More Notes for The New Students

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are continuing to do something everyday that involves  practicing your muscle checking and that incorporating parts of the system that bring you greater coherence throughout your day, everyday.

When you have more time, muscle check to see what you need to bring you to a higher level of coherence in your life. A session can just be Orientation, or any of the keys by themselves, or any part/s of a single key combined with another and a modality to energize the shift.

Although there was lots of information concerning “homework” in last week’s post, it is important that you know that you do not have to master or be totally familiar with everything in the book you have before you can feel ready for our next seminar a month (or two months for Chakras and Meridians) later.

When you have finished Meridians you will have at least  five years of material to be used and reused.Your muscle checking will always be your sensitive guide to every part of a session.  All of the information is in the manuals so you do not need to know by heart what the information is. You are learning the mechanics, the different parts of the basic tools of the system and learning exactly what goes into creating the safe healing space for your client.

Here are a few fine points that came up while I was working with our newest seminar certificate program class member, Martha.

  • In the feeling pause, the  client’s eyes are always open until the body movement,  the Katsugen part.
  • Unless specifically stated to be otherwise, all *[cr] ing   involves the client having open eyes. This helps to ensure that the person is grounded in their body.
  • On P.5 of Fundamentals next to the description of the umbilical check, add ” practitioner uses left hand, all fingers together,each time near the umbilicus.”

Here is a picture of  Martha to help integrate her smoothly into the class.


One response to “More Notes for The New Students

  1. Remarkable related information! I have been looking for anything similar to this for some time these days. Many thanks!

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