From Lee Harris- July Energy Forecast – Shifting To Action In Our Spiral Of Evolution

Hi Everyone,

Once again I am happy to reprint for you Lee Harris’s monthly energy forecast.

What I most like about this July entry is Lee’s insightful discussion of  so called negative feeling states, and experiences which seem to be a repetition of  past  less than optimal experience patterns.

He states:”in my view and experience, the greater heights are only reached by being uncensored in ourselves about the low points you may experience or witness. The difficult feelings, or thoughts which come up. The difficult experiences which play out around you.

Life is a spiral path for all of us. We are constantly invited to evolve upwards in life, but we move up and down within that spiral of evolution. With the down moments, we are invited to take the time to stabilise our new heights reached. This is why we are often returned to replays of the past to see how we are doing with moving on.”

Lee’s comment about the value of experiencing both both the highs and the lows in ourselves reminds me of  Magui Block’s adaptation of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations work for Resonance Repatterning practitioners and students.  Concepts of  experiencing fully the polar opposites of feelings are utilized  in The Health Repatterning that appears in Healing the  Systems- Family, Groups and Organizations.

I hope that you will find value in Lee’s analysis.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Energy Forecast – Shifting To Action In Our Spiral Of Evolution


*I abandoned the first draft of this forecast as it felt repetitive to so many other months this year. It was almost fully written and yet did not feel quite right. In some ways the repetition was a truth, as the symptoms I have mentioned throughout 2012 are still showing up for many. So you may want to go back through the first six forecasts of the year to harvest some of the seeds there, as some of you will now be experiencing aspects I mentioned in recent months.

Shifting To Action In Our Spiral Of Evolution

The second half of 2012 has begun, and the time of action is now upon us more than ever. We will see this playing out everywhere. The coming six months will see more external and practical movement than the first. We will each play our part in the action, and the way our bodies feel about what is happening will guide us to our place. We will all have moments where we are tired and trying to catch up with what is going on, as it is intense on the body. So honour your needs as much as you give out to others, especially if you recognise yourself as a giver or a lighthouse for the troubles or needs of others. Women and those strong in the feminine/nurturing especially, take heed of this. Need is on the rise, therefore so too must self-care become stronger.

Invite yourself, where possible, to turn your feelings into action in July.

How do you want to live your life now?

What do you want to change in the coming weeks and months?

How do you want our planet and its life to look in the future?

This is a time of so many questions. And that is not an easy process to go through.

We are being asked to step out of what we have known as a way of life for decades and to look a little closer at what is going on. To peek behind the curtain, however scary it may be. It can be disorientating to notice change happening. Even if we think the structure of life still looks the way it used to, it doesn’t feel the same way. And the strong sense of fast change is in the air in July, more so than in any month this year.

We are being called to ask questions about our future ways. Questions about planetary resources. Questions about banking systems and our governments. Questions we have perhaps never previously asked, with answers that don’t seem clear. More people are beginning to wonder about how we are doing as a race on a planet at a unique point in time. More people are looking outside the four walls of their home and at the bigger picture unfolding. A picture that has unique circumstances which our more recent predecessors did not have to go through.

We are now asking questions that previously, a government, or a parent, or a company we work for took care of for us. This is a collective change.

What does this change create in us? It creates ongoing ripples and waves in the energy and physical body. The energy body holding the feeling, thought and spirit of you. The physical body holding the grounded and historic part of you.

Some of the experiences brought on by these waves are; confusion, fear, liberation, grief, claustrophobia, excitement, anger, awakening, sadness, enlightenment.

This is a universal energy experience, however you might be going through it. Some will go through it via the catalyst of cancer, some through the catalyst of losing their job and others just through their sensory experience of what is taking place in the world.

Several routes, same destination.

Most of you reading this will not relate to every reaction I just listed. But all of you will relate to at least one of the experiences. For that spectrum of experience is currently ‘us’. We are each a unique part of the human tapestry, but contained within a range of reactions and feelings. Contained because we share in (and pick up on) the group reactions we are surrounded by. And these are intensely feeling times, so if you aren’t directly in crisis yourself, you will have an increasing number of crises around you in those you know.

Life on Earth in general is exhibiting crisis, and we humans are mirroring the state of our planet. When in crisis, things can look very bleak and feel very painful. But as those of you who have been through great crises in your life before know, if you are lucky enough to have come out stronger on the other side, you understand the possibilities of renewal and rebirth that crisis points bring.

So, we can allow this reality to be depressing or inspiring. And there is no prescription for how our situation should make you feel. The best we can do is be honest with ourselves about where we are at, and work with that place within us as honestly as we can.

I have heard stories from those imprisoned in concentration camps during the second world war, as to how different the reactions of prisoners were. There were those prisoners who withdrew into devastation and those who kept the spirit of the group alive. And that these energies could move and shift through the group, as time went on. So, the devastated would refind their will to live, and the spirited would become devastated for a while. This reminds us that the human spirit is ever moving and resilient, even in the most challenging of circumstances. And that humans can inspire other humans.

We have an opportunity now to inspire and affect positive change, but to effectively do this, we must equally honour and become aware of what is going on inside of us. So if we are depressed or in grief, then that is the feeling we must honour and learn to work with, or seek support for, until we reset ourselves.

Not everyone will feel depressed, just as not everyone will feel excited. But the excited people will have the strength inside themselves to see the potentials, and powered by their strength, will lead the way toward creating it. And when or if their strength disappears or dims for a time, the baton of strength can be picked up by someone else in our human tapestry. Someone who the previously strong people perhaps helped to get back onto their feet when they were down. This is the ‘wheel effect’ of human energy in motion. The sharing planet, sharing the leadership, sharing the strength, supporting those more in need.

The depressed people will go through their grieving process and return to their strength if they can find the right direction and support. Their direct experience of grief will then help them in nurturing and guiding others in depression. Nothing is wasted as we can use our empathy to help us find our action. For example, if you feel sad about the struggles of the elderly in life, this is a sign of direction for you, and you may wish to lend your time to helping the elderly in your community. Many sensitive people feel sad right now because of what they are picking up on in the outer world. Often engaging in helping in the areas you feel most touched by, is the remedy for this. The body and its feelings can be a great compass for you in that sense.

I am conscious that many in the spiritual community want solely to focus on the ‘heights’ we can attain, but in my view and experience, the greater heights are only reached by being uncensored in ourselves about the low points you may experience or witness. The difficult feelings, or thoughts which come up. The difficult experiences which play out around you.

Life is a spiral path for all of us. We are constantly invited to evolve upwards in life, but we move up and down within that spiral of evolution. With the down moments, we are invited to take the time to stabilise our new heights reached. This is why we are often returned to replays of the past to see how we are doing with moving on. So for example, you may see old relationship dynamics you used to experience playing out with a new friend, albeit this time at subtler levels than before. If you notice this, recognise there are two opportunities. One; to show you how you have moved on from a dynamic you used to be caught in. Two; to give you an opportunity to change the dynamic this time, or to simply recognise you can walk away from it if the person is exhibiting behaviour that you’ve identified does not work well with your chemistry.

One of the low points we can get into as human beings, is in not trusting that we each have our role to play – losing our sense of purpose, which is strong for many right now. It can be a great gift to feel purposeless for a while, unless you are angry at yourself for that experience – then it can be a painful experience. Low self-esteem can get in the way of you living your purpose, but perhaps more destructive to human growth, is the judgement of others.

I sometimes meet those on the spiritual path who believe that the revolution on Earth has to be a ‘certain’ way. That a certain tradition or practise which they follow is superior to all else. If any of you are holding that energy, now is the time to closely look at it and ask yourself why you feel so convinced of what the rest of the world needs? How could you possibly know what will work for everyone else? The greatest knowing you will ever be able to master is the knowing you will come to inside yourself. Whether you call that knowing God, or your higher self, or just knowing you.

So honour and love your own practise but deeply commit to it for yourself, without distracting yourself by needing others to join you in it. Remember, several routes, same destination. So whenever you catch that need for others to do it ‘your way’, recognise how your energy is externalising onto others. Projecting your belief outward, rather than deepening inward with your belief, thus losing your own energy.

The seed of war that exists in us as humans runs deep and that is what this energy of projection speaks of. The effects of war energy are what we are dealing with in the world on a major level now, and it is becoming more exposed every day. So do not be surprised if those around you begin exhibiting this energy in subtle and bigger ways.

The seed of war is: wanting/needing power over others and their ways of being, or a belief there are lesser people than yourself. Both of these speak of energetic disconnection from the heart of yourself and your fellow man/woman. And it shows up in subtle ways for all of us, as it is an energy we have shared in over time.

Judgement of the ways of others, feeling superior to others or believing you are more advanced than others are the evident traps in the spiritual community. None of these thoughts or projections will help the ‘others’ you are viewing that way to evolve. It will just dim your own energy to create the good you are capable of creating, and puts back out into the world further seeds of war energy, thus encouraging others to contract in fear rather than expand in love.

If you find yourself being judged by another, step away or say something to them, as it will not help you or any of us to be on the direct receiving end of judgement right now. And that energy will be flying around as the ego and male shadow energy shake through us as a collective in transformation following the Venus transit and rise of the feminine.

Finally, the speed of our time is rapid, and the third eye and crown areas are opening fast right now. So the intuitive among you will be noticing that visions and intuitions you have will be transforming and changing, sometimes within hours or days. This is due to a higher level of consciousness arriving at a planetary level. Metaphorically speaking, the psychic ceiling just raised by 100 feet on Earth, almost overnight during June. This invites a more intuitive space for everyone on Earth to walk into, which is a good thing. But for those already developed with the psychic highways, it will be a little crazy up there for a while as you adjust to the new level of speed and information. It’s the difference between road traffic in the countryside and the city (for a clear picture, imagine Delhi, India!!).

So take time to get used to it, and don’t be surprised if timelines and possibilities that you see and vision for yourself or others, are rapidly shifting for a while.

Much love to all

Affirmation for July;

I will be clear in my actions and do as I feel to do

I will be kind to myself when I stumble or am tired

I will be compassionate toward the pain of others

I will not ingest the judgment of others

I will be free of expectations and live more in the now

I am open to love and support for myself and our world, for it is out there, always


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  1. Really resonates with what I am feeling. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Dear Clare,

      Thank you so much for reading the newsletter and taking the time to comment.
      I’m sorry that I was so long in responding to your note and I am so glad that you also found the material helpful.

      Sending you much love and the hope that we will see each other before long,

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