Another Flash Mob Performs at Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain.

I got this wonderful piece today from my oldest friend , Danny.

I hope that you enjoy this flashmob  performance that took place in Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain.

What touched me most, aside from the performance itself, was the reaction of the small children that is recorded on this video .

Truly, this is what Joy and Delight look like.



6 responses to “Another Flash Mob Performs at Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain.

  1. My kind of mob!!!

    • Mine too! I couldn’t decide which flash mob I like better- the one in Moscow doing “Putting On The Ritz” that I posted earlier this year, or this one.

      This one really moved me to tears with joy!

      Sending you so much love,

  2. Thanks so much! I watched it and burst into tears. Sent it to my mom and she loved it. You da bomb!!!- Trinket (from her direct e-mail to me)

  3. I cried too!!! Thanks angelic Trinket for sending me the note!

    I Love you!

  4. LOVED THIS, Mer! Brought me to tears of Joy! xo Mer ( From Merrill’s direct e-mail to me, Meryl))

  5. Me too Mer!

    I Love you,

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