One Response to Notes After the Transforming Unconscious Patterns Seminar

Here is part of what Rose posted as a comment this week ( in italics to indicate I am quoting some of her questions) along with my response to some of her questions.

Problems Into Opportunities:
*B(d): Rainbow book lists the second negative attitude as ‘victim’, Primary Patterns lists it as ‘helpless’. Are they the same? Is one better terminology than the other?

The terminology of “helpless” I believe reflects Chloe’s more recent thinking, as the Primary Patterns book is a newer edition than the Rainbow Book.  They are both referring to the same negative attitude statements but there is a different quality to the words victim and helpless.

The word “victim” has more charge to it but in the context of the advanced seminars- the Family Constellations Repatternings written by Carin Block, the word victim is not used pejoratively and Chloe might have been using it in that context in the earlier Rainbow book listing.

My opinion is that using “victim” can be helpful sometimes, with someone who has done lots of work on themselves and who will not be shocked by the use of the term, and using “helpless” may be preferred at other times. As always, you can muscle check on yourself before you say either out loud to see if it is important for the client to have  one or the other label used.

*C(h): I muscle-checked that 2 neurotransmitters were needed. Is it ok to put both on line?

As Chloe has written this, it is clear that she believes that only one neurotransmitter is “most needed”.  Therefore, if you’ve gotten two, it is best to see which one is primary. I agree that less is best here.
*TUPS C(h) option b: I know we treated this section with Caution, but when practicing on myself I like to check what comes up for me. Am I supposed to make a statement. For example: (a) Sleep. Do we state “sleep”. or make a statement with it?

Since we are at most using this section as information, I would read what is written about the activity and then just *[cr] for what is listed. In your example, just state “sleep” to make sure that you will be resonating with it by the end of the session.

Intention For a New Possibility:
*B(a-d): I muscle-checked that I needed an Intention for each of these options. Is that ok or too much for one session? Is it best to list them separately? or is there some way to put them all on line together?

It is just fine to get all of this. It is what was needed then. If you are fluent and flowing with the work, and you have the time you can do more. If each item added makes it laborious and you have time concerns, ask your system if any of it is more primary or if it is all necessary at this time. Then you only complete what you have time to do including a modality to make the shift happen.  

*D(a+): Do we have information on projections referenced in our books somewhere? I’d like to have more info about it.

I’m really glad that you asked this question. The old version of TUPs, from which this projection section was taken had this explanation by Chloe, on P. 52, October 2002 edition.

“C. Projections

  1. a.      Negative projections-Your mind has the power to work for or against you. If you have negative projections you resonate with concerning your intention, these will undermine your achieving empowered outcomes.
  2. b.      Positive projections- It is important that you resonate with a positive vision of what will happen if you are successful in manifesting your intention. If you do not resonate with your positive projections for the future, you tend to live in a fantasy world of possibilities that never manifest, or to struggle or over-work in order to manifest your aims.”

By the time the next Newsletter goes out, all of her wonderful questions will be addressed, so come back again soon to see the rest.

Thank you so much for all of this, Rose, and I wish that I had more time right now to respond to all of your questions. Keep them coming and I’ll answer them as soon as I possibly can.

For any seasoned Practitioners who may be reading this, I invite your comments and additions to the questions. Please feel free to comment!


One response to “One Response to Notes After the Transforming Unconscious Patterns Seminar

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the review of these points, and just re-reading about projections is a great reminder to get clear on how I am resonating with mine!

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