Final Registration Date is April 25, 2011

Hi Everyone,

There are three reasons why I’m sending yet another announcement out to you this week. The first is my apology to you, the second is to get you a posting about the Boyd Family Singers and lastly, I needed to remind everyone about the next Practitioner Skills Development Class that is scheduled for May7-8, 2011

Please accept my apology that there are so many separate postings arriving in your mailbox this week. I was technically challenged to produce the article on the Boyd Family Singers that I promised would go out this week. This ate up my time so I couldn’t get all of the posting done on time before the scheduled publication hour.

Also, I’ve changed the publication time so that the technical problem of postings from one week appearing as the first item on the next week’s newsletter hopefully won’t be happening again. This is all a learning experience and I am still a very baby blogger.

Hopefully this announcement will generate your receiving the posting about the Boyd family singers.

The last item is that the Final Registration date for the May 7-8th Practitioner Skills Development class 9:00 am Eastern time on Monday April 25th. If you are planning to attend you need to contact me direcly to hold your place as soon as possible.

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, Practitioner Skills Development classes are open to Repatterning Students, Student Practitioners, and Certified Practitioners who need: to  fulfill their RPA  membership CEU requirements; and/or for those who need tutorial observations by an RPA Designated Observer in order to fulfill the requirements of their Certification process; or for Repatterning Students and Certified Practitioners who want to upgrade their knowledge base and skills by being a part of the class.

For complete information about these classes click here and please call Meryl before making your payment:


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