The Dear Woman Video

Earlier this week Joie Jacobsen passed this message along to me and I was extremely moved by the U Tube  Dear Woman video that the message announces.
What I found to be  so outstanding about the video is that it is an extremely healing, powerful modality that energetically proclaims the masculine-feminine balance, wholeness and partnership that is imperative for our planet to survive and heal.
I would be so interested in hearing what your experience of the video is and I  am sure that other readers would love to hear your impressions. Please leave us a comment .
With Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude (especially to Joie for sending it along),
Dear Friends:
With great pride and pleasure, we announce the release of Dear Woman, the new 8-minute video by G. Hendricks and A. Ardagh.
In it you’ll see dozens of conscious men delivering powerful appreciations of women and feminine consciousness, along with atonements for unconscious deeds done to women in the past.Dear Woman has already become a viral sensation in the hours since its release, with nearly 25,000 people viewing it so far.Find out what all the excitement’s about HERE!
With love,Kathlyn Hendricks

2 responses to “The Dear Woman Video

  1. Hi, Meryl,
    Thanks for bringing more attention to this marvelous film. I found it emotionally powerful, creative, sincere, deeply needed and timely for our phase of healing, and, it seemed to me to be the counterbalance to the statement many of us said in our first PAX class in which as women we surrenedered male bashing and accepted men as they are and learned along the way their many strengths we may have not been aware of as ambitious women. I am confident that as it circulates the globe it will touch and help transform many. Imagine how it will escalate the process in countries where women are devalued even more than in Western countries…let’s hope it will catalyze the process excessively.

    • Dear Carol, Angel on Earth that you Are,

      Thank you not only for this thoughtful comment but for your continual participation in dialogue here.

      It is incredibly supportive to receive your responses to so many of the postings and I am so profoundly grateful for your involvement.

      I also want to again acknowledge the slow, percolating positive impact that your Ninth Wave work continues to have on me. Your wisdom and scholarship have made it possible for me to understand more fully the life altering/ planet altering transformation that we are a living part of right now.

      Thank you so much for this and so much more.

      With love, light, laughter, joy and gratitude,

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