Sent on by Patricia Cota-Robles- “A Special Blessing for 2012”

Dear Ones,

As the following message from Patricia Cota-Robles describes, here is a special blessing to all made by Lee Harris, of

I have just finished soaking in all 22 minutes of this georgous film and I am certain that you will feel something wonderful as you allow yourself the time and peace to experience the video.


Sending you each and all love, light, laughter and much gratitude,

From: “Patricia Cota-Robles” <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 15:04:28 -0800

A Special Blessing for 2012

Precious Hearts, I want to share this powerful YouTube video with you. Please watch it and allow the significance of this message resonate within the Divinity of your heart.
2012: A Year of Power

If this link does not work, please cut and paste it in your browser.

Keep shining your magnificent Light!
God Bless You,
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2 responses to “Sent on by Patricia Cota-Robles- “A Special Blessing for 2012”

  1. hi my name is andrea and yes lee and his message for 2012 had the same effect on me too.i am a light worker from nz of indeginous decent.part maori irish and yugoslave.we here in the land of the long white cloud hear the calling so profoundly .i too am dancing for joy in my heart about lees message and the vibration in his voice makes me fly like and eagle.from auckland nz.

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