For Those Who are Interested- A Numerological and Astrological Look at 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

If you are at all interested in numerological and /or astrological commentary on what we can expect for the new year 2012, here’s some relevant information.  Next week I’ll send along the Spiritual and Cosmic view of 2012 from beloved Patricia Cota-Robles.

Group member Merrill Tomlinson Carinci sent along this newsletter, New Millennium Being,  which she  received from her friend who is involved with Kundalini Yoga and the author of this article, Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

December 22, 2011


For many years, 2012 has been singled out as a pivotal year. The
multiple theses are based on realistic observations, derived from
predictive sources, intuitively inspired and extrapolated from a variety
of belief systems. The colorful predictions, expectations, and
assertions generally focus around two themes — (1) optimistic
anticipation and (2) pessimistic doom.

The optimistic group believes in a great awakening. Defined by a
hopefulness for a more loving world, there is often an underlying
naiveté that assumes that we are going to be rescued from our
unconscious state and dysfunctional behaviors. I definitely experience
the presence of higher energies that make waking up increasingly easier
and possible. However, I doubt that this awakening is going to be
automatic or without effort on our part. Our serious participation is
required to wake up and stay awake.

The doomsayers foresee global environmental disasters and the collapse
of economic, political and social systems worldwide. In other words, we
are going to pay for our past arrogance, greed, neglect and
irresponsibility. Observation is sufficient for us to notice that
economic hardship is increasing for most of the world’s population. The
frequency and devastation of man-made and natural disasters is too
obvious to ignore. What we should be discussing is what are going to do
about our global challenges. We need to consider how to organize our
institutions to serve the needs of the global population instead of
exploiting and fighting with each other.

Taking sides in polarized speculation and debates, right and wrong
accusations and the need for scientific proofare all forms of denial,
problem avoidance and favor the status quo. Polarization in all its
forms is both the challenge and the opportunity of the times. Both
viewpoints can help illumine our way.

It is obvious that we are in the midst of profound change, however we
understand it. Shifts are happening. To optimize how we adapt and to
more consciously direct our lives, it is useful to explore the nature of
the energies that are defining our reality. The most important
discussion considers HOW we are going to deal with the changes that are
upon us. The more we are able to operate out of heart-centered
consciousness, the better equipped we can be to find sustainable solutions.


There are many ways to evaluate, speculate and interpret how the
‘forces’ will manifest in 2012 and beyond. My understanding concerns a
new dynamic that is awaking us up to a deeper and more grounded soul
experience in physical reality.

We can use both numerology and astrology to help us understand (1) the
nature of the energies available, (2) the mood of mass consciousness,
(3) the challenges that confront us, (4) the opportunities that are
presenting themselves, and (5) the impact of massive changes on our
personal lives and the collective global politic.

First we will examine the numerology of 2012. Then we will look at the
astrological energies that can support us in optimizing our growth and
experience during this special year.



A key to understanding the significance of 2012 lies in numerology.
First, let’s look at the individual numbers – two 2’s, a 1 and a 0 – the
first numbers of a cycle.

ZERO is the century number, which indicates new beginnings. We see this
theme everywhere.

ONE is the number of the soul. This decade is about each of us awakening
to and expressing our unique soul identity and finding and following our
destiny path.

Numbers two, three and four represent different aspects of the mind.

TWO is the number of the protective/negative mind. (THREE represents the
positive/expansive mind.)The keywords for the optimal functioning of our

2011 was a FOUR year – the neutral mind.I sure hope everyone used 2011
to develop their neutral mind because we really need it to navigate
2012! The voice of our soul is available in our neutral channel, where
we can hear our intuition, the peaceful vibration of our soul and the
sound of the Infinite.

From the detached perspective of our neutral mind, our
negative/protective mind is able to compute rationally. Without the
guiding truth of our neutral mind, our negative mind has a tendency to
be destructive, cynical, judgmental and obsessively critical. Using our
dualistic mind to accurately discriminate and support our soul journey
on Planet Earth, instead of to sabotage us, is going tobe one of our
most important tasks in 2012.


Our spiritual strength is determined by the degree of activation of our
neutral mind and our ability to hold this state of higher consciousness
not only in our mind, but in our emotional and physical bodies.

Sharing after a Kundalini Yoga class, one of the students said that he
felt ‘spiritually flabby’ because he had a hard time maintaining his
awareness inside the neutral zone inside his head. What an honest and
clear evaluation of our general state of consciousness!We are all
‘spiritually flabby.’

And not because we haven’t tried to cultivate and maintain our
connection with Spirit.

It is my experience that no matter how much mind meditation we do, our
connection with Spirit is going to be transitory unless we are able to
also hold this delicate frequency in our physical and emotional bodies.
In our upper chakras, the energy goes up and out. To sustain subtle high
frequency energies in our body, we have to carefully cultivate our
physical body to hold and resonate with them. This is our task for 2012
and beyond.

Up and out is easy. It is more difficult to sustain our connection with
Spirit in our physical and emotional bodies. Physical reality is a
denser and slower dimension of existence, which makes our task harder.
Physical activation and cleansing and subtle awareness training are all
required.Humm, just what we wish we could avoid! But the eventual payoff
is the pleasure of physical existence and the sweetness of our embodied

2+0 +1+2 EQUALS FIVE

The sum total of the digits of 2012 equal five. In numerology FIVE
represents the physical body. Physical health is going to be of utmost
importance in 2012, but not just because we want to stay healthy. Our
physical body is the vehicle that makes it possible for our soul to come
to planet Earth. 2012 is going to wake us up to the challenges and the
pleasures of our soul having a human experience. 2012 is about being
consciously present in our physical form in physical reality and
becoming functional soul-directed human beings.

Five is the number of the teacher. Earth School is our teacher. We have
to learn our human lessons to pass our Earth School exams. This year we
will become very aware of the fact that our whole reality resonates and
is created in our physical body. We can’t escape into our minds and
enter the vast arena of suppression and denial. And we can’t figure
everything out through mental analysis. We will witness the
all-encompassing web of the body-mind connection, which means the
empowerment of both the higher expressions of mind/masculine and
body/emotions/feminine energies.

The number five is about discovering and experiencing the vital flow of
life, which happens only in our body and requires becoming one with the
dynamic unfoldment of natural forces and Mother Earth. This energy is
alive, ever-moving and constantly evolving.

Our conscious awakening to the flowing force will radically change our
experience of ourselves, life and spirituality. This is not the takeover
of women and the demise of men. This expanded consciousness of the
nature of reality makes it possible to become whole men and whole
women.In our wholeness, we work together, share power and use resources
equitably for the good of all.

The inner alchemy of higher Love requires the inner marriage of both the
stable/male and the flowing/female polarities of our soul. With the
re-introduction of the flowing force into our psyche, both men and women
will be able to cultivate an experience of Love in their human vessel
and awaken their hearts. (See THE INNER ART OF LOVE)

The big test for 2012 is cultivating our capacity to carry the higher
vibrations of Love in our body.Can our body be transmuted into an
instrument of Love and Peace? Can we live our human lives from Love and
Peace consciousness?

Sounds good. Now we have to get real and do the work. Welcome to
physical reality and year five.


The astrological configurations of 2012 can help us realize our
in-the-body, physical reality goals. (The earth element (body/physical
reality) and the water element (emotions) are classified as feminine
energies. Air (mind) and fire (Spirit) are classified as masculine.)

Earth and water element energies dominate in 2012.

Neptune and Chiron are in water sign Pisces. (More about their influence
in the Pisces newsletter.) (Neptune re-enters Pisces February 4, 2012,
after a short return to Aquarius August 4, 2011- February 3,2012)

In this issue we discuss the earth element influences.

(1) Pluto is in Capricorn 2008-2024.

(2) Mars is in Virgo November 2011 through July 3, 2012.

(3) Jupiter is in Taurus June 4, 2011- June 11, 2012, which is part of a
grand trine in the Earth signs in March 2012.


Capricorn brings in the new year at the Winter Solstice, December 21-2.

Capricorn, the third earth sign, is associated with the Planet
Saturn.Key concepts for both Capricorn and Saturn include tests and
challenge related to physical reality. To meet these Earth School tests,
we must (1) be practical and realistic, (2) put forth effort, (3) focus
our attention on what must be done to accomplish wisely-chosen
priorities, (4) be responsible for our choices and actions, (5) work
within limits and boundaries, (6) stay grounded in the moment and (7)
monitor and take care of our physical body and emotions.

Gosh, not exactly what I had in mind sitting on my meditation mat.
Welcome again to year five and physical reality.


The Capricorn archetype directs us to find our personal mountain and to
keep climbing to our summit of personal excellence through
self-initiation. Our earthly journey leads us to connect with our inner
truth so we can become our own authority and make our own decisions
based on what we feel is right for our lives. At various markers we have
to stop and examine our choices, re-define our priorities and evaluate
our way of life. 2012 is one of these life changing markers.

Uranus, now direct, back at the first degree of Aries, and squaring this
new moon, is supporting us in detaching from outside pressures so that
we can feel free to question and to experiment for ourselves how to find
and follow our personal truth.

Jupiter in Taurus goes direct on Christmas, the day after the New Moon.
After an introspective time retrograde (since August 30,) we are
encouraged to be optimistic and self-confident, as we move forward in
ways that give value to our uniqueness and support us in realizing our

Pluto joins the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, intensifying the need to get
honest and to get real about what is unsustainable in our lives. In
Capricorn since 2008, Pluto reveals the inconvenient truths about why
things don’t work and exposes the hidden costs of excessive materialism
and systems that enrich a few (actually less than 1%) at the expense of
the masses (more than 99%). Pluto makes known our evolutionary edge by
exposing our shadow so that what has been suppressed (and in charge) can
be healed and elevated into the light of our soul.Pluto in Capricorn
makes us aware of what thoughts, choices and actions must change if we
want to evolve into higher love.


Capricorn is a minimalist, contractive, conservative sign. Pluto in
Capricorn ‘represents both the fundamental breakdown of the old period,
a stripping away to essence, followed eventually by a rebuilding into
something new.’ *(1)

Earth issues include environmental, resource, population and
infrastructure issues that are about limitations, downsizing. We don’t
like limitations. We prefer expansion, growth and better times. But
collectively we are have to face the reality of diminishing reserves,
dwindling resources and failing infrastructure.

In 2012 and beyond, most people are going to be preoccupied with dealing
with survival, financial, and practical matters. All our survival,
security, first chakra issues teach us that rooted securely in our body,
connected to Mother Earth, there is hope that things can get better.


Capricorn brings our attention to the importance of living responsible
lives and making our individual contribution. The collective is made up
of individuals and the consciousness and actions of each one of us
impact the whole. If we each do our piece, we can be at peace.


At each Full Moon, the Moon shines in the polarity of the
current Sun sign, highlighting the interrelationship of the two supportive
signs. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity pair reminds us of the relationship
between our inner and outer realities. Realism and pragmatism in the
physical world (Capricorn) requires inner emotional maturity and an
elevated consciousness (Cancer.) Inner peace is a requirement for outer

Achieving a higher level of emotional and mental MATURITY is our goal.
The Cancer archetype represents our internal emotional support system
for our career and physical health. Cancer supports us in building a
more connected inner reality as a foundation for our activities in the
world. Cancer invites into our inner space, where, we simply listen to
our soul and relax into the feeling of Love. In our inner space we can
witness the deep desire of our soul to expand the depth and scope of our
human experience. Our soul yearns to be embodied and connected with the
flow of life that can only be known on planet Earth.


Capricorn/Saturn guidelines for dealing with our Earth School trials and
tests include the following.


A common reaction to many of our life predicaments is — How can I get
myself out of this mess? To answer this question, we need to ask
ourselves — What am I supposed to learn from this experience?Earth
School is about learning lessons. So the sooner we get with the program,
the better.


Under the Capricorn/Saturn influence, we become aware of the energy,
time, resources and effort that is required to make things happen. We
have to wisely evaluate how we use our energy, because in physical
reality, energy efficiency is of up most importance. The more relaxed and
focused we are, the more energy we have to get things done.


We have to carefully set priorities and use our precious time and
resources to accomplish the goals that are the most important to us. We
have to terminate unproductive endeavors and relationships and give up
taking on responsibilities that we can no longer handle, are better
under someone else’s care, or are simply no longer our job.


We often resist endings and change because we don’t want to feel the
emotional pain that can accompany detaching ourselves from what has
given us a sense of security. It is useful to tune into the pain and
suffering that comes with situations that no longer work for us. It’s
important to be honest. We may yell and scream when we lose a job we
hated, but honestly didn’t we pray to upgrade our career scene? Endings
create space for new opportunities. Even if the unknown feels
uncomfortable, at least acknowledge how change happens and make yourself
available for new opportunities.


The Capricorn/Saturn influence demands hard work and working within time
and resource limitations. We can feel that we don’t have enough time,
energy and resources. But what is required is to efficiently use what we
have. Consolidating our efforts, creating boundaries,and down-sizing can
all make us more effective. Being productive can provide a deep
satisfaction. Despite the hard work, we feel useful and know we are
creating a foundation for our future and supporting ourselves.


When Pluto moved into Capricorn in the fall of 2008, the irresponsible
Jupiter/Sagittarius influence died a quick death. On both the individual
and collective levels we are obliged and supported in living within our
means. Taking financial responsibility for our lives is very supportive
of peace of mind and part of growing up and becoming an adult.


Mars moved into the territory of Virgo November 10, 2011, where it stays
for almost eight months through July 3, 2012. Mars is assertive, direct,
courageous and represents our active, make things happen and get things
done energy. Earth Mother Virgo is careful, analytical, practical and
grounded in what is real in the moment.

This eight month-long sojourn includes retrograde motion from January 23
through April 13.

During the almost 3 month period when Mars is retrograde in Virgo, we
may feel as though our get things done – testosterone energy got turned
down. If we expect to move forward as usual and then feel thwarted by a
lack of energy, there can be a tendency to feel depressed and angry.

This is a time to assess our current situation and to evaluate where we
choose to use our energy and resources.

Mars in Virgo stimulates inner analysis. I find myself watching my
thoughts (Virgo analysis) and noting the energy, motivation or belief
that produces these thoughts. For example, I notice judgmental thoughts
and realize the old programs that give birth to these kinds of thoughts.
Not wanting to pollute my inner environment, I choose to let them go. I
do so by chanting a mantra or being in gratitude and offering blessings.
I experience a strong urge to not allow negative thoughts take up my
mind space.Mars in Virgo gives us an opportunity for mental house cleaning.

Virgo strives for purity. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo brings us heightened
awareness. As an earth sign, Virgo sensitizes us to deeper levels of
intuitive/instinctual knowing. I am welcoming the process because I know
this gift from Mars in Virgo will be available only during this 8 month

Mars in Virgo touchstones are — Reflect, rethink, reconsider and realign.


In the 2012 Pisces issue we will discuss the profound influence of
Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and how water signs support us in
experiencing Love in our physical and emotional bodies. Harbingers of
Universal Love, Neptune and Pisces create the context that makes it
possible to feel the energy of unconditional love that animates every
human being. When we ‘get it’ we experience this unifying force
everywhere and in every being and thing.

The earth signs teach us to experience Love as an in-the-body feeling
and an awareness of an all-pervasive energy presence that is within us,
around us and everywhere. Love isn’t a concept for the earth signs. Love
is a sensual experience. The only way to act from Love consciousness is
to resonate with the frequency of Love not only in our mind, but also in
our physical, emotional and subtle bodies. Can we turn up the vibration
and hold it in your physical and energetic fields?

Our experience of unconditional love is being facilitated by a grand
trine in March 2012 in the Earth signs. Venus and Jupiter (in Taurus),
Mars (in Virgo) and Pluto (in Capricorn) make a triangular formation
exact on March 13, and active for several weeks before and after that date.

The Earth element helps us become aware of our connection with the Earth
Mother. This is not an escape your body, deny your emotions, ‘spiritual’
experience. These combined energies offer usan authentic resonance with
the Love of Gaia Mother Earth herself. This cosmic alignment further
facilitates the reintegration of the Divine Feminine into the planetary
psyche. 2012 continues our journey of realignment and reunification with
the Divine Mother.

2012 is a year of Love. Venus, the planet of peace, well-being,
equilibrium, mental, emotional and physical balance, is a big player.
This Earth grand trine showers us with peace, love and harmony, offering
us a Spring of Love, even better than the sixties (summer of love 1967.)


We live in a time of uncertainty. There is a lot that we cannot know. If
we focus on not knowing, we fill ourselves with the negative vibrations
of doubt and fear and become our own worst enemy. We can discuss
endlessly the possibilities and probabilities that can confront us in
2012 and beyond. However, the overriding thing we need to be concerned
about is the state of consciousness from which we operate in the world.
Do we choose fear or do we choose love? Circumstances will challenge us.
Change is going to happen. Life is going to evolve. How do we choose to
face our challenges? What is our attitude toward change?How do we choose
to live our lives?

We are all preoccupied taking care of our many earth challenges and
chores. If we just devote 2012 to experiencing Love and acting from this
consciousness during the day, everything else can fall into place. It is
an all-inclusive job involving every aspect of our lives. 2012 is about
back to basics — Experience Love. Hold the feeling of Love in your
body. And live from Love consciousness.

We make this choice everyday at every moment. Our daily job in 2012 is
to upgrade our consciousness, cultivate a strong nervous system and take
care of our physical, subtle and emotional bodies, so that we are
capable of choosing love.


The SUN is in CAPRICORN from December 21 through January 19.

MERCURY is in Sagittarius from November 2 through January 8, 2012.

Mercury is in Capricorn from January 8-27


Low energy a few days before the new moon is normal. The Sun moving into
Earth sign Capricorn is also going to slow us down. Don’t get depressed.
Just relax and go inside your skin and find inner peace.

DECEMBER 25 – JUPITER IN TAURUS goes direct the day after the New Moon
(after being retrograde since August 30) encouraging us to be optimistic
and self-confident.


MARS moved into the territory of Virgo November 10, 2011, where it stays
for almost eight months through July 3, 2012. This long sojourn includes
retrograde motion from January 23 through April 13.

Other Markers to Monitor Your Mood and Energy in 2012

NEPTUNE RE-ENTERS PISCES February 4, 2012, after a short return to
Aquarius August 4, 2011- February 3,2012

SATURN IS RETROGRADE IN LIBRA from February 7 – June 25. Saturn finally
leaves Libra alone October 6, when it move into Scorpio. Yikes – 3 years
of relationship challenges!

MERCURY IS RETROGRADE March 12 – April 4 for 23 days in Aries and Pisces.

MERCURY AND URANUS will be conjunct within 4 degrees for these 3 weeks.

MARCH 13 – GRAND TRINE in March 2012 in the Earth signs. Venus and
Jupiter (in Taurus), Mars (in Virgo) and Pluto (in Capricorn) make a
triangular formation exact on March 13, but active for several weeks
before and after that date.

MERCURY IS RETROGRADE July 15 – August 7 in Leo for 24 days.

JUNE 24, 2012 is the date of the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto.
(Uranus in Aries is exactly 90 degrees ahead of Pluto in Capricorn in
the zodiac. Uranus will form seven exact squares with Pluto through
March 2015.To be discussed in future issues.



Below is a check list that you can use to monitor your current state in
terms of vibrating with fear or with Love. Practice noticing and then
choose love over fear. Use your mind to change our attitude and then
feel the energy shifts in your physical and emotional bodies. Witness
how quickly you can shift. Experiment with the many things that you can
do that facilitate your choice and ability to create and maintain a
state of Love — (1) chanting a mantra, (2) changing your breath with
any pranayama, (3) moving your body with walking, exercise and Kundalini
Yoga, and (4) taking action.

Fear /Love

Worried/ Trusting

Conflicted/ At Peace

Stressed/ Relaxed

Asleep/ Awake

Absent/ Present

Scattered/ Focused

Judging/Neutral, blessings

Rejecting/ Accepting

Blocking/  Allowing

Resistant/ Flowing

Stuck / Alive

Dissatisfied/ Satisfied, content, grateful

To strengthen your nervous system, it is very important to integrate
pranayama in your daily sadhana…

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1. Lehman, page 41.


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