inactive status. They can choose not to pay their registration renewal fee but as the Registration Certificate states “Practice without current registration violates the Education Law and may subject you to disciplinary action”. When they do not pay their registration fee, the person does not lose their permanent license, their LCSW, but they are not registered and therefore they cannot practice under their license.

To see the full Certified Practitioner Reinstatement Policy policy click here:

We hope that this clarifies the matter.

If you continue to have questions please fee free to contact the Certification Board at

1-800-685-2811 Ext 3

Karen Kent, RPA President

Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, RPA Certification Board Chair”


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