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The Dear Woman Video

Earlier this week Joie Jacobsen passed this message along to me and I was extremely moved by the U Tube  Dear Woman video that the message announces.
What I found to be  so outstanding about the video is that it is an extremely healing, powerful modality that energetically proclaims the masculine-feminine balance, wholeness and partnership that is imperative for our planet to survive and heal.
I would be so interested in hearing what your experience of the video is and I  am sure that other readers would love to hear your impressions. Please leave us a comment .
With Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude (especially to Joie for sending it along),
Dear Friends:
With great pride and pleasure, we announce the release of Dear Woman, the new 8-minute video by G. Hendricks and A. Ardagh.
In it you’ll see dozens of conscious men delivering powerful appreciations of women and feminine consciousness, along with atonements for unconscious deeds done to women in the past.Dear Woman has already become a viral sensation in the hours since its release, with nearly 25,000 people viewing it so far.Find out what all the excitement’s about HERE!
With love,Kathlyn Hendricks