Special News and Announcements About Group

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy to announce that the Practitioner Skills Development class for November is going to happen for one day on Saturday November 12th.

There is lots of room for Group members who need CEU’s for 2011 to participate. Also if you are interested in receiving a session and you don’t need CEU’s  please give me a call.

On to Group business.

Unfortunately we have a scheduling problem for our November Group.  It is scheduled for November 6, 2011, the date of the New York City Marathon.

Our November Group is now rescheduled for the following week, for Sunday November 13th. Please be ready to bring your 2012 calendars so we can schedule Group for 2012.

I’ve been thinking about the lowered participation by many Group members in the past few months and what my needs are as the leader of the Group. As a result I’ve come up with some changes in the way Group functions that will start in November .

They are as follows.

  • Group will be held only with five or more members present, including me.
  • To ensure this, Group members will need to RSVP for each Group no later than the morning of ten days before Group. (This will make it possible for the Newsletter that will be written that night to announce whether or not Group will happen the following week.)
  • If a Group member has said they will be attending group they are expected to pay for that session if they are unexpectedly unable to fulfill their commitment.
  • The financial investment for Group is being raised from $29. To $33.

What this will look like for November is this.

The Newsletter that will be sent out 6am on Friday, October 28h will remind Group members that they need to let us all know by Thursday morning, November 3rd, whether or not they are coming to Group on November 13th.

On Thursday morning, November 3rd, I’ll tally the RSVP’s  and determine if we have four or more members coming to Group.

At 6am on Friday, November 4th the Newsletter will be sent out with a message to everyone as to whether or not Group will be happening the following week on November 13th.

In this way, everyone will have enough time to adjust their plans and use their time optimally.

When you read this, will you please let us all know you have done so by leaving a comment here.

I send you all lots of love and I am looking forward to seeing you in November.

With love, light, laughter and gratitude,


13 responses to “Special News and Announcements About Group

  1. I’ve read it. See you on Nov 12!

  2. Thanks Meryl. This makes sense. I’m happy to comply with all the changes you’ve outlined.

  3. Dear Meryl,
    I think this is very practical. As always, I am very grateful for your organizing the group. I expect to be upstate on Nov. 13 but I hope that I will be able to attend on a Sunday this winter. I also wondered if there is an easy place to find the dates for group on the blog. I have tried to locate that but haven’t succeeded before. (I do tend to be a little challenged with computer protocols.) If there is a link to look at the dates after you plan them in the Nov. 13 group, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Thanks Shayma for your thoughtful reply. I think that it is a great idea to put the dates on the blog and I will do that as soon as we have the new ones. So far, we have Nov. 12th and December 4th.

      I hope that you are enjoying the Fall and that you have some color in the leaves around your house in the country.. something to delight your eyes.

      Sending you lots of love,

  4. Hi! I have read your notice. When I am out of the country or tucked away deep in the woods, I don’t have access to email so if you do not receive a response from me about attending group it is for that reason.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you Minh… the next dates are NOvember 13th ( if you can let us know, we’ll need to know by Nov. 3rd) and December 4th ( the RSVP is due on Thanksgiving day).. You are welcome to call me,if that is possible, to check whether or not we will be meeting as planned.

      I hope that you will be with us soon.

      Sending you lots of love,

  5. Hi, Meryl,
    Have read and understood and expect to see you Nov. 13th.


    • Hi Dear Carol,

      I’m so glad that you are planning to come.. we”ll know next week whether or not we have enough people coming.

      The other comments that you left are in response to the new formatting… It said that you were “awaiting moderation” because I usually have to approve the publication of comments.. thus I moderate.. and the formatting is completely new and looks really different to me too.

      I send you lots of love,

  6. Hi Meryl,

    I am glad to hear that you are organizing the group, which is a huge undertaking in terms of energy and commitment, in a way that is more reasonable for you. I support your efforts and feel like the changes are good.I send lots of love to you dear Meryl! Paula

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