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Great News About The Boyd Family Singers in Central Park

In a post published  April 15, 2011 entitled “Introducing The Boyds For Praise Company- The Boyd Family Singers”  I could not adequately describe how deeply this particular family choir’s music has touched my heart and soul.


I continue to feel virtually the same about their music as I did the very first day I heard them almost two years ago.

My experience is far from unique. People are visibly moved to tears when they encounter the musicians in the arcade next to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Over the past year I have received numerous queries from people who found my article either through wordpress.com or by a google search for the Boyds.

So many of the comments not only reflect other people’s deep reactions to the music but most of the people are trying to get copies of the CD’s they did not buy when they were in Central Park.

Great New To All!   John Boyd informed me on Sunday about  the brand new website http://www.peaceindustrymusicgroup.com/index.html that is the new vision for his family’s choir. He assured me that in about two weeks the website will be commerce enabled so that anyone anywhere can purchase the six CD’s that are newly repackaged.

In addition, there currently  is  contact information on the site so that everyone who wants to communicate directly with John Boyd can now do so.

The picture featured above is the jacket cover of the new CD Peace in the Park produced by John Boyd and the new group, the Peace Industry Music Group.

Information about the group is contained in the jacket of the CD. It states:

With accomplished singer, composer and music director John Boyd at the helm, The Peace Industry Music Group is a unique band consisting of singers and musicians from different nationalities, all promoting the idea of peace through their uplifting music and tranquil sound. This assembly of talented performing artists primarily perform in Central Park, NYC, at the Bethesda Fountain year round”

Here is one of the fourteen tracts on the new CD. It is a solo by Abraham Boyd, the oldest of the sons, singing the old standard made most famous by Louis Armstrong’s singing  What A Wonderful World.

Although I own and love both Louis Armstong’s and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of this song I find Abraham’s rendition touching with the clear beauty and sincerity of his voice.

I hope that you enjoy this .

09 Track 9

New York City in Full Bloom In and Around Central Park

Hi Everyone…

As I mentioned last week I’ve been saving a series of pictures of glorious Central Park as Spring ‘s full bloom progresses.

I’ve also included some shots of city houses adorned by lush flowers.

I only wish that I could transmit here the intoxicating fragrance of the lilacs.

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Music and the Joy of Play

Last week was yet another sensational week of nurturing myself with outstanding musical performances.

When I reflected upon what made these  performance so special to me I realized something very simple that often seems to be ignored by music critics and especially by those interested in classical orchestral or chamber music.

The essence of music is play. It is about the play and interplay of instruments and  artists that is part  of the non-verbal communications and conversations.

Play implies fun, creativity, freedom of expression, spontaneity, joy and pleasure.

The abundance of this quality is what distinguished both of my experiences last week. You can tell a musician is having fun because they smile when they play their instrument and look at the other players.

The first event was a jazz set that took place at The Jazz Standard, www.jazzstandard.com. I had never heard master tenor saxophonist Houston Person or pianist John Di Martino or the bass player Ray Drummond play before. The fourth of the quartet was my favorite drummer Lewis Nash.

The outstanding expertise of each musician was intensified by the musical banter between them all. They didn’t just converse -they played and the joy and fun that they expressed felt like a really great party and celebration was happening.

There  was a riot of fun and afterwards when I spoke to Drummond and Nash each pointed to other saying that the other was the “instigator”.

Later that weekend I attended an all piano concert given by The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center at Alice Tulley Hall. www.chambermusicsociety.org.  Here is the music they played and the artists are pictured below.

Meet the Artists

Wu Han

Wu Han

Each pair of artists were clearly delighted by their collaboration with each other. It didn’t matter whether they played on two pianos or one, and no combination of partners was unbalanced with the performances of other pairings.

As each piece was completed the artists hugged each other, were laughing and left the stage engaged in conversation with the other.

The fun they each had was contagious to all present.

At the completion of both the jazz set and the chamber music concert a rare event happened.

It is highly unusual in recent times for performers to give encores.

At the jazz venue, another full piece was performed , to the surprise and joy of the the audience and the  four pianists sat together at one piano and played an eight handed piece.

What fun!!!!! Lucky, lucky me!