What Happened in September 2011 Group

Present for Group were Gladys, Joie, Harriet, Minh, Carol and of course, Meryl.  Proxied into the Group Repatterning were Clare, Shyama, Beth, Kim and Merrill.

Before doing our Group Repatterning, we spent time on Questions and Answers regarding some of the passages and sequences in the new editions of the manuals. Minh shared one great idea that she learned from Ardis Ozborn when Minh attended the Vision seminar last month.

In the final editions of the new books, following the Introduction section in each of the Repatternings is an Overview of the Repatterning that lists the sections contained in the Repatterning.

For example, in Primary Patterns, on P.86, the Overview of the Belief Repatterning starts out with

  1. A.      Introduction p.87
  2. B.      Problem and intention p.87
  3. C.      Non-coherent belief p.87
  4. D.      Feeling pause p.89       etc.

The new possibility is to (mcs) A, B, C etc. to see what is needed from the Repatterning right from the Overview. That’s cool! Right?

The  Group Repatterning was simple and powerful.  We named it  “Our Peace Repatterning Through Optimal Relationship Qualities Manifest”. Most of the content was from Intentions For A New Possibility  You can read all of our wonderful Intention statements by going to  the Love From NYC tab on this newsletter.

At the end of the Intentions key, we were sent to Carin Block’s Family Systems II manual, Healing the Systems, Family, Groups and Organizations. There we cleared some statements from the Repatterning for Receiving . Our final statement that we now resonate with is “ What I receive from my father satisfies me”.


Our next Group meets on  Sunday, October 2, 2011. We will plan our dates for 2012 so everyone will need to bring their calendars next month.

Please let us know if you are planning to participate in the final 2011 Practitioner Skills Development class scheduled  in NY on November 12-13, 2011.


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  1. Lovely!!! Thanks so much for this great work.

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