More Questions Following the Transforming Unconscious Patterns Seminar

Here are the rest of the questions that Rose sent out. I invite all practitioners to comment and add their perspectives.

*Appreciation Repatterning (PP page 204) E(a-c): Can you give more clarification on how this section should go. Do I need a statement for (a) or just use it to Identify the person in (b)?

You are correct, in (a) you are just identifying the person whose appreciation the client needs in (b) and (c).

What kinds of things is (b) looking for when it asks How you want to be appreciated? We obviously need to write down what we’re told to repeat back to the client & then cr for hearing & integrating, right.

In (b) the client identifies how they would feel appreciated by that person, what does the client want the person to appreciate about them and what would the person do that would allow the client to feel that appreciation. For example: the practitioner would stand in for the client’s mother and the mother would appreciate the client for all of the client’s help given to her over the years… The practitioner/mother could say” John I so appreciate all that you have done to help me out over the years, all of the times you help with my computer, with the yard” ( etc)  Then, as you stated “ We obviously need to write down what we’re told to repeat back to the client & then cr for hearing & integrating, right?”  Right.

 How is option (c) different than option (b)? I’m a little confused.

In (c) the client is given another way of identifying the exact kind of appreciation he/she needs and adding a another dimension to what has already been expressed directly  by him/her when  the practitioner (mcs)’s from the options presented, and the same person identified in (a) is used.

As in all parts of the system, the practitioner (mcs)’s to see what the parts of the Repatterning or key the client will get the most benefit from using in the session. The muscle indicator is the final “judge”

*Earlier Experience Repatterning (TUPS page 76 E(3): I need more info on miasms again. It’s come up for me & I don’t know what I’m looking for.

For your information here is an article that has lots of information about miasms.

I think the important part here, is to identify that there is an energy non-coherence that the client resonates with, and if it is a miasm, rather than using the new statement that has just been put into this edition of the repatterning, simply state.. “ a miasm” and *[cr] that, after explaining to the client what a miasm is. I honestly don’t see how a person or practitioner can, with certainty, say that a symptom they have is clearly related to a generational tendency and that they are free of it.

What do you do if you draw a complete blank when you’re doing a self-session and none of the options you mc are what’s needed?

If you are especially referring to this item’s leading to a complete blank.. I would draw a blank too and it is best just to name what you do have as a general point of information rather than getting specific about something that cannot be known about with any degree of certainty. I think that the info I gave in the previous paragraph illustrates this.

Underlying Needs (Rainbow Bk):
*Categories 1- 5 have statements, but the ones we added-Categories 6 &7 do not. How should they be stated?

They should just be named and resonance for what is named checked. For example, Spirit- level need “Joy” you  just *[cr} joy.

*Category 6 option 10. Spiritual Connection: Is that referring to connection to our essence or to the Divine?

This would be highly interpretive and dependent upon one’s own personal spiritual perspective. My opinion, and only my opinion is that our essence is a reflection of the Divine so it does not matter which way to view it. There have been times when I have specifically gotten, through muscles checking, that I must be specific with a client about a spiritual matter like this.  For example I have had to write “God in me” as part of a client’s statement at least once, rather than just writing “God”.


There is no manual on how to work with animals, so I believe that those of us who do Repatternings with animals do them in highly individualized ways. These answers are how I work with animals and I will send this on to Netta Pfifer, whose practice is almost exclusively with animals to see what she would say as well.

*I’ve been working with my cat who’s having some trouble. When working with animals in the ‘Problems’/’Intentions’ sections, how do you gather information. I don’t always know exactly what the problem is or what his intention should be. Do I write down lots of options & muscle check?

I have usually done my animal sessions with the owner’s permission and with the owners asking permission of their pets for me to do the work. I know that might sound a little far out, but pet owners talk with their pets and often do get a sense of communication with them.

That being said, I prefer to do proxy work with pets because pets are so often having difficulties because they are expressing something for their owners that the owners may not be aware of themselves. For example, I have heard that sometimes pets take on illness to spare their owners of having afflictions.

In all proxy work, including that for infants, fetuses and animals, whenever there is a question posed that requires an answer, the practitioner just gets quiet and listens inside themselves to hear whatever they hear. Then, write down whatever comes through. This is not a guessing process which could be a left brain kind of inquiry or investigation “ maybe it’s____”. Rather it is more imaginative as a last resort if nothing is “heard”. Once options do present themselves through intutition, you (mcs) for what is the best or primary item.

When working with a client’s pet-how would you muscle check? Do you use the pet owner’s arm for *cr or *mcs? ( I haven’t practiced on anyone else’s pet-just curious.)

I personally don’t because I think that there would be too much energetic input by the owner and maybe not enough from the animal’s energy field. That’s why I do animal proxy sessions.

I will ask Netta for her input as well.

Thanks Bunches! Can’t wait until June!

Thank you Rose for all of these thoughtful questions and we’re going to have a great time in June!


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