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A Question From Beth

Hi Meryl

I had a client ask me a question the other day and wanted to get your input.  She is participating in my Lunar Repatterning Proxy Group, and expressed concern that the “energy of the group” would affect her negatively while she was on vacation.  She was worried that she was going to “take on” the problems of others in the group.  I explained that we set a very clear intention with this work that the shifts that take place are for the highest good of the group, and of all concerned, and that we only process those shifts our system needs.  It is not in her highest good, or anyone’s really, to “work on” problems that belong to others!

I am wondering if you want to expand on this at all?  It seems to be a concern others have…that they are “sensitive” to others’ energies, and that they are in some way more affected than others.  I believe we are all connected and all one, and we do not need to take on things that are not a part of our journey.  Just wondering what you think?


Hi Dear Beth,

Thank you for this wonderful question. My understanding and experience has been that in group work and particularly in proxy groups, each person’s higher self sorts out every kind of energetic input so that each individual receives exactly and only what is needed for them.

Additionally, if a person is experiencing “taking on” of others’ energies, I would strongly suggest that they learn and practice doing “Zip- Ups” on a regular basis.

For those who do not know what thee are, you place one of your hands, flat, in front of your body, starting in the center of the body at the top of the pubic bone. Bring the hand up to the indentation between the chin and the lips. Pause. When repeating the movement, move the hand to the side and then down so as not to “un-zip” the energy.

This simple technique pulls up the energy of all the meridians in the front of the body and “insulates” the person so they can easily be in their own center no matter what is going on around them.

Also, I would suggest teaching them to connect with their tenth chakra, two to three feet below the bottom of their feet, again so that they are impervious to the pulls of other energy and are strongly grounded in the earth.

More information on the tenth chakra can be found on this blog in the book review of Cyndi Dale’s Chakra book and in the discussion of what happened in Group in December 2010.

If anyone else has some ideas about Beth’s question, please leave your comments.

More Notes for The New Students

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are continuing to do something everyday that involves  practicing your muscle checking and that incorporating parts of the system that bring you greater coherence throughout your day, everyday.

When you have more time, muscle check to see what you need to bring you to a higher level of coherence in your life. A session can just be Orientation, or any of the keys by themselves, or any part/s of a single key combined with another and a modality to energize the shift.

Although there was lots of information concerning “homework” in last week’s post, it is important that you know that you do not have to master or be totally familiar with everything in the book you have before you can feel ready for our next seminar a month (or two months for Chakras and Meridians) later.

When you have finished Meridians you will have at least  five years of material to be used and reused.Your muscle checking will always be your sensitive guide to every part of a session.  All of the information is in the manuals so you do not need to know by heart what the information is. You are learning the mechanics, the different parts of the basic tools of the system and learning exactly what goes into creating the safe healing space for your client.

Here are a few fine points that came up while I was working with our newest seminar certificate program class member, Martha.

  • In the feeling pause, the  client’s eyes are always open until the body movement,  the Katsugen part.
  • Unless specifically stated to be otherwise, all *[cr] ing   involves the client having open eyes. This helps to ensure that the person is grounded in their body.
  • On P.5 of Fundamentals next to the description of the umbilical check, add ” practitioner uses left hand, all fingers together,each time near the umbilicus.”

Here is a picture of  Martha to help integrate her smoothly into the class.

What is my Homework after taking the Empowering/Fundamentals Intensive last weekend?

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Dear 2011 NYC Seminar Series Students,

I want to thank you each for your wonderful participation in our class together.  It was truly a joy and an honor to be your first teacher of Resonance Repatterning.

I hope that you are having a fabulous week and that you will find it easy to begin your new life with Resonance Repatterning today first by doing an Intention for your muscle checking ( p. 44-45  #1, Fundamentals)
Then each day Practice, Practice, Practice something by:

  • going to either of the practice pages  ( Empowering P. 83 Fundamentals- P178),
  • or by writing an Intention for how you want your day to be
  • or by identifying a problem of the moment and shifting it with a modality
  • by finding a Daily Empowerment Intention on P.38 Fundamentals-
  • by practicing a Repatterning-
  • by doing a Modality

Please promise yourself that everyday you will do at least one little thing to use the system- even by “(mcs) ing ” for a modality and doing it. You will find that integrating it into your life will be easy if you start with one little thing each day.

It’s very important to continue using your muscle indicator every day so that you build on your trust and current high level of competency. Use your laminated The Daily Empowerment Guide – carry it with you to muscle check for quick use of the keys, especially the modalities, as you go about your daily life.

Over the next few weeks, please read first the Empowering Book. Do  the skills development routines so that all of that information is integrated.  Then practice, practice, practice doing what we have covered  in Orientation/ Problems into Opportunities/ Intention for a New Possibility/Repatternings… and of course use the Modalities, in Fundamentals.

When you are really comfortable and flowing with each of the keys of the Mandela we learned together, add one more thing a  to make it more comprehensive. For example, expand to the Positive Inner Strength in Problems (Fundamentals P. 25, C.e. ) and Intentions (Fundamentals P. 35, D.b.) and the Commitment (P. 36 E) Finally, you can then add listing more than one problem or intention and begin muscle checking for the primary.

When you are really comfortable with what we covered in each of the keys, Orientation,  Problems and Intentions, and, once you are comfortable and fluent with the Belief Repatterning ( you can do this one in a few minutes several times a week) use the Mandela to start and say ” I need something from … ” (naming any key) go to the key that you need , finish that key.

Instead of assuming that you need a Modality- see if you need another key. Finish that key and (mcs) to see where you need to go next, until  you need a  Modality- do the Modality and then you can re-check all of your [*cr]’s.

If when you (mcs)  “This session is complete”, and you find it is not, remember to go to the Mandela for another modality or, more likely, a Positive Action. Just Enjoy, Practice and Have Fun!!!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or just to say hi- Use the blog or e-mail and let me know if I can put questions on the blog with your name or  with your initial and State you live in.

Sunday, February 27th, is the first Practice/Support/ Skills Group in NYC you can attend.
The hours are from 12- 4PM, at my house .
The cost is $29.00

The dates for the next ones are:
Sunday,         March 20, 2011          12- 4pm
Sunday,         April 10, 2011          12- 4pm

Now for  the Follow-up Information.
For information about emdr… go to Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

The music we used was:

Michael Buble- michael buble
Ella Fitzgerald-Ken Burns Jazz- Ella Fitzgerald

From RR Sales
Overtone Chant the Practical Guide” by Nestor Kornblum
The  pitch pipe- the Om tuning fork and the Mirage Hologram Maker ( the pig- our clam shell!)

The books that were not listed on the RR Sales page in your Empowering Book are:

  • and my so far favorite Dr. Emoto book “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Emoto- available in Barnes and Noble and also on the What the Bleep Website- “The Crystal Oracle Cards” are also available in both of these places and (Beyond Words Publishing )

Here are the web sites that I referred to ...

I can’t wait to see you all for Transforming Primary Patterns on March 5th and 6th.

Dear Joie, Clare and Kim…. Thank you so very much for your loving support, your added wisdom, and the sharing of yourselves that helped make our weekend so fabulous!!!!!!

Sending you each and all much love, light, laughter and gratitude,