Introducing the Boyds For Praise Company- The Boyd Family Singers

Last August as I was walking in Central Park on a lovely Friday.

I unexpectedly had my first contact with the Boyd Family Singers.

I had never been in the gorgeous arcade that is adjacent to Bethesda Fountain at 72nd Street where the family was singing. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how I was reacting to the angelic harmonies and resonance of their sophisticated Gospel music.

Six of the eight of the Boyd children, Abraham, Victory, Angel, Israel, Thalia, and Mosaia were singing with their father. The children’s ages ranged from elementary school age to teenagers . Their voices were outstanding with a uniformity and complementary quality engendered by their father’s careful cultivation of their talents as well as the fact of their being related to each other.

My heart was bursting open with joy and my whole energetic system felt wide open. I felt that God was singing through them.

I didn’t have time to stay and listen so I bought a CD. I played it over and over again. Conveying my experience in words even now is awkward for me because of the deeply personal reaction I continue to have to their music whether in person or by CD.

For awhile I stopped listening to my CD that is mostly comprised of their original compositions. It touched me so deeply that several times when I woke up in the middle of the night my first conscious awareness was of their music and voices running in my heart and head.

I stopped listening because I was a little frightened about responding so strongly to what I felt was an experience of my direct connection to God.

I believe that the Boyds for Praise Company has a sacred mission to help people feel their connectedness to God. This is why I am writing about my experience with them.

Although the family had been here in the past (there is a  U-Tube video of them in 2009 singing in the subway that I’ll post here) they have only recently moved from Michigan where Mr. Boyd had been a choir master.

I am hoping that this little entry will inspire you and that you will want to hear more of their work. If you are interested in having one of the CD’s that they sell please let me know.

Here is one of their compositions called “Sing to the Lord”.

04 – Sing to the Lord

A beautiful testimonial about the Boyd’s from Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg can be accessed by clicking here

Finally, here are two U-Tube videos amongst several that are available. I hope that you enjoy them and can share a little of the joy their mission gives me. Please let me know if you want more of the Boyds for Praise Company for yourself if you can’t get to see them weekends from 11 am-2pm underneath the arches leading to Bethesda Fountain.


34 responses to “Introducing the Boyds For Praise Company- The Boyd Family Singers

  1. I have been looking for John and the family — wondering what had become of them. We had them do a couple of ‘dual’ concerts along with the choir I was directing at the time at CBC. They used to be our neighbours up here in the ‘thumb’ region of Michigan. He had such wonderful plans for that property they had out by Shay Lake for the MFAYC (Michigan Fine Arts Youth Camp) with rooms and a rehearsal hall and a concert hall, etc… I guess the economy must have taken it’s ‘toll’ on them like many of us. I go out there now and the property is all overgrown with weeds and vandalised. The last I had been able to see they had gone to NY and there were reports of them singing in Central Park and the subway back in Oct-Nov of last year???? —- Bron Miller

    • Dear Bron,

      I am excited that you have made a connection through this blog… hopefully you will not be the only one and it will bring a measure of good fortune to the family.


  2. P.S. I would love to ‘re-connect’ with John and the family if you could pass this along to them. I felt much the same that there were some very strong ‘God-given’ talent there and a special annoiting in what they did.
    ~ iHs, Bron Miller
    Mayville, Mi.

  3. Meryl,

    I too recently discovered at least part of the Boyds while in Central Park last week. I have a short video here:

    This sextet was just awesome, and I’m sorry I didn’t buy a CD now. I would like to get in touch with them, and was wondering if you might have an email address?



    • Hi Patrick,

      I’ve passed your message on to John Boyd for permission to give out his contact info and I haven’t heard back yet.

      As soon as I do, I’ll be so happy to give you the info you’d like.

      I’m so glad that you have become a fan of the family and thanks for finding the blog and sending your video clip.

      Sending you love and light,

  4. Hi,

    I am happy to read your post.
    I was in NY this last week and i was lucky to be able to hear the Boyd family in central park. My boyfriend and i really appreciated. We even bought the CD but unfortunately during the travel, the CD was broken. I am very disappointed because i made an enjoyment to listen it at home.
    So i would like to know if it´s possible to find the CD somewhere?

    Thanks a lot.


  5. Hi meryl,

    i’m very glad to find this page. A few days ago i proposed to my girl friend in ny. on the last day of our trip we heard the family singers in central park and one song is in our mind since that time:

    I’d like to send an email to the singers in order to ask for a cd or a mp3-file – it’s very dear to me…

    Do you have any contact-details?

    Many thanks

  6. Hi Meryl,

    I am also writing to ask you for an email contact for the Boyd’s. They were captured on video in a documentary recently and I would like to let them know! Thanks.


  7. I was blessed to experience the Boyds and Friends today (Sunday 8 January 2012) under the arches at Bethesda Fountain Terrace in Central Park. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for your great article on them.

  8. Dear Meryl

    My wife and I are from New Zealand and spent 9 days in New York over Xmas 2010 and by chance came across John Bord singing under Bethesda Foantain and I was completely taken away with his singing.

    We decided to return to New York for Xmas 2011 for 5 days on our way to France for a 2 week holiday and on our first day in New York we visited the spot where we first heard him but he was not there. The next day I became seriously ill and ended up being diagnosed with a large tumour around my kidney and had an emergency 6 hour operation at Roosevelt Hospital to remove the tumour and kidney and after 2 weeks in hospital we had to return straight home.
    But when my wife was out walking through Central Park one day she came acorss the family singers again and took a video for me to watch and I was just as amazed as the previous year but I am so disappointed that I was not able to see them myself and I wondered if you could put me in touch with John to be able to buy some of their CD’s if he would be able to send them to New Zealand for me please. I would greatly appreciate this.

    • Dear Bruce,

      I am so glad that you found my newsletter and more importantly that you were able to return home in such a short period of time following your surgery.

      I will pass your message on to the e-mail address I have for the family and I will call John to make sure that he gets the message.

      If for any reason you do not get a response, please let me know and I will gladly send out copies myself to you and bring John the money they are owed. We can use Paypal for you to reimburse me for the CD’s and shipping.

      Wishing you a return to vibrant good health and many blessings,

  9. Hello,

    I searched their name for a long time!! I’m french and I came to NY for Christmas with my family and my mum falled in love with this band but for christmas day they were (just) 3 and she really regret because she didn’t buy their CD. I would like to find i for her!! if you can help me thank you so much! this is my mail! don”t hesitate to send me a message!

    thank you!!

    • Dear Anne-Sophie,

      I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment.

      I will pass along your e-mail address to John Boyd.

      If for any reason you do not get a response from him, please let me know and I will help you get what you’d like.

      With love and light,

  10. Solomon Akhimienmhona

    I also felt touched by the Boyd’s singing – seems like such a lovely family. It was as if God was connecting to me through their melodies and harmonious voices. Bought a cd at central park – so calming. I’d like to join efforts to help so that the rest of the world can enjoy the feeling I get when I hear them sing !

  11. Melissa Brown

    Meryl…I was visiting NYC and Central Park last Sunday, 6-3. We stopped to see the fountain and I was immediately drawn to find the source of the heavenly music I heard. I was touched in a way I cannot explain, but you put it perfectly at the beginning of this blog. My husband passed away in Jan. of last year, and until I stood listening to the Boyds I had not cried. I was brought to tears by their captivating voices. When they began “You Raise Me Up”, I felt like it was sung directly to me. I was about to miss my ride so I had to leave, but did so with great regret. Because I was so overcome, I did not buy a CD, and I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the family so I could purchase one or more. Thank you for putting my feelings into words, and I feel that I was forever changed by this experience.

    • Dear Melissa,

      I’m so sorry for the delay but I finally have great news for you. I just posted another article on the Boyds with complete information on how to contact John Boyd- their new website- and John told me this past Sunday that the new website will be a vehicle through which a person can purchase all the CD’s in about two weeks.

      Thank you so much for your support of my writing about matters difficult for me to express because they go so deep and are so very personal and private. Your comment makes my revealing myself through my words worthwhile.

      I see that even though it sometimes takes me months or even almost a year to finally publish my innermost thoughts, it is of value not only to myself and those whom I wish to promote, but it is also of value to those who experience subtle, spiritual realms as I do.

      I am so sorry for the death of your husband and I am grateful that you experienced some relief through the Boyds.I truly feel that God is coming through their beautiful voices. Their songs are so deep in my heart that I sometimes am aware of them as I sleep. For me, even as I sleep, they are a bridge to God and I personally feel God more closely through the songs and voices of the Boyds.

      • Melissa Brown

        Dear Meryl,
        Thanks you so much for your kind reply. I am so grateful that I was able to connect with your blog through my search for the Boyd family. I feel like that was meant to be. Never doubt that when you put your feelings on paper that they are reaching many people. They certainly spoke to me when I needed them. I am so glad to have a way to contact the family and purchase CD’s, but it will never be like hearing them in that special place on that Sunday morning in June. What a memory…one that will never leave me. I don’t know how many people have heard that story from me. It will always be the highlight of my trip to NYC…one that was most unexpected. If not for the charmning Irish bicycle taxi driver and my tripmates falling for his speil, I don’t think we would have ever made it to the fountain. I actually never even looked at the fountain! I headed straight for the sound of the music. Thank you again for your reply, and for touching the life of someone far away in Oklahoma.
        Melissa Brown

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  13. Hi Meryl,
    I fulfilled a lifelong ambition when we visited New York in April this year & tried to see “everything” in 6 days. (Yes, I know NOW that it can’t be done but I DO have an excuse to return some day) One of the things which will stay with me was hearing the Boyd family ,singing in Central Park. We stood in the grotto entranced & listened for quite a while, videod some of the performance & made a donation, then stupidly left without buying the CD. I’ve searched in vain online for contact details to buy a CD without success and then found the link to your site. If it’s not too much trouble I’d be very gratefull if you could let me have contact details for them. Thanks

    • Hi David,

      I am happy to let you know that there is a new website where you can contact John Boyd and hopefully purchase CD’s directly now, or very soon.

      Here is the link

      Sending you light and peace,

      • Melissa Brown

        Hi, Meryl…Thank you for the update on the Boyds. A close friend and her husband just returned from NYC. She said she planned to have their group take the ride through Central Park and hear the Boyds. I was really surprised when they actually did it! Plans always change. She said almost everyone said it was their favorite thing. I was so pleased. I was also pleased when she told me she had purchased a CD or CD’s for me. I will get them tomorrow and can’t wait. I think of the experience so often, and I also think of your kindness when you took the time to respond to my message. Blessings, Melissa

      • Thanks for sharing your good news Melissa. I am sure you will enjoy the CD’s.

        Sending you blessings and light,

      • Hi Meryl,
        Thanks so much for your reply & the contact details,

      • You are most welcome David. I hope that you get the CD’s soon.
        Cheers to you too!

  14. Hello Meryl,

    I’m still looking for a solution to have their CD. If you can help me it will be very nice from you.



    • HI Anne Sophie,

      When I last wrote to you I asked what kind of music you wanted from the Boyds.and I wrote that
      I would happily send you a copy of mine, get the money to the Boyd’s and ship it to you if you let me know what kind of music you wanted.

      As I was writing this reply I went to the Boyd’s new website and found this page for you to use. You can sample and order their music here.
      (It is

      If it does not work properly for you, please let me know what you want and I will gladly intervene .

      Happy New Year and I do hope that you are able to effortlessly get what you want,

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