From The Repatterning Practitioners Association- More Information About the Annual Teleconference February 26, 2011- Anyone Can Register!

Are You Ready For The Ninth Wave and 2012?

Synopsis of “Getting In Sync with Our Cosmic Cycles; Coherence Amidst the Acceleration”

The One Hour Keynote Talk during the Resonance Re-patterning Annual Virtual Conference

February 26, 2011

There are two communities with complimentary systems of thought that need to be introduced to one another: researchers of the Mayan Calendar and practitioners of Resonance Re-patterning.  Why?  Because followers of the Mayan Calendar know we are heading for intense times but lack specific methods to manage the challenges of these higher, faster frequencies as we head towards “Heaven on Earth”, and students or practitioners of Resonance Re-patterning need the transcendent overview the Calendar provides as a major orientation to where we are in time and space, how these frequencies are affecting our brains, how to not only support ourselves and others through these times, but to become entrained with the Heart of the Cosmos and surf this energy wave with intense joy.

This one hour talk on the relationship between The Mayan Calendar and Resonance Re-patterning will initially define terms that are common or unique to both systems of thinking.

Immediate clarification of what “the end times” really means in terms of our evolutionary leap will be given and why these fear-ridden interpretations have had such a hold on many.  A summary of how the aware and benevolent consciousness of the universe is actually catalyzing these momentous changes will be presented and which specific elements of Resonance Re-patterning naturally lend themselves to balancing ourselves and the planet on all levels.

As we continue to be affected by increasing frequencies (“the acceleration”), the personal and planetary challenges are opportunities to release any interference in achieving our life purposes and planetary healing.  Whether a newcomer to understanding the Mayan Calendar, or newly exposed to the workings of Resonance Re-patterning, this hour will provide the knowledge participants need to better understand their part in this unfolding, better manage daily stresses, expand and manifest intentions more effectively, and get on board for this joyful ride into a better world, our own and collectively.

As revolutionary as when Copernicus awakened us to being on a planet that is heliocentric, those communicating the likes of the Mayan Calendar remind us of the obvious fact that our solar system is galactic-centric and that we are the lucky recipients of incalculable influences that radiate from the Milky Way’s center.  Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, a one-time biologist for the World Health Organization, has elaborated on how our resonating with the changes in the earth’s core in response to galaxy-wide energy changes is provoking the speedy evolution of our ways from left-brain dominant thinking and functioning to a balanced brain way of being and therefore our being able to live as one with each other and nature.  Resonance Re-patterning can assist forerunners of this conscious path to enjoy this state of deliberate co-creation.  After the one hour highlighting of the most prescient points, listeners can participate in a live re-patterning in which we become comfortable with being oriented in a cosmic scheme, identify and shift our energy from fears and negative projections to seeing the opportunities of these fertile times, learn to attune to our optimum brain and heart frequencies, become clear about and freely claim our Highest Good, and genuinely feel what it is to live from our hearts by having both personal and relational coherence with ourselves and all of creation.

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  1. hi, fine article, and a fairly good understand! at least one for my favorites.

  2. Thank you, Dear Meryl,
    For putting this annoncement up on your beautiful blog.

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