Being With Patricia Cota Robles on September 8, 2013

On August 9, 2013 I posted Patricia Cota-Robles’s invitation to her Take Charge of Your Life free seminar for September in New York City.

I went to the seminar with two of my dear friends and the pictures above may give you a vague sense of what it was like being there.

We were on the 18th floor of the hotel in a spacious glass room filled with sunlight.  The energy was high with excitement even before Patricia appeared.

She is a completely grounded, non-egoic presence that filled the room with her expansive, light  energy. She spoke continuously for over two hours in the morning and another two hours after lunch.

Her command of the material presented, not surprisingly, was majestic and the information she presented was a compilation of almost everything I have posted here of hers over the years with an update from the August 2013  27th World Congress on Illumination. The latter material was also posted here the first week in September.

This seminar was the first she had done after the Congress.  The most important thing about the event was not what she was saying- she told us  that she could be presenting gibberish (gobbledy gook in Repatterning lingo) and that the purpose of the seminar would still be accomplished.

What was most important about the event was that all who were present became a proxy for the transformation of all humanity and our sweet mother earth- a chalice or cup to hold the exquisite energy of the 5th dimensional violet flame of transmutation.

The material in the morning was mostly an account of the history of the spiritual evolution of our planet.  What I learned  was one part of the story that had not registered with me previously.

So many times she, and others who speak of our Aquarian Age Earth have said that we are experiencing an unprecedented event in the history of our universe.

Now I understand that planet Earth, unlike any other planet in our solar system or universe has just  entered the 5th dimension without having passed through the 4th dimension , which is the standard mode of a planet in our system’s evolvement.

In the afternoon Patricia presented a few of the key verbal tools to assist us in the transformation. again these tools were all posted at one time or another on this blog in the form of recitations and meditations.

It was extremely powerful energy that infused all of us in the room in the afternoon. At the end we connected together as one, hands held unit to intensify our experience of the Oneness that we already are.

WOW!!!!  It was awesome!


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