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Another Flash Mob Performs at Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain.

I got this wonderful piece today from my oldest friend , Danny.

I hope that you enjoy this flashmob  performance that took place in Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain.

What touched me most, aside from the performance itself, was the reaction of the small children that is recorded on this video .

Truly, this is what Joy and Delight look like.


Putting On The Ritz

One Last item for this week. My friend Karen Duncan of the Centre for Vibrant Living, in Kennett Square, PA  www.thecentreforvibrantliving.com/sent me this wonderful item with one of the comments that appears with it on U-Tube.

Be sure to view it full-screen with the volume turned up!!!


“What a crazy, ever changing world…!
Who could have thought that in 2012 young people in Moscow would put on a “flash mob” happening, dancing to an 83 year old American song written by a Russian born American/Jew (Irving Berlin) whose last name is the capital of Germany