The Goldilocks Principle- New Work by Gail Glanville

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am passing on to you a new piece of work written by Resonance Repatterning Certified Practitioner Gail Glanville.

Gail is one of the primary authors of the Nun Karma Repatterning that you can always download for free from this Newsletter . Amongst many other accomplishments she is also the author of  Food Re-Patterning & Sacred Relationships.

To my delight I received an e-mail from her on April 6th which  describes her new work. I have reprinted this below my own message here so you can experience some of the power of the work for yourself.

I have been using the new work with several of my clients for the past two weeks. Here is the testimony that I sent on to Gail yesterday.

The Goldilocks Principle goes beyond the cutting edge of what is new and powerful to use with Resonance Repatterning. Its energetic potential for transformation is unlimited – because it taps into ancient behavior patterns that are primal and basic and still unique to each one of us.

It contains a perspective and emotional complexity aligned with the changes we are experiencing on our planet right now.

I consider this a new technique and have so far seen amazing results with my clients.

I urge you to consider sessions with Gail’s package of three and I recommend that all Repatterning practitioners begin at once to use this with your clients and on yourself.”

Not only is using this work yielding amazing results, but I am thrilled to be able to report that its creation seems to be at least in part results derived from an Infinity Healing session! Isn’t That Cool?!

Here is what Gail wrote to me:

When Meryl gave me an INFINITY session last winter, I was a bit anxious and wondered what it would be like. Once I relaxed into the guided visualization and her energetic support, I was lifted up to higher dimensions. I had a knowing then that certain things in my life would drop away and leave room for something new. I hadn’t a clue what that might be and sort of forgot about the session.
Now some 3 months later, there has been significant change. Funding has dried up for a non-profit client I had been writing for out of a sense of obligation rather than passion. What a relief! Then inspiration came to write The Goldilocks Principle, a simple self-help book designed to improve relationships that has gotten an immediate response. And I’ve found the courage to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…move to the light and warmth of southeast Florida.
Now I can see the connection. I’m here to tell you that when you want to make a significant change in your life, Meryl’s INFINITY sessions yield surprising results!

Here is the original email that Gail sent out from her company Change Bistro and underneath the Nun Karma Repatterning on this website you can now download the new no-cost e-book The Goldilocks Principle.



Hey Goldilocks!

What do you know about the

3 Big Bears of Bad Relationships?

Let’s open the book and read their story.

Their names are:

Control Bear, Deprivation Bear and Rejection Bear.

Years ago, when I first met them, I thought the Control Bear was running my life, turning me into a rebel or looking for people who were comfortably controlling or seeking to be controlled.

Then I spotted the Deprivation Bear, and realized how hard it was to recognize what I really needed and trust that I could ask for help to lift my silent suffering.

But in the end, I had to acknowledge that just one swipe from the critical Rejection Bear stopped me cold, closed my heart and sent me into hiding. Or I took the opposite tack and lashed out, feeling utterly disconnected from the field of love.

So there you have them.

The 3 Big Bears of Bad Relationships: Control, Deprivation and Rejection.

They have a close kinship to each other. Maybe they’ve been in your life, one or all of them, for a very long time.

More than likely, they show up in your family history and generational patterns, in Nun Karma and emotional eating.

You may even be keeping them close out of unconscious loyalty to your entire family system.

So with these old and powerful Bears taking up space in your life, what chance do you have for a healthy relationship today, (especially in the post-2012 new energy which doesn’t love these old patterns)?

That’s why the 3 Big Bears are not to be sniffed at.

Or stuffed.

Or played around with.

And here’s why they’re so dangerous for your native Goldilocks persona.

There’s actually a part of you that is comfortable with their presence and unconsciously invites them into your life, into your home and even into your heart.

Wait! Before this happens to you AGAIN, try my “Hey Goldilocks!” Series of 3 Repatterning sessions.

So that these 3 Big Bears—

—well, so that YOU learn to name them, claim them and tame them!

In other words, Repattern them into submission!

So you, Goldilocks, wake up, stop resonating with the 3 Bears’ ancient presence in your life and step into some fresh new energy relationship stories all your own.

Because the better story is to resonate with the benefits and lessons and opportunities each Bear holds for you.

That’s what I can help you with as a Repatterning practitioner.

That’s what you can read about in this short no-cost download, THE GOLDILOCKS PRINCIPLE.

And that’s what you’ll get with the GOLDILOCKS SERIES of 3 private sessions to name, claim and tame the 3 Big Bears of Bad Relationships.

When the Bears show up in your life, please know that’s a sign of gifts waiting for you from the new energy field of truth and love.

And you want to know a secret?

You have to tame these Bears in order to sustain the open flow of love and energy in this new field.

Wouldn’t you like to start now?

1. No-Cost Download:
The Goldilocks Principle

Learn all about taming the 3 Bears, the real story of Goldilocks’ happy ending and what The Goldilocks Principle (it’s real) holds for you today.

By appointment
Session 1 Control Bear’s Opportunities
Session 2 Deprivation Bear’s Opportunities
Session 3 Rejection Bear’s Opportunities

Wouldn’t you love to tame these Bears before they take all your money, honey, joy and self-esteem?

I’d love to help you do it! Contact me now for an appointment.

Gail 401 654 1565


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